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Cortisone Shot

I finally went to get my cortisone shot on my wrist.
Still healing.
Typing with one hand.
Really frustrating.

The doctor took ultrasounds on both wrists.

Cortisone Adventure

And this is the shot.
I really hate shots, but this one didn't hurt.
Cortisone Adventure

So now I can't work for 2 to 3 days.
I got more work, but can't start until this weekend.

TokiKake Launch Party at Anime Jungle

I went to the TokiKake Launch Party at Anime Jungle today.

I miscalculated traffic (I don't go out much...) and was late 1 hour.

So I missed the crowd and the pudding eating contest.

TokiKake Launch Party
This is the VA of Chiaki, who was there to sign posters and stuff.

TokiKake Launch Party
Here are the copies of the limited edition version.
They had a special sale and it was $40 instead of $50.

TokiKake Launch Party
They were passing out this huge poster with purchase.
It's sideways because it was on the table.

I saw a lot of familiar faces there.
Well, obviously one of them was my editor R because I was picking up my next batch of work.

More work
Suzaku manga #2, TokiKakge manga, and Lelouch manga #4.
I got a TokiKake DVD for reference.

I'll be working on Suzaku first.
They are keeping me busy for the holidays!

And R also gave me my comp copies.
Comp Copies
A bunch of Code Geass stuff.
I got the DVDs for reference purposes for the novels, but I also worked on the DVD booklets.
Although...when I opened the DVD, the DVD booklets weren't in there.
I guess I have to wait for another time to see those.