One Potato Two




Autumn Cleaning

My sister and I accumulated many, many manga over the years.
And now that we both have a little more time, we decided to clean up and get rid of the ones we didn't need.
(We live in a 2-bed, 2-bathroom condo and we're really running out of space).

We got rid of over 300 manga so far.
We still have 200-300 more to get rid of.

I'm trying to make space in the living room (where my home office is) so that I can get an ergonomic desk to match my ergonomic keyboard.

And I'm trying to organize the sample books, video games, and DVDs.
For example, Kagetora ended so I can now box it up and put it in my bedroom (my office storage).

By the way, SoCal is once again burning up.
The fires are not that close to me, but it still smells like BBQ.