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Star Trek the Exhibition

This isn't really work related, but since it's a similar industry I'll post about it.

My nerdy friend Ardork wanted to go see the Star Trek the Exhibition, so we decided to go.

Star Trek the Exhibition
Outside entrance.

Star Trek the Exhibition
Here is the entrance.
They took a section of the Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego.

Star Trek the Exhibition
Unfortunately, this was all I can take for pictures and whatnot.

Air and Space Museum
The "Star Trek Simulators" cost extra, aside from the $24 admission.

Air and Space Museum
This is the $5 ride.
We rode it but I didn't really understand the difference between this and the Star Tours ride.
And I thought "Resistance is futile" was a line from Star Wars, but I guess I was wrong.

Air and Space Museum
This is the $8 ride, and it had nothing to do with Star Trek.

Air and Space Museum
Some comments left at the museum comment book.

Inside the Exhibition you can take several official pictures inside the spaceship(?) or a beaming thing.
So here is what we took:
Star Trek the Exhibition
Blurred to protect nerd privacy.

We bought two 8x10's that came with a decent picture frame + digital data, which equaled $42 total.
Which wasn't bad when split up among seven people.
By the way, those poses are suggested by the staff.

Anyway, I went to this Exhibition without EVER watching one Star Trek episode.
I didn't even know that Mr. Spock and Professor Xavier (as I know him) were in different seasons.

I guess it was a good place to learn about Star Trek.
Now I can go watch the movie with ease.