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Current Events

Everywhere I look every blog is talking about Decision 2008.

Since this is a work blog, I didn't really talk about it.
And I have no intention of talking about it.

I only talk about work!

(And tennis!)

I have a Japanese blog on the social networking site Mixi, and I wrote an entry today.

But it was about work...

Everyone else was talking about the election, the slow-speed (I'm being sarcastic) rail, change, yadda yadda yadda...

Oh well.

Lately my work blog entries have been pretty boring, but that's because I'm slowly working on the novel (while working on other deadlines in between).
My post would be something like,

"I finished 25 pages today. It was the part where Cornelia battles the Guren for the first time."
"I finished 16 pages today. It gave a little background on what Cornelia did in Area 11 before the attack in Narita."
"I finished 23 pages today. It showed a little bit of Ashford Private Academy life."


Is it more boring than "I finished XXXX #3 today. I'm tired." or "XXXX #4 is released today. Please check it out."
Only the readers can tell me that!

I'm hoping to finish the novel in one to two days.
Go go go!