One Potato Two


Finished the Princesses, Moving On

I finished Kitchen Princess #10 and Princess Resurrection #7.


Now I can focus on the website.

And buying a new TV.

And buying a new laptop. Even if I have two already.

Working on Kitchen Princess #10

I am working on Kitchen Princess #10 right now.
I’m rushing to get it done by Monday.
So instead of running around shopping for televisions and printers, I am stuck at home.

In this last volume, Najika and Seiya go to Paris for the pastry chef competition.
But Najika gets a call from Japan with more bad news…
I can hear reviewers writing:
“Dude, how many bad news can this series take?”

I do agree that many people die in this series.

There is an extra chapter featuring Akane.
It’s pretty cute.
Maybe I liked it more because I like Akane more than Najika.
Her recipe was black sesame pudding, which I’m sure my Company YP editor would love.

The author talks about receiving letters in English, and her cousin translates them for her.
So continue sending in those fan letters to Company DR!
The author also talks about the English version of Kitchen Princess and how it’s really popular.
And she gave extra information that I shouldn’t repeat here yet…but it’s good news for the fans.

Yozakura Quartet #3 Released

Kotoha is on the cover.
The story...I don't really remember it.

More Work

I’m still recovering from my cortisone shot.
Not being able to use your right hand is more difficult than I imagined.
I can’t even hold my electronic toothbrush with one hand.

Anyway, I keep getting work.
Other than the three manga I received from Company BEI on Tuesday, I just received my copy of Kitchen Princess #10, and I got more work from Company BEI regarding a website.
I don’t know if I could talk about it yet, but I will when I am sure I can.

So I’ll be working on the website and Kitchen Princess simultaneously.

Good News From Company YP

I got an e-mail the other day from Company YP.
It was an article from Anime Insider stating that one of the manga I worked on was chosen best manga of 2008.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see it, please check it out.
It is the December 2008 issue.

I’m purposely not revealing the manga here so people would go buy the magazine.
No, I don’t work for Anime Insider and they didn’t pay me to write that.

I’m still recovering from my cortisone shot.
Actually I wrote today’s blog entry using the Microsoft voice recognition software.
It’s fun and frustrating at the same time.

Cortisone Shot

I finally went to get my cortisone shot on my wrist.
Still healing.
Typing with one hand.
Really frustrating.

The doctor took ultrasounds on both wrists.

Cortisone Adventure

And this is the shot.
I really hate shots, but this one didn't hurt.
Cortisone Adventure

So now I can't work for 2 to 3 days.
I got more work, but can't start until this weekend.

TokiKake Launch Party at Anime Jungle

I went to the TokiKake Launch Party at Anime Jungle today.

I miscalculated traffic (I don't go out much...) and was late 1 hour.

So I missed the crowd and the pudding eating contest.

TokiKake Launch Party
This is the VA of Chiaki, who was there to sign posters and stuff.

TokiKake Launch Party
Here are the copies of the limited edition version.
They had a special sale and it was $40 instead of $50.

TokiKake Launch Party
They were passing out this huge poster with purchase.
It's sideways because it was on the table.

I saw a lot of familiar faces there.
Well, obviously one of them was my editor R because I was picking up my next batch of work.

More work
Suzaku manga #2, TokiKakge manga, and Lelouch manga #4.
I got a TokiKake DVD for reference.

I'll be working on Suzaku first.
They are keeping me busy for the holidays!

And R also gave me my comp copies.
Comp Copies
A bunch of Code Geass stuff.
I got the DVDs for reference purposes for the novels, but I also worked on the DVD booklets.
Although...when I opened the DVD, the DVD booklets weren't in there.
I guess I have to wait for another time to see those.

Genshiken Fanbook Released

I hope it's true this time.

Sunshine Sketch #2 Released

Princess Switch

I was working on Princess Resurrection #7, but I got an email from my editor that Kitchen Princess #10 arrived and it was a priority.

So I suggested we switch the deadlines around, and I will start work on Kitchen Princess #10 as soon as I get it.

I guess Kitchen Princess is doing very good for Company DR.
I want to say I can't wait to see what happens in this last volume, but unfortunately I read the spoiler Japanese Wikipedia when I was looking for release information.
And the twist of Akane being the Flan Prince(ss) did not happen.
Kitchen no Yurihime-sama...
Sounds like a doujinshi.


Autumn Cleaning

My sister and I accumulated many, many manga over the years.
And now that we both have a little more time, we decided to clean up and get rid of the ones we didn't need.
(We live in a 2-bed, 2-bathroom condo and we're really running out of space).

We got rid of over 300 manga so far.
We still have 200-300 more to get rid of.

I'm trying to make space in the living room (where my home office is) so that I can get an ergonomic desk to match my ergonomic keyboard.

And I'm trying to organize the sample books, video games, and DVDs.
For example, Kagetora ended so I can now box it up and put it in my bedroom (my office storage).

By the way, SoCal is once again burning up.
The fires are not that close to me, but it still smells like BBQ.

Mirror's Edge

I bought Mirror's Edge today.
I'm not playing it...I'm having someone else play it so I can look at it.

People should be careful not to watch someone play for too long...
It makes you sick.

I like the cartoony parts of the game.
Reminds me of Batman the Animated Series.

After getting used to Soul Calibur IV, the main girl's boobs look really small.

The girl looks easy to cosplay as.
All you need is a flat chest, black tank top, red glove thing, red shoes, and a bunch of eyeliner.
Maybe I'll see a bunch of her if I go to Sakura Con next year.

Mirror's Edge

I think she has a manly face. Maybe it's her mouth?

TOKKO #2 Released

Oops, I'm not really sure when this came out, but the important thing is that it's out.
Suzuka (the girl on the cover) looks normal (girly?) here, but she's really weird.
And how does she keep her boobs covered when she fights?
I think that is the biggest mystery of this series.


This was a really long time ago, but I QC'd some minisodes from SP Studios that were translated into Japanese.

Are you familiar with minisodes?

I'm not either.
According to SP Studios they are your favorite shows, just shorter.
So they condensed a 30-minute show into 5 minutes.

You can check them out here.

The shows the I was involved with (Japanese dubbed) are available on Yahoo Japan Streaming.
You can do a search by typing in "minisode" in English.
But you can't watch it unless you live in Japan.
So please enjoy them in English if you live in the US.

I worked on some episodes for:
Starsky & Hutsch
TJ Hooker
Charlie's Angels
Police Woman
Partridge Family
Diff'rent Strokes

It was fun because I never really watched these as a kid.

Finished Code Geass Novel #1

I finally finished the Code Geass novel #1.

I realized that it's really hard to do when I haven't seen the English version.
Because some lines are taken directly from the anime.
Of course, because the novel author got access to the scripts, settings, character personality and profiles, EVERYTHING.

I wish I can have the same kind of access...

But I guess the only thing I can do is to get the DVDs.
I better get it before I start work on the next volume.

Star Trek the Exhibition

This isn't really work related, but since it's a similar industry I'll post about it.

My nerdy friend Ardork wanted to go see the Star Trek the Exhibition, so we decided to go.

Star Trek the Exhibition
Outside entrance.

Star Trek the Exhibition
Here is the entrance.
They took a section of the Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego.

Star Trek the Exhibition
Unfortunately, this was all I can take for pictures and whatnot.

Air and Space Museum
The "Star Trek Simulators" cost extra, aside from the $24 admission.

Air and Space Museum
This is the $5 ride.
We rode it but I didn't really understand the difference between this and the Star Tours ride.
And I thought "Resistance is futile" was a line from Star Wars, but I guess I was wrong.

Air and Space Museum
This is the $8 ride, and it had nothing to do with Star Trek.

Air and Space Museum
Some comments left at the museum comment book.

Inside the Exhibition you can take several official pictures inside the spaceship(?) or a beaming thing.
So here is what we took:
Star Trek the Exhibition
Blurred to protect nerd privacy.

We bought two 8x10's that came with a decent picture frame + digital data, which equaled $42 total.
Which wasn't bad when split up among seven people.
By the way, those poses are suggested by the staff.

Anyway, I went to this Exhibition without EVER watching one Star Trek episode.
I didn't even know that Mr. Spock and Professor Xavier (as I know him) were in different seasons.

I guess it was a good place to learn about Star Trek.
Now I can go watch the movie with ease.

Current Events

Everywhere I look every blog is talking about Decision 2008.

Since this is a work blog, I didn't really talk about it.
And I have no intention of talking about it.

I only talk about work!

(And tennis!)

I have a Japanese blog on the social networking site Mixi, and I wrote an entry today.

But it was about work...

Everyone else was talking about the election, the slow-speed (I'm being sarcastic) rail, change, yadda yadda yadda...

Oh well.

Lately my work blog entries have been pretty boring, but that's because I'm slowly working on the novel (while working on other deadlines in between).
My post would be something like,

"I finished 25 pages today. It was the part where Cornelia battles the Guren for the first time."
"I finished 16 pages today. It gave a little background on what Cornelia did in Area 11 before the attack in Narita."
"I finished 23 pages today. It showed a little bit of Ashford Private Academy life."


Is it more boring than "I finished XXXX #3 today. I'm tired." or "XXXX #4 is released today. Please check it out."
Only the readers can tell me that!

I'm hoping to finish the novel in one to two days.
Go go go!

Finished Yozakura Quartet #5

I finished Yozakura Quartet #5.

Working on Code Geass makes me want to eat pizza (from Pizza Hut, of course!) and working on Yozakura makes me want to eat ramen.

Either way, it's unhealthy...

Work is making me fatter!

Code Geass Lelouch Manga #2 Released

I know I've only been posting about Code Geass.
I do other work too, but lately it's been taking over my life.

I'll be working on Yozakura Quartet #5 tomorrow.

Finished Lelouch Manga #3

I finished Lelouch manga #3.
This volume features Mao and his annoying claps.

I spent the whole day working on this manga and watching the news about Decision 2008.

I was so busy I didn't get to go get free coffee.

So tired.

Now, back to the novel!

About Code Geass R2

I just got a press release from my editor at Company BEI about Code Geass R2.

It's going to be airing on 2am on Saturdays now.
I guess before it was a weird time?

So November 8 they will re-air the first episode, and continue from there.

In case you missed it, here's your chance!

And the website for R2 is up now, which I worked on.

Please check it out!

Hmm. I was reading over the text and it looks just a tad bit different from what I turned in.
I wonder if the Japanese licensors changed it??
They've been pretty picky lately...

Crazed by Zero

I'm working on two Code Geass projects this week.
I'm trying to finish novel #1 and Lelouch manga #3.

I'm re-watching some of the episodes again to help me visualize as I work on the novel.
I realized that I don't remember much about season 1.

I haven't seen any Code G novel reviews yet...I guess it's too early?
If anyone finds one, please let me know.

Code G is the fourth novel project I worked on, but it was the first to be published.
I think two of my other novels will not be published.
My editor from Company DR said that Soryuden will come out early summer next year, so that's good news.

Okay, back to work.

Happy November

Nothing exciting happened today, other than I prepared my mail-in ballot.
I was too lazy to mail it out yesterday, so I gave authorization to my sister to drop it off.
(I'm also too lazy to drop it off myself on Tuesday. Dude, I'm on two deadlines right now!)

Election 2008

I'm going to carry around my ballot stub to go to Starbucks on Tuesday.
To get free coffee.
I don't drink coffee, but I do drink FREE.