One Potato Two


Happy Halloween

A Friday Halloween.
Everyone must be out partying.
How nice.

I'm stuck here working...

It's really sad.
I'm trying to finish Code Geass novel #1.

We call it #1 even though it's the second novel.
The first one, which came out recently, is #0 because it's about the past.

This one, subtitled "SHADOW," is in the present.
It matches the events of the anime.
The novel starts a little later than where the anime starts.
So Lelouch already has his Geass, and the Black Knights already established.

A little bit is explained about what goes on within the Britannian Forces, so those who want a little more detail filled in for each incident, I recommend picking this novel up.

In the meantime, please enjoy #0.

From the emails I'm getting from my editor, it looks like they're making the final touches on the Suzaku manga #1, so please look forward to that too.
And the Lelouch manga #2 should be coming out in about a week or so?

Oh, I did do some things that were appropriate for Halloween.
For lunch/dinner I went to Souplantation, and I wore a Takkun hat there.
A lot of people were staring at it.

And I went to my friend's house and played with costumes--on Soul Calibur IV.
The Character Creation thing is so fun!
Some of the characters' names are bilingual or Japanese punny, so I'll post about those another day.

Happy Halloween!

Theresia -Dear Emile- Released

I can't wait to play this.
I hope I get a sample soon...

Day of Raw Egg (and Soy Sauce) Over Rice

For some STRANGE reason, my calendar (the one with all the deadlines) has today marked as the Day of Raw Egg (and Soy Sauce) Over Rice.

I don't know why I have that...

It's called tamago kake gohan, and there's even a Wikipedia article (in English) for it.
Please try Wiki-ing it.

I used to eat this a lot as a kid...
I don't anymore, because I don't eat much raw egg lately.
I think I'm more picky with food than when I was younger, so egg and rice is probably not enough for me.
I need natto!
And I always have natto in my fridge (freezer!)

Anyway, happy tamago kake gohan day!

Halloween-ish Titles

Wow, it's almost Halloween, isn't it?
I totally forget because every time I go to a retail store it's filled with the other holiday stuff.
And my house doesn't really celebrate Halloween...
Kids don't come to my condo because it's a gated condo, which is good because I live in a semi-bad neighborhood.


I thought I'd introduce some projects I worked on that might be good for Halloween.

The first one is coming out tomorrow:

You'll be walking through a building trying to figure out how to get out.
But there are a bunch of booby traps on the way.
"Do you want to stick your hand in the hole?"
"Oh no, there were razor blades in the hole. You're bleeding now."
Okay, I made it sound comical.
It's not like this in the game, but this is how I remember it.
It's scary. I had nightmares about it when I was working on it.
Spook factor=5

This isn't scary, but it's very Halloween-like, I think.
Something good to read while you wait for kids to come asking for candy.
Spook factor=1

I only started working on this title from volume 9, but I recommend the whole series.
Some of the arcs are really freaky.
Spook factor=4

Vampires, werewolves, zombies, mermaids, invisible men, you can get all of it in this series.
Spook factor=1

I only worked on volume 3.
Which is good, because imagine the nightmares if I had only worked on volume 2.
Lots of gore, which this artist is good at drawing.
Spook factor=3

Gay ghosts?
Spook factor=1

A cute, children's literature-ish book that gives a Halloween feel.
Witches, bats, cat-girls, and other weird characters.
Spook factor=1

Happy Halloween!

Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro #2 Released

I've been reading a couple of reviews online for this and the response is, in general, positive.
I think it's an adorable story, even though a lot still needs to be explained.
What we readers need is patience, I guess?

New Stapler

In an effort to put less stress on my wrist, I bought an electric stapler.

It's pretty small and cute.

Electric Stapler

Before this I had a small one that looked like this.

Crocodile Stapler

It made sounds every time I used it.
It would either say "gabu," which means "chomp" or "bite," or "hotchkiss," which is the what the Japanese call the stapler.

I also had another one that looked like this.

Shark Stapler

My sister got it for me at an aquarium gift shop or something.
One of the eyes fell off so I drew in an eye patch with a Sharpie.

Anyway, I only had toy staplers...and they were not really good for my wrist.

Holiday Cards Arrived (Already!)

I ordered my holiday cards yesterday (already!)
I wanted to order earlier so Costco won't get busy with orders later...although I'm not really sure when people prepare holiday cards.
But because I was early, they will be ready for pick up today (already!)

I ordered a lot of extras (in case I make mistakes) but I might have too much.
So this year I'm sending them to my friends, too.
So my friends who read this blog...please email me your mailing address.

Finished Shugo Chara #7

I finished Shugo Chara #7.
My wrist was really hurting, so I had my friend Dave type the last 20 pages.

"Amu...whaaaat exclamation point question's a hassle dot dot tab I'm going back to sleep period..."

Something like that.

This volume has no fight scenes, but lots of lovey-dovey scenes.
Guess which characters xxxx in the xxxx?

Getting Ready for the Holidays (Already!)

So the holiday season is starting a little early in retail stores this year.
Right now is actually a good time to shop.
So many retail stores are offering good deals!

So I'm shopping a lot this month.
Maybe it's stress from all the work.

So I went to Costco the other day (this is where I get my holiday cards), and saw some cute cards...
I discover that printing photo cards at the photo center is cheaper.
So this year I will be printing photo cards.

Unfortunately I don't have any staff under me, so I can't take a company group photo to use.
And I really don't think people want a holiday card from me with a picture of Satsuki alone.
(If I want to show the "working" me I would have my bangs pinned up, hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a gym t-shirt and flannel pajamas...very ugly).

So I will be using a picture of the cat.
I have over 500 pictures of her so it took a while to choose one.

But I managed to.
Hopefully I can put up a sample when it's ready.
I should get the list ready...perhaps about 80 this year?

Kitchen Princess #8 Released

Kitchen Princess #8 is out.


I am currently working on Shugo Chara #7.
In this volume Amu eats a taiyaki, a Japanese snack filled with sweetened red beans.
I can buy some here frozen at a Japanese super market.
They look like this:


It tastes best when you microwave it for about a minute and a half, then toast it in a toaster oven or grill it on a pan.

In Japan you can get various flavors (Ikuto eats a chocolate-filled one...mmm!)
I think I had a custard-filled one when I was younger, but that's it.
I haven't had one since.

Most people eat it head first.
Please check out Shugo Chara #7 to see how the characters eat it.

Ao's School Situation

My sister was bored and wanted to read Yozakura Quartet, so I lent her my cut-up Japanese copies.

She had a good question...

How come Ao doesn't go to school?

I thought it was because she was older, like Akina's age, and he graduated already.
But the character settings says she's 15.


Maybe the anime will explain it.
It started in Japan already...right?
Every Thursday?

Finished Princess Resurrection #6

I finished Princess Resurrection #6.
The first chapter has a bit more sexual stuff than I'm used to in this series.
And it was a little gross...

I'll be working on volume 7 in November.
If I can get through October, because I have a deadline every week (again).

And could someone please do something about this heat wave?
I don't have A/C at my house...

Code Geass Novel 0 Entrance Released

It is a story about the past...very good to understand Suzaku and his father.
I would recommend reading it and to watch the TV series again.
You'll look at Tohdoh a little differently.

Bagna Cauda

I was translating something today and it said "baanya."
I was like, what's that?
So I looked it up and it's bagna, of bagna cauda, some kind of Italian dip, similar to fondue.

It looked familiar and I realized that it was featured in the manga "Pride" by Yukari Ichijo.

Pride #6
Drag for spoilers.
In this scene Moe is eating out with her otaku boyfriend (he wears Dragonball t-shirts) and accidentally bumps into a guy who tricked her into giving him a bunch of money.
Not only that but he let his two friends rape her.
He tries to run away from her when she threatens him with a (butter) knife, and bumps into a waiter holding a bagna cauda.
The hot oil gets on his face and his life is ruined.

...But what does bagna cauda have to do with mecha?

Then I looked closer and I saw that it was "baania" with the katakana "a" bigger.
It was vernier.

As in a vernier thruster.

That made more sense.

Naked Suzaku and Lelouch

I was working on the interview for Takahiro Kimura, the character designer for Code Geass.
When asked what scene he liked, he answered the part with naked Lelouch and Suzaku.


There's good reason for him to say that, so if you want to know why I guess you have to buy it when it comes out!
It's in DVD #7, #8, or #9.

And no, Company BEI doesn't pay me to promote their stuff on my blog.

Name Changes and Changing Back

I was working on the Code Geass booklets and noticed that in the CLAMP (Mokona) interview, Ohkawa's name was listed as "Ageha."
I thought her name was "Nanase"?

So I looked it up.

I guess CLAMP changed all of their individual names on their 15th anniversary.
But Ohkawa changed it back to "Nanase" this year.


This booklet was printed in 2007 so it's listed as Ageha.
I guess it's up to Company BEI to ask CLAMP if they want to print is as Nanase in the English version.

What a hassle.
That's why I think with the divorce rate at 50% in this country people shouldn't change their names.
Because most likely they will have to change it back.

Okay, I should stop being negative.

New Keyboard Arrived

My expensive keyboard that will help me type without straining my hand arrived.
I am currently borrowing an expensive chair from a friend.
I do hope there is no earthquake or robbery at my home anytime soon.

Here is how it looked when I opened the box.

Kinesis Keyboard

And here is how it looks outside the box.
Kinesis Keyboard

The bottom side has usb ports and a switch for a foot pedal or something.
Kinesis Keyboard

It's going to take about a week or so to get used to the different mapping of the keyboard so I'm not using it yet because I'm on a deadline.
The manual says not to switch keyboards if you're on a project deadline...
But I'm always on a deadline, especially this month so I might not be able to use the new keyboard until November.
So sad.