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Finished Sunshine Sketch #3

I finished Sunshine Sketch #3.
Until this volume I didn't know Miyako is from Fukuoka Prefecture.
The artist, Ume Aoki, is also from Fukuoka.

My best friend Y is also from Fukuoka and they have the best mentaiko (spicy pollack roe).

I love mentaiko so much that every time I go to Japan, all my relatives serve me that.
They're like "Oh, since you were coming we bought mentaiko."
It goes great with the best rice in Japan, the koshihikari.

It's just too bad that mentaiko doesn't go well with most drinks.
You should stick with water or Japanese tea.

By the way, mentaiko is not mentioned in Sunshine Sketch.
But there are a lot of other translation notes, so please check it out!