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With the Light #3 Released

With the Light #3 is out.

So recently an autistic boy was kicked out of church because the priest said he was "disruptive and dangerous."
This was in Minnesota.
Regarding the boy, some lady wrote to the local paper that the parents of the boy should have shown more consideration to others.


This news article I read was sad overall.

But I guess there is hope. (Or "light" to keep with the manga's theme)
At the end they wrote a few paragraphs about a small church in New Jersey that changed the way they worship to accommodate an 18-year old autistic boy.

Anyway, please check out With the Light #3.

Kagetora #11 Released

The final volume of Kagetora is out.

It's a cute, happy ending to a cute, happy story.

TSUBASA Character Guide 2 Announced

Company DR finally announced the Character Guide 2.
Not that it was unexpected or anything...

So when my editor asked me to work on this, I had to admit I never read the series.
I'm not a CLAMP fan at all...I never read CC Sakura.
I read X a loooong time ago and I don't really remember the story.

So anyway, she was nice enough to send me both the Japanese and English versions of the manga so I can study it.
I also created a list of terminology so I can stay consistent with translator W's spellings.
It was a lot of work, even though I had an assistant help with a bit of it.
I had to locate where the panels were in the English version when it was used in the guide and stuff.
(I did the same thing for the Genshiken fanbook, and had an assistant help then too).

So that's coming out summer 2009.
Please check it out.

2008 Yaoi Con Day 3

Today I planned to leave at 1pm, so I made a sign saying so.

But it was a slow day.

Lately I've been playing Super Mario 3 on the Wii, and I missed playing it more when I saw this cosplay.
Y Con 08

Anime V's Hugo made a comment about the "house" button.
But I won't repeat it here.

I headed down and stopped by Gilroy to eat lunch.
When I drive through there I point the air conditioner to my face so I can smell the garlic.

For dinner I stopped by McDonald's to get a Lego Batman toy but I got Robin.

So did I do any work at all during the weekend?

Shiku shiku...

2008 Yaoi Con Day 2

I had to go to the dealer's room at 7am to set up.

Luckily I made it on time.
I even had time to go to the line for the dealer's room to pass out the Cigarette Kisses flyer.

This year they had the people wait in a room so they don't block the hallway.
Maybe it was a fire hazard thing.
Here are some early birds listening to instructions by the dealer room staff.
Y Con 08

I worked the booth until my friend F came to get me for the Nase Yamato panel.
Thank goodness she did, because I totally lost track of time.

I couldn't take pictures because I didn't get a good seat during the panel.

I remember her talking about getting into BL at the young age of 13 or so.

She brought some materials to show the panel and they were displayed during the autograph session.
Y Con 08

She also brought copies of her storyboards but they're a little graphic, so I won't post it up here.
They are really clean and neat!

Here is a picture of her signing someone's poster.
Y Con 08
The poster is the one I was passing out at the convention.
It looks nice, yes? You can thank my friend F for that.

After the panel and autograph session I went back to the booth and worked.
I was surprised a lot of people still bought Pet on Duty, because I thought they bought it last year.

For dinner I had soon tofu with Company B director of operations S and MangaCast contributor B.

I didn't feel like soon tofu so I had kimchi bibimbap.
Myung Dong Tofu Cabin

And of course I can't leave north California without some dungeness crab.
So I had it for a late night snack.
Dungeness Crab

2008 Yaoi Con Day 1

Today I had my friend Dave drive me to go get my rental car.
We saw many tennis players there!
Maybe there was a tournament or something in the area.

Anyway, I packed up and left around noon.

I got to Foster City around 8pm, and met up with my friend F to pick up the Cigarette Kisses flyers and posters.
The posters were free if someone bought a Broccoli/Boysenberry Book or $20 of merchandise at the booth.

We then went to go eat pho.
Pho Saigon

I dropped off all the boxes at the dealer's room and was done for the night.

My hotel room had a computer.
Crowne Plaza Hotel Mid Peninsula

I brought my laptop to do work but I was too tired to do anything.

Last Batch of Code Geass Booklets

So I finally got my FedEx package with the lovely Code Geass booklets in them.
The artwork is pretty sexy.
I mean, it's expected from Rakshata (is she sticking her khsier down her pants???) but a naked Nunnally?

I don't know.
I never thought Nunnally was okazu for the boys who watch this show.


I've been putting off reading through the material because...well, it's a bit overwhelming.
And I haven't really watched episodes 20 through 25 because it's sad.

I guess I have to go watch them again...

Here's a picture of the booklets.

Code Geass DVD Booklets


I got an email from my editor at Company DR asking why two chapters in Yozakura Quartet #4 are titled "Hanamizuki."

I wrote a translation note for what hanamizuki are in the book.
Oh, hanamizuki is a homonym. In YozaQ, it refers to the flower and not the nickname for March (花見月).

So when I started explaining to my editor why I thought it was titled like so, I realized it gave too much information.
Like CliffsNotes.
So we both decided it was best to let the readers think on their own.

Please check it out when it comes out.

Prepping for Yaoi Con

Today I went to Company B to prepare for Yaoi Con.
Since they don't have staff to take care of it I offered my services.
I love doing conventions...I should start an e-commerce store just so I can go to conventions and sell stuff.
(Like my good industry friend J.)

I had my friend Dave help.
He kept saying, "Ewww" jokingly.
Thanks for being a good sport, Dave!

We found a yaoi manga about two boys who play tennis.
The title was "Kiss Me Tennis Boy" or something.
(Dave and I both play tennis).

He said I should read it, and I made a comment about having wrong positions.
Because a lot of times when I see tennis being depicted in manga they're standing in places they shouldn't be.
But I think I was supposed to be more specific and say "court positions."


We (I say "we" because I'm going to be at the booth working) are planning cool giveaways that I can't reveal just yet, so please come and check it out.

As for translation work I am supposed to receive more Code Geass booklets but it hasn't arrived yet.
I'm probably going to have to work on it in the booth during slow hours.

Finished Sunshine Sketch #3

I finished Sunshine Sketch #3.
Until this volume I didn't know Miyako is from Fukuoka Prefecture.
The artist, Ume Aoki, is also from Fukuoka.

My best friend Y is also from Fukuoka and they have the best mentaiko (spicy pollack roe).

I love mentaiko so much that every time I go to Japan, all my relatives serve me that.
They're like "Oh, since you were coming we bought mentaiko."
It goes great with the best rice in Japan, the koshihikari.

It's just too bad that mentaiko doesn't go well with most drinks.
You should stick with water or Japanese tea.

By the way, mentaiko is not mentioned in Sunshine Sketch.
But there are a lot of other translation notes, so please check it out!

Visit to the Doctor

So I went to the doctor the other day to check out my two work-related injuries (left pinky and right wrist) and my tennis elbow.

I had to fill out a pain drawing, which I found quite amusing:

Visit to Doc

You make different marks depending on how severe the pain is.

Anyway, after some examinations my doctor said it's not that bad.
Well, he recommended cortisone shots so maybe it's bad, but it seems that all my injuries are inflammations.
My left pinky area tendon is not torn or scarred; I just have tendinitis.
He thinks my wrist is an early stage of carpal tunnel syndrome.
My tennis elbow is just a tennis elbow.

Anyway, icing and strengthening exercises/stretches should do it, if not I can go in again for cortisone.
That would be my last option, although thinking about getting to play tennis again tempted me.
Tomorrow is my third month anniversary of not playing tennis and it's quite sad.

My doctor told me that resting (not working) is best for my injuries, but I can't do that (my schedule is filled for the rest of the year).

ItaKiss Ending


I guess the notes from Kaoru Tada's "Itazura na Kiss" are going to be used in the anime to conclude the story.

"Itazura na Kiss" is a story about Kotoko and Irie-kun.
The story went unfinished when Kaoru Tada passed away suddenly with cerebral hemorrhage.

Spoiler alert, drag to read.

The final page was Irie-kun announcing that Kotoko must be pregnant, and the whole family was surprised.
So Tada-sensei's notes revealed that the series was to end when Kotoko had her baby.
The anime will reveal the baby's gender and name.

I haven't been following the anime at all, but maybe I'll watch the last arc.

Some Links

Random links to some stuff I want.

Hope this gets sent to Santa.


I've been working less the past few days because I have an injury.
My left pinky's been hurting because of the stretch I do when I push "tab" or "shift" (used a lot when translating).

Naturally I'm blogging less (and instant messaging less) which is why I haven't updated in a while.

Since this injury is work related (and not from tennis for a change), I'll be updating about it on my blog here too.

As for work I'm currently trying to finish up Sunshine Sketch #3, Mr. Flower Groom, and start on Code Geass novel #1 while preparing to go to Yaoi Con at the end of this month.

Mahojin Guru Guru

I was reading some Japanese news today and OMG!

Mahojin Guru Guru (Magical Circle Guru Guru) is coming back!

And there will be a spin-off manga about the Kita Kita Oyaji on the web.

For more information please check out the Square Enix GAN GAN Online page.

I'm wondering with Dragon Quest being released on DS here in English, if someone will license Guru Guru.
It will be hard to translate though.
Very specific Japanese jokes.
But Sunshine Sketch is like that too, so...

Three Projects

Right now I'm working on three projects simultaneously.

I have two laptops, my Dell and my Blue Dell.
I bought the Blue Dell for "entertainment purposes" but lately I've been working on it too.
(I work on it whenever I want to work sitting on the couch).

So on the Blue Dell I'm working on Sunshine Sketch #3.

Since I don't have anything to do on my Dell during that time, I have Mr. Flower Groom open.

And when I don't feel like sitting at a computer, I read the Code Geass stage 1 novel.

I don't have much work this month (3 deadlines), but I have a lot due in October, so I should try to keep on top of my projects.

Speed Grapher #1 Released

Speed Grapher #1 is out.

I've seen some reviews out here and there on the web, but I haven't seen it yet.
(I don't receive complimentary copies).

Please check it out and I hope the anime fans don't mind the differences in the stories.