One Potato Two


Haraheri Sketch

I'm currently working on Sunshine Sketch #3.
I realized I shouldn't be working on it when I'm hungry.
There are so many food references...
It makes me crave a lot of things.
Especially because Hiro likes to eat sweets...

Mm...cream puff...oshiruko...cake...

I have a wedding to go to next week so I'm trying to cut down on sweets right now.

So tough!

Code Geass and Tennis

My editor at Company BEI and I exchange a good number of emails.
Since we have a lot of simultaneous projects going on...
We talk about the website text, the Suzaku manga, the novel, the Lelouch manga...

And between all these emails we talk about tennis.
We talk about how Rafa is world number 1 now, and if he can win the Open.
We talk about if we've been watching the Open on TV...both of us haven't because we don't have cable.

We've talked about going to play tennis one day, but I wonder if that's a good idea.
He's my client...shouldn't I let him win?
Not that I'm saying I'm better at tennis than him...

Hee hee.
Actually he's really not the type to let that get in the way.

Princess Resurrection #4 Released

I worked on this so long ago I don't remember what happens...
I'll be working on volume 5 soon.

Finished Suzaku of the Counterattack #1

I finished Suzaku of the Counterattack #1.

There are manga original characters, such as Lloyd's assistant.
And maybe more later.

Please check it out.

Last Batch of Code Geass R2 Website Text

I finished the last batch of the R2 website text.

It was really hard to translate the synopsis when I didn't watch the episode...

And it's really hard to keep the events and characters in check when I have to switch between season 1 and season 2.
Yesterday I got the next Code Geass novel I'll be working on, and it was hard to get into the first-person narrative of Milly (I'm still on the first chapter) when I know what happens to her in season 2.

I'm working on the final check for Cigarette Kisses and Suzaku of the Counterattack #1 this weekend.
Busy, busy, busy.
It's not the time to be playing Lego Indy...

Yozakura Quartet #4 Done

I finished Yozakura Quartet #4.

The long, long arc that starts in volume 2 (Thorny Road) ends in this volume.

So the anime is starting this October.
It looks like they have the website up (in Japanese), but for those who are interested in how the anime character designs look like, please check it out.

Yozakura Quartet Anime Site

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion #1 Out

The manga is available in bookstores this week.

The story is a little bit different from the anime, but please check it out.
I think the art is pretty cute.

Hime's Moves

I've been slowly (really slowly...) working on Yozakura Quartet #4, which is due this Friday.

I've been keeping notes on the various moves Hime does with her Dragon Spear.
Some of it are featured in volume 2, 11th Night.

She introduces a new one in volume 4.
It's called "Kumo no Ko," which translates to "Spiderlings."

It comes from the proverb, "like scattering spiderlings."
For example, you would use it in a sentence like...
"When the bomb exploded in the in office, people were running around all over the place like scattering spiderlings."

Sorry, that was a bad example.
I don't really use that proverb.

Anyway, for Hime's move I changed it to "Scattering Spiderlings" but I don't know if Company DR will be okay with it.

Shugo Chara #5 Proof

Today I got a pdf file from Company DR, asking if I can answer a few questions from the proofreader.

One of the questions was about Ikuto's line.
There was a scene where Amu and Tadase were eating ice cream, but Tadase had to go do something.
Ikuto comes by and takes Tadase's ice cream.
When Tadase comes back, Ikuto says,
"I'm going to eat your ice cream and Amu."

The proofreader wanted to know if it was supposed to be,
"I'm going to eat your ice cream with Amu."

I thought that would be okay too, but I sort of wanted to leave the sexual implication in there.

Please look for it when it comes out.

Finished Mr. Flower Bride

I finished Mr. Flower Bride.

There was a part in the sex scene where I couldn't decide to use "in" or "up."


Please look for it!

Getting a Bunch of Work Done

Thanks to NBC streaming the tennis matches, I'm up at 4am in the morning watching tennis.
But I feel guilty staying up all night just watching tennis (and I can't do only one thing at a time--I'm a multi-tasker), so I'm working.

I got a lot of work done during Nadal's match: I finished this week's batch of Code Geass R2 website text.

I have one more batch to go.
Although they'll probably give me more later.

I am about halfway done with the Suzaku #1 manga, but I'm going to put that aside while I work on Yozakura Quartet #4.

I worked on Yozakura Quartet #3 so long ago, I forgot all the terms I used.
Thank goodness for my terminology cheat sheet.
I forgot what happened in #3 too.
I remember there's a big I had to go back and re-read #3 in Japanese.

And when I get bored of Yozakura Quartet, I've been doing a bit here and there for Mr. Flower Bride.

So I have multiple files open on my computer...
(Working on anything Code Geass requires me to have many excel sheets filled with terminology open)

...Two ripped-up manga on my desk...

...and two laptops going because one is for work and the other one is for watching tennis.

It's a busy desk.

Busy Night
Two laptops, two manga, and two cups!

Masked Lancelot

I am sorta working on Suzaku of the Counterattack #1.
Sometimes I get bored of translating the same old thing, so I switch projects around.
So today was Suzaku day.


Like the Lelouch manga there is no mecha in this book.
(That is why Ed of MangaCast refuses to review it).

Instead, Suzaku wears a "suit" with a helmet that has a Knightmare System incorporated in it.
It sends signals from the optic nerves to the brain that enhances Suzaku's physical ability or something.

Anyway, it looks pretty ridiculous and funny, so please think of it as comedy.
(No, actually it's not and Company BEI might get mad at me for false advertisement).

But even the author makes a joke about the Masked Lancelot making an appearance in the anime.
Or I guess I should call it a cameo.

Please look for him in episode 21.
He turns around and gives a thumbs up.
And then he shows up again during the head bonking game.

Mr. Flower Bride and Mr. Flower Groom

I had to do things on my computer today and couldn't use it, so as I was waiting I started numbering Mr. Flower Groom.

I didn't notice at first, but as I read carefully I finally understand the relationship of the couples in the series.
In "Bride" the "husband" is Shinji, and his "wife" is Aoi.
Shinji's older brother had a son named Setsu.
In "Groom" the "husband" is Ritsu and his "wife" is Koichiro.
Ritsu is the younger brother of Setsu.

It's hardly mentioned so you might miss it.
In fact I missed it many times.
So please look for it when it's released.

I also started numbering the pages for Yozakura Quartet #4.
I have three manga due by the end of this month, plus the Code Geass website text.
It's keeping me pretty busy.

Working on Code Geass R2 Website

I had to put Mr. Flower Bride aside to do some quick stuff for Code Geass R2.
Currently I'm working on the characters, mecha, and story for episodes 6 through 9.

I've also been quite busy volunteering for Countrywide Classic (and taking pictures of Marat Safin) so I haven't done much work the past few days.

Countrywide Classic 2008
I got a pretty good shot for a point-and-shoot!

Anyway, today is my last day working but I'm going back Saturday night because someone gave me a ticket.

I hope I can get some work done over the weekend...I'm a little behind!

Kitchen Princess #7 Released

Kitchen Princess #7 is out.

Reading this volume made me realize how much I like Seiya.
Yet, the manga artist likes Daichi...why?
Seiya is definitely more interesting!

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Part 1 Released

Code Geass is finally available on DVD!

This package has both the DVD booklets and the manga, which I worked on.
(And it has the anime DVD too!)

The DVD booklet has character descriptions, staff interviews, mecha information, Professor Lelouch's class, Sayoko's journal, and a commentary by Jun Fukuyama.
So even though you can watch the anime for free on adult swim video, it's a good idea to buy these DVDs!

And no, I don't get paid to advertise like this.


I am currently working on Mr. Flower Bride, a Company YP title.

One of the character's last name is "Uno," so every time the other character calls him, it's "Uno!"

Like the card game.

We have a "One Piece UNO" at our house.
Like other "special packs" it has special rules.

The "Uno Uno no Mi" card doubles the effect of an action card.
For example, if you use it with a "draw 4" card the next player has to draw 8 cards.

The "Shanks" card allows the person holding a player to choose someone to show what cards they have.
But the person chosen can prevent showing all cards if he or she has a 1. Luffy card.

I wish I had more opportunities to play this game, but I don't have that many friends.

Finished Ghost Hunt #10

I finished Ghost Hunt #10.

This is the last arc of the series (for now, unless the novelist decides to continue writing...but very unlikely) and the series makes a full circle by investigating an abandoned school, similar to what they did in their first case together.

There's something about the school that makes it scary when there are no students there.
Maybe because we grow up being used to having so many people there?
For example, I don't get scared if I'm at an office late at night.
(And when I work on movies for Company S I'm usually the only one in a huge building).

So I would never, ever go to an abandoned school...
Especially if there are rumors that it's haunted.

The subtitle for this arc is "The Forgotten Children."
It doesn't come up in this volume just yet but in volume 11 the concept of "forgetting" plays an important part.

I read somewhere that dead people truly "die" when they are forgotten.
But it's too early to talk about that now.
I'll wait until volume 11 comes out.

Ghost Day

I was looking up ghosts and such for the translation notes in Ghost Hunt #10.

And Japan has a day called Ghost Day.
It's July 26, which just passed.

I guess it was fitting that I was sorta working on Ghost Hunt on that day.

So why is Ghost Day on July 26?

It says that the first premiere of Yotsuya Kaidan was held that day, in 1825.

You can find out more if you wikipedia Yotsuya Kaidan, but it's the story of Oiwa and Iemon.


So anyway.
I finished the few rush things for Code Geass and will focus on finished Ghost Hunt #10 for today and tomorrow.