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About Code Geass Stage 0

I thought I should talk about the format(?) of the Code Geass novel volume 0.
It skips around chronologically.

The novel starts off in the present.
It's 2017, in Area 11.
Lelouch and Suzaku were appointed by Milly to clean up the annex building of the clubhouse.
After a few mishaps (almost getting killed by booby traps), they find a room with an old newspaper.
The headline reads, "Britannia Attacks Japan."

The two are reminded of 8 years ago.

Then the novel goes back in time to 2010, Japan.
Lelouch and Nunnally are in Japan as "exchange students."
They get along with Suzaku, who they are staying with.
The relationship between Japan and Britannia are hostile over the distribution of sakuradite.
Genbu Kururugi, the Prime Minister of Japan, is "recuperating."
Taizou Kirihara holds a meeting with government and military officials and tells them that they should fight Britannia until the end.
But he knows that Japan will lose.

Then it goes back to the present, then back to 2009, Japan, when Lelouch and Suzaku don't really have a friendly relationship.
A lot of crucial events happens here...
But I won't spoil it. (Please read the novel!)

Then it goes back to 2010, two months before Britannia declares war against Japan.

There is an afterword by the novel author and a "commentary" by Jun Fukuyama, the voice of Lelouch.

Okay, I hope I gave enough information to spark an interest but not enough to spoil it.

I'm leaving for San Diego tomorrow.
I have to go early because my ride is going early, but I'll spend the whole day in the hotel working.
Like every other trip...hee hee hee.