One Potato Two




Spoiler Research

I'm working on Ghost Hunt #10, and since this is the first half of the arc I thought I should research a bit about the rest of the arc before I continue translating.
Because there's so many questionable parts in the story that can be taken many ways.
(And translated many ways).

So I read a person's spoiler review (in Japanese) online.

It helped a lot.

So now that I know the ending and the secrets Naru's been hiding, I notice a lot of foreshadowing in the previous volumes.

Hm. Now it all makes sense.
Like Naru's office name, why he travels a lot, why he wears black, etc...

It's really too bad that the novels are out of print.
They look pretty interesting.

Finished TOKKO #3

I finished TOKKO #3.
This story is a side story about siblings Itto and Mayu who are phantom hunters.
They continuously eat phantoms to absorb the powers the phantom may have.

So throughout the manga they are munching away.
It's pretty gross, and I kept losing my appetite while working on it.

Now I'll be working on Ghost Hunt #10 until I receive my copy of Suzaku of the Counterattack #1.
I really hope I don't have to take that much work to Comic-Con.
(I will take some, though).