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Tsurikichi Sampei Live Action Movie

So I read today that "Tsurikichi Sampei" is going to be a live action movie.
It's a manga about fishing.

It's a manga from before I was born!

I'm writing about it because I recently translated something that had to do with the manga artist.
Um, the project is not announced yet so I'll wait until Company DR announces it...
But it's part of a book I did.

The boy playing Sampei is Kenta Suga.
I don't know who he is...but I heard he's a great child actor.
Which is rare in Japan.

Finished Theresia

I finally finished Theresia!
I did about 2000 in one was tough.
I was averaging about 700 or 800 a day.

Actually I was motivated to finish because I had a nightmare similar to the situation in Theresia.
I can't give details because I can't reveal ANYTHING about the game (a small detail would be a spoiler), but it was scary.
At one point, in my dream, I decided, "Okay, this is too scary. I need to wake up."

So anyway.
My commutes to Torrance, CA are over for the time being.

Now to move on to Kitchen Princess #9 and TOKKO #3!

Oh...happy birthday to my sister.