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Tenchi? Amachi? Muyo

I was doing the translation notes for Code Geass Novel #1.
There is the term "tenchi muyo" in it, so I explained it a little.

I'm sure old otaku know what it means because of the anime.
I never saw the anime so I wasn't sure if it was explained.

Anyway, for me every time I see the kanji for tenchi muyo 天地無用, I think it's "Amachi Muyo," the character in "Tsuide ni Tonchinkan."

He is a character that looks like this:


My friend in elementary school liked him so much we called her "Amachi" instead of her real name, Ayumi.
To this day we still call her Amachi...

Oops, I keep forgetting to write about the actual novel.
My rewriter said, "fans will really love this."
I agree.
It gives so much background information!

More about that in a later post.
I promise.