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Oops, this is one day late...but oh well.
I was struggling to finish Speed Grapher #3!


Congrats to Rafa for his first Wimbledon title, and getting it by beating The Federer.
And thanks to both for showing a great match.
Every shot they played was awesome!

So anyway, I guess my graphic designer friend told my editor at Company BEI that I skipped AX for Wimbledon.
So he emailed me asking if I had taped it, because the person he had asked only got half of it.
(It's not the friend's fault; there were two rain delays, not including the first delay).
Hee hee hee.

Unfortunately I didn't tape it.

So if anyone out there taped it, please burn it on a DVD and send it to Robert at Company BEI.

Finished Speed Grapher #3

I finished Speed Grapher #3.

This is the final volume.
The ending is pretty different from the anime (from what I read on Wikipedia), but I think it makes sense.

I don't understand why everyone (the manga artist and his assistants) like Tsujido.
I think he's gross...well, I guess almost all of them are pretty gross...Euphorias...

What's next?
The video game and Kitchen Princess #9 for this week.