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Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

It's been many years since I had this weekend off...I actually didn't know what to do.
Really. What do non-anime/mange industry people do this weekend?
BBQ? Play with/watch fireworks?

For starters I watched Safin and Federer play at 5am in the morning...
I wanted to watch Rafa and Mr. Unknown, but I fell asleep.

Then I went shopping, and then watched fireworks at the local high school.

Independence Day...

I've been so caught up in the world of Code Geass, after working on project after project related to it, that I keep thinking about how Code Geass doesn't have Independence Day.

In the DVD booklets they talk about the history in Code Geass, and how the Colonies failed in gaining independence.

How sad.
So no fireworks in Area whatever the states are.

Anyway, it looks like at Anime Expo Company BEI talked a LITTLE...or confirmed again that they have the Suzaku manga and the light novels.
I just finished the light novel translation and it's currently being adapted by someone else.
I'll be working on the Suzaku manga in about...2, 3 weeks?
Depends on when my editor sends me the book.

I'll talk more about the light novel in my next post.