One Potato Two




Half Day Off

I was working on Speed Grapher #3 today, but my wrist was hurting so I didn't do much.
Maybe...30 pages?

My wrist was hurting since yesterday, since I finished a file for the video game.
I had about 500 lines to do toward the end of the day, and I was going at a rate of 100 lines per half hour.

At least I finished the file...the others (there are 4 translators working on this game) are done with their part, so I felt pressured.

Now I just have the HUGE file to do which is 3800 lines.
I have all of next week (5 days) to finish it.

760 lines per day...


This weekend I'll be working on Speed Grapher #3 and Kitchen Princess #9.
And after the video game project is done, I have a week to work on TOKKO #3.
And after that...

I'll stop thinking about it for now.