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Genshiken Official Book Released

Genshiken Official Book is out today.

I recommend the short story where Madarame and Sasahara go shopping.

Back to Normal

Comic-Con is over and my days are back to normal.
I have a deadline every week (sometimes two deadlines a week) for the next 6 weeks or so.

I was supposed to work on Suzaku #1 and Ghost Hunt this week, but something got squeezed in and I'm working on that now.

Hopefully I'll get enough sleep for my volunteer work at Countrywide Classic.
I have to drive around expensive cars with important athletes in them...I can't get into a car accident!

2008 Comic-Con Day 4

Comic-Con Day 4.
I was still feeling sick, so I stayed in until check-out time.
I couldn't work much either so I stayed in bed and watched Nadal win Rogers Cup.
Congratulations Rafa!

As I was leaving the room I passed by this:

Hee hee! It's the "Little Big Planet" bag.
It's nice and big, it's great for throwing away trash!

Once I got to the convention center I just sat around until the exhibit hall closed.
I met with my editor at Company YP for just a little bit, and then my designer friend F.

I had to stick around until my ride back to LA finished, so I went around taking pictures of how people break down after the convention.

A guy wrapping up his palette.

New York Giant Pizzas
Some booth ordered huge pizzas for their workers.

In the end I got home past midnight.
The dust going around the exhibit hall made my cold worse.
Cough, cough.

Next year I'm driving down on my own.

2008 Comic-Con Day 3

I was feeling a little sick today, so I decided to stay home (as in, my hotel room).
I really can't risk getting sick right now, since I have to finish Ghost Hunt #10, Suzaku #1, and Mr. Flower Bride in the next two weeks AND volunteer for the Countrywide Classic.

Darn it.
Every time I saw a friend here at Comic-Con I kept saying,
"I'm good because work's been slow."

But it looks like I was just in denial.

So...since I only brought Ghost Hunt, I'm working on that.

Since I feel bad for not writing anything about Comic-Con, I'll give the synopsis for the project that was announced by Company DR yesterday.

I worked on Soryuden (Sohryuden?) back in 2006.

I don't know if Company DR gave the basic sorry if this is repeated information.
(And some spellings may have been changed...please bear with me).

The Ryudou brothers Hajime, Tsuzuku, Owaru, and Amaru share a secret. They have special abilities and superhuman powers. But someone else knows of their secret, and has dark plans to use that power to take over the world.

They also discover that they have the ability to transform into Dragons and control the four elements.

I forgot how they transform.
I'm sure it wasn't that they look at a full moon or anything like that.
Or...was it? Hee hee.

Anyway, please look for it...was there a release date for this?

By the way, the ridiculous (haha) names of the brothers are explained by the author in an interview at the end of the book.
Owaru is really not a good sad!

2008 Comic-Con Day 2

It's only day 2 and I'm exhausted.
I don't think I'll survive this weekend...Eep.

I went to the Batman: The Brave and the Bold panel.
They gave us a cute sticker as we walked in.


I didn't know most of the panelists there.

I stayed in the same panel room to attend Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.


They showed the trailer (which was very ouchie) and announced four characters.
I didn't take notes, but Joker was one of them.

They gave us posters for attending the panel.

The game looks cool. I would want to watch my guy friends play this.

After the panel I met up with my Company BEI editor.
He gave me a sample of the Code Geass Lelouch manga #1.

It's coming August?
I'm not sure. Please check it out.

He also gave me a sneak peek at the TokiKake manga, which I will be working on in August.
It's a really cute manga.
Hopefully I'll talk about it more when I start working on it.

I then went to Company B's panel where I met up with a few friends I haven't seen for a while, and also Ed and Gia.
(Well, I only said a brief "hi" to Gia...she looked busy punching text in her tiny gadget).

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures.

Later I went to a Resources for Creators panel with MangaCast contributor BrianP.
The financial and legal advice panel I went to last year wasn't present, so I figured this was the next best thing.
It was pretty good.
It's just too bad that there was too much information to cover in one hour.
I hope she comes back next year.

A bunch of artists were there, sketching away while they waited for the panel to begin.

I was so tired after that I went back to the hotel and slept for a bit before going to dinner.

Tomorrow I don't have much planned, so I'll stay home and work on Ghost Hunt #10.
(I hope I don't get distracted by the tennis action on ESPN).

Oh, this is my tennis bag-turned-otaku bag.
There is a hole at the top where the racquet grip comes out, but sadly I used it to carry the MK vs DC poster.

It was really, really embarrassing to walk around in it.

2008 Comic-Con Day 1

My friend Ards and I ate breakfast at Denny's and headed to the convention center.

Here is a bunch of pedi-cabs(?) trying to get people to ride them (haha) instead of the shuttle.
But the shuttle is always better.
Sometimes you get a driver who gives you useful information.
Like 175K people expected at this year's convention.

We get to the convention center.
It's only Thursday, and yet there are so many people!!!

I don't even want to know what Saturday will be like...

Even the freebie table had a long line.

I went to the Company V booth and met up with my friend F, who designed the booth.

Then I tried to go to a panel but there was a big I skipped it and decided to sit in at the Knight Rider panel so that I would be guaranteed a seat at the Activision and Stan Lee panel.

The Knight Rider panel was pretty interesting.
I didn't really like the pilot/movie back in February, but it looks like they have a new executive producer(?) I don't know because I missed the beginning.
Gary Scott Thompson worked on "Las Vegas" (I never watched it) and "2 Fast 2 Furious" (I also never watched it).

The actors were really late because of the explosion on the 5 freeway.
Sigh, California freeways...

The clip showed KITT transforming from a truck(?) to a normal car.
Or something. I couldn't happened so fast!
I still like the Batmobile better.

I went to the Activision and Stan Lee panel because I have friends working on the project.
So please check it out if you are into video games!

Here is Stan Lee and a representative from Shaba Games.
Stan Lee is so old now...
When Ards and I met him a few years back, he looked much younger.
(I'll try to find the picture we took and post it here when I get back).

I was unhappy that they didn't display the Spider-Man game banner well.
You could only see his hand!

The Street Fighter IV panel room was waaaay too crowded, so I skipped that.
The Hulk vs Wolverine panel was too far, and probably crowded, so I skipped that too.
And I think I would've been distracted thinking about how I translated everything as I watched it.
(I translated the script to Japanese).

I remember how I really enjoyed translating Wolverine's lines because he's so bad-ass and I like how bad-ass men talk in Japanese.

Then I went to the Company BEI panel.
They announced that FREEDOM will have a dub.
My voice actor friend S is in it, so please check it out if you have a chance.

I was going to go to the Company DR panel but I had to talk to my editor at Company BEI about a few issues (regarding Code Geass stuff) so I missed it.


I was hoping Company DR would announce a few things that I worked on, but they only announced one of them.
I'll talk about that when I get back from San Diego.
(Can you guess which one it is?)

After the panels were done I went back to the exhibit hall.
I was talking to my friend F and Ards when they saw a funny thing.

Balloon Cake
Hee hee hee.
It's a cake made out of balloons.
The owner of this balloon art said it was her birthday today.

And then I saw former marketing guy J of Company BEI, currently working at Company S.

And then I bumped into marketing guy H of Company A.

It's weird how I can bump into people in that huge exhibit hall.

I finished 2 pages of Ghost Hunt #10 today.
Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow...

2008 Comic-Con Day 0

Preview night day.

I went and got my industry badge.
She got it for me in 5 seconds! Wow!
This is why I like the SDCC staff. They are really fast.

I got into the exhibit hall early because I had a special badge (borrowed from a friend).
So I went around and got some stuff before the mob came in.

This is some of the stuff I got:


And here are some of the pictures of the exhibit hall.




Los Panchitos
My dinner.

I got 4 pages of Ghost Hunt #10 done.
Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

2008 Comic-Con Day 00

Today was setup day at SDCC, so I went to browse around the exhibit hall.

The staff of Freeman are very friendly.
I guess I looked lost because I was walking around the hall glancing left and right (looking for things to take pictures of) and a lot of the men asked if I needed help.
I also got many forklifts honking at me. Hee hee.

Some pictures I took:

Freeman men rolling out the carpet.

I had to chase around so many guys just to take a picture of this.

Safety guidelines.

Very cute signs all over the place.

Even the restrooms are for humans only.
Please check out their website!

When I came to the hotel, I checked my email and I had some work email from Company BEI.
So I worked on that a little bit.

Tomorrow I'll be in the hotel for most of the day working on Ghost Hunt #10.

About Code Geass Stage 0

I thought I should talk about the format(?) of the Code Geass novel volume 0.
It skips around chronologically.

The novel starts off in the present.
It's 2017, in Area 11.
Lelouch and Suzaku were appointed by Milly to clean up the annex building of the clubhouse.
After a few mishaps (almost getting killed by booby traps), they find a room with an old newspaper.
The headline reads, "Britannia Attacks Japan."

The two are reminded of 8 years ago.

Then the novel goes back in time to 2010, Japan.
Lelouch and Nunnally are in Japan as "exchange students."
They get along with Suzaku, who they are staying with.
The relationship between Japan and Britannia are hostile over the distribution of sakuradite.
Genbu Kururugi, the Prime Minister of Japan, is "recuperating."
Taizou Kirihara holds a meeting with government and military officials and tells them that they should fight Britannia until the end.
But he knows that Japan will lose.

Then it goes back to the present, then back to 2009, Japan, when Lelouch and Suzaku don't really have a friendly relationship.
A lot of crucial events happens here...
But I won't spoil it. (Please read the novel!)

Then it goes back to 2010, two months before Britannia declares war against Japan.

There is an afterword by the novel author and a "commentary" by Jun Fukuyama, the voice of Lelouch.

Okay, I hope I gave enough information to spark an interest but not enough to spoil it.

I'm leaving for San Diego tomorrow.
I have to go early because my ride is going early, but I'll spend the whole day in the hotel working.
Like every other trip...hee hee hee.

Spoiler Research

I'm working on Ghost Hunt #10, and since this is the first half of the arc I thought I should research a bit about the rest of the arc before I continue translating.
Because there's so many questionable parts in the story that can be taken many ways.
(And translated many ways).

So I read a person's spoiler review (in Japanese) online.

It helped a lot.

So now that I know the ending and the secrets Naru's been hiding, I notice a lot of foreshadowing in the previous volumes.

Hm. Now it all makes sense.
Like Naru's office name, why he travels a lot, why he wears black, etc...

It's really too bad that the novels are out of print.
They look pretty interesting.

Finished TOKKO #3

I finished TOKKO #3.
This story is a side story about siblings Itto and Mayu who are phantom hunters.
They continuously eat phantoms to absorb the powers the phantom may have.

So throughout the manga they are munching away.
It's pretty gross, and I kept losing my appetite while working on it.

Now I'll be working on Ghost Hunt #10 until I receive my copy of Suzaku of the Counterattack #1.
I really hope I don't have to take that much work to Comic-Con.
(I will take some, though).


So Code Geass episode 12 is on Adult Swim Video.
Please check it out.

I was watching it to see if they took out the !!! scene...but they left it in.
In Japan, the reruns of it have it removed...

After this episode Nina was called "Ona-Nina"in Japan.

Code Geass R2 Website Text Done

I finished the first section of the Code Geass R2 website text.

I've been working on Code Geass related things for so long I'm getting reality and the Code Geass world mixed up.

Oh no...

Anyway, I have to finish TOKKO #3.
I want to finish by Thursday midday so I can go watch the Dark Knight with ease that night.

Hulk vs Wolverine Trailer is Out

I was looking through the San Diego Comic-Con programming schedule when I found a panel called: Hulk vs Wolverine.


It's the project I worked on a while back!

So if anyone likes Hulk or Wolverine (or both!) please check out the Hulk vs Wolverine panel on Thursday at 4:15pm in Hall H.

The trailer is available for viewing here.

The DVD is coming out in January 2009.

Code Geass R2 Website

So yesterday evening I got an email from Company BEI.
They need some Code Geass R2 website text by...Monday!


(And it might even mean Monday in Japan, which would be Sunday here).

But my editor is an understanding guy...
So he gave me until "mid-week" to do it.

I'm not worried about the amount of text but rather the amount of information.
I guess a lot happened in one year in the world of Code Geass.

Knights of the Round? Glaston Knights?
Who? What? When??

And of course, technology never stops evolving so there are a bunch of new mecha.
And all the new characters!


When Biglobe was streaming it online I purposely didn't watch R2 because I didn't want to commit myself to something every week. I tend to like watching things in bunches.
But now I guess I have to try to get a hold of those episodes.

Some stuff were spoiled to me from the material Sunrise provided.
Like XXXXX dying, and XXXX dying, and XXXX dying.

Oh well.

So I'm putting TOKKO #3 to the side and currently working on gathering terms from the text.
I am making a terminology spelling chart for Company BEI to approve.
Even before translation begins, there's a lot of work to be done.
Goodbye, my weekend.

Finished Kitchen Princess #9

I finished Kitchen Princess #9.

I saw some reviews where the reviewer talked about how dark issues KP deals with.
Like eating disorders and stuff.
And I guess Najika's attempted suicide was pretty bad too.

(Some spoiler-ish things will come up, so please drag).

In volume 9 "suicide" comes up again.

It's really surprising how so many deaths there are surrounding Najika and Daichi.
There's that girl in the side story who died too...whatever volume it was.

I don't know...
The idea of "committing suicide" because you feel unloved and lonely in a shojo manga seems pretty heavy, but I guess reality is much harsher than fiction anyway, so times are changing?
I'm trying to think if there was anything suicidal when I was reading shojo manga at a young age.

Well, I wasn't reading much shojo manga when I was young, so I guess I can't compare.

Oh well.

So I turned in 3 projects this week.
Pretty amazing.

I'm working on TOKKO #3 next.

Tsurikichi Sampei Live Action Movie

So I read today that "Tsurikichi Sampei" is going to be a live action movie.
It's a manga about fishing.

It's a manga from before I was born!

I'm writing about it because I recently translated something that had to do with the manga artist.
Um, the project is not announced yet so I'll wait until Company DR announces it...
But it's part of a book I did.

The boy playing Sampei is Kenta Suga.
I don't know who he is...but I heard he's a great child actor.
Which is rare in Japan.

Finished Theresia

I finally finished Theresia!
I did about 2000 in one was tough.
I was averaging about 700 or 800 a day.

Actually I was motivated to finish because I had a nightmare similar to the situation in Theresia.
I can't give details because I can't reveal ANYTHING about the game (a small detail would be a spoiler), but it was scary.
At one point, in my dream, I decided, "Okay, this is too scary. I need to wake up."

So anyway.
My commutes to Torrance, CA are over for the time being.

Now to move on to Kitchen Princess #9 and TOKKO #3!

Oh...happy birthday to my sister.

Tenchi? Amachi? Muyo

I was doing the translation notes for Code Geass Novel #1.
There is the term "tenchi muyo" in it, so I explained it a little.

I'm sure old otaku know what it means because of the anime.
I never saw the anime so I wasn't sure if it was explained.

Anyway, for me every time I see the kanji for tenchi muyo 天地無用, I think it's "Amachi Muyo," the character in "Tsuide ni Tonchinkan."

He is a character that looks like this:


My friend in elementary school liked him so much we called her "Amachi" instead of her real name, Ayumi.
To this day we still call her Amachi...

Oops, I keep forgetting to write about the actual novel.
My rewriter said, "fans will really love this."
I agree.
It gives so much background information!

More about that in a later post.
I promise.

Cat Street NHK Drama

So I read today that "Cat Street" by Yoko Kamio (of Hana Yori Dango) is going to be an NHK drama.

"Cat Street" is...
I don't like describing manga stories (because I suck at it), so please look at this site and search for "Cat Street."

Anyway, Keito (Kate?) is going to be played by Mitsuki Tanimura, who did the voice for Kaho Fujitani in the anime movie "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time."
She's the one who confesses her love to Kosuke.

I hardly watch Japanese dramas anymore, but maybe I'll watch this one.
Depends who is writing the script, I guess...

Here is the manga cover for "Cat Street."

By the way, Yoko Kamio chose to have Kaito's hair "white" because she was tired of coloring in black hair, because of Tsukushi and Domyoji.

Theresia Dear Emile Announced

The video game I've been working on for the last few weeks was finally announced.

It's called Theresia Dear Emile, and it's a horror adventure(?) game.
Please look at the press releases for the exact genre.

It's pretty...hmm...creepy.
If you push a chair in the wrong direction or something, arrows will come shooting at you.
So you can't really stick your hand in a box without thinking or stuff like that.

It's coming out in October, so if you get a chance, please check it out!

Kagetora #10 Released

Kagetora #10 is out.

Kagetora and Yuki are happy happy joy joy until...

Dun dun dun!

It's only one more volume until the finale!


Oops, this is one day late...but oh well.
I was struggling to finish Speed Grapher #3!


Congrats to Rafa for his first Wimbledon title, and getting it by beating The Federer.
And thanks to both for showing a great match.
Every shot they played was awesome!

So anyway, I guess my graphic designer friend told my editor at Company BEI that I skipped AX for Wimbledon.
So he emailed me asking if I had taped it, because the person he had asked only got half of it.
(It's not the friend's fault; there were two rain delays, not including the first delay).
Hee hee hee.

Unfortunately I didn't tape it.

So if anyone out there taped it, please burn it on a DVD and send it to Robert at Company BEI.

Finished Speed Grapher #3

I finished Speed Grapher #3.

This is the final volume.
The ending is pretty different from the anime (from what I read on Wikipedia), but I think it makes sense.

I don't understand why everyone (the manga artist and his assistants) like Tsujido.
I think he's gross...well, I guess almost all of them are pretty gross...Euphorias...

What's next?
The video game and Kitchen Princess #9 for this week.

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

It's been many years since I had this weekend off...I actually didn't know what to do.
Really. What do non-anime/mange industry people do this weekend?
BBQ? Play with/watch fireworks?

For starters I watched Safin and Federer play at 5am in the morning...
I wanted to watch Rafa and Mr. Unknown, but I fell asleep.

Then I went shopping, and then watched fireworks at the local high school.

Independence Day...

I've been so caught up in the world of Code Geass, after working on project after project related to it, that I keep thinking about how Code Geass doesn't have Independence Day.

In the DVD booklets they talk about the history in Code Geass, and how the Colonies failed in gaining independence.

How sad.
So no fireworks in Area whatever the states are.

Anyway, it looks like at Anime Expo Company BEI talked a LITTLE...or confirmed again that they have the Suzaku manga and the light novels.
I just finished the light novel translation and it's currently being adapted by someone else.
I'll be working on the Suzaku manga in about...2, 3 weeks?
Depends on when my editor sends me the book.

I'll talk more about the light novel in my next post.

Half Day Off

I was working on Speed Grapher #3 today, but my wrist was hurting so I didn't do much.
Maybe...30 pages?

My wrist was hurting since yesterday, since I finished a file for the video game.
I had about 500 lines to do toward the end of the day, and I was going at a rate of 100 lines per half hour.

At least I finished the file...the others (there are 4 translators working on this game) are done with their part, so I felt pressured.

Now I just have the HUGE file to do which is 3800 lines.
I have all of next week (5 days) to finish it.

760 lines per day...


This weekend I'll be working on Speed Grapher #3 and Kitchen Princess #9.
And after the video game project is done, I have a week to work on TOKKO #3.
And after that...

I'll stop thinking about it for now.


Today I was working at Company A when one of the editors (the person who edits the text the translated text) asked about a mask.

I guess in the story a character wears a mask, even though he's not sick.
And the editor didn't understand.

So translator N-chan was explaining how the Japanese wear masks when we're sick so that we don't get other people sick.

And translator M-kun piped in:
"Yeah, Satsuki was wearing one last week, remember?"

Yes, I was.
But that was more because I didn't want the germs going around in the office (full of video gamers!) to affect me.

But I did notice some of the video game testers (who is from...Wisconsin or something) gave me a funny look when I was wearing it.

I have large tonsils (I'm supposed to take it out, but I'm waiting for better insurance coverage and a block of time where I can take a few weeks off of work. Not happening) so these masks come with me everywhere.
Especially at conventions.

I don't wear them around the hall, but I do wear them when I sleep.

So if you see someone at a convention hotel looking like this:

that would be me.

The Japanese peace fingers are for joking purposes.
I usually don't take pictures like that...

TOKKO #1 Released

One word to describe this manga.

Gory gory gory.

Okay, that was three.

I'm going to be working on volume 3 soon.
After Speed Grapher, the video game, and Kitchen Princess #9.