One Potato Two


Flan Prince

I'm working on Kitchen Princess #9.
Yesterday I did work for three companies.

I did work for Company BEI, Company A, and Company DR.

I'm a workaholic!

So in volume 9 it's finally revealed who the flan prince is.
(I more "I'm not really your flan prince" lying please!)

It was not who I hoped it to be...

I was thinking it would be funny if it was Akane or something.
With short hair, dressed like a boy.

But I guess that wouldn't be shojo manga.
It would turn into shojo ai.


There's a recipe for cinnamon roll in this volume.
Najika says that it's easy to make bread.
I guess it's true, since my childhood friend (who seriously cannot cook) has been making bread lately.
I guess she attends bread-making classes or something.
It's a very OL-type of thing to do in Japan.

Just reading the recipe looks like it's a hassle, so I don't think I'll do it.

Done! Time To Tackle More Work...

I finished the thing for Code Geass.

Sort of.
I still have translation notes that I'll be doing in the next few days.

The project is already announced, but I'm not sure of some details (dates and stuff) so I'll wait until AX comes and goes to talk about it.

It was a tough 2 weeks.
Especially with the video game work and Wimbledon.
(I would lose about 4 hours each day watching Wimbledon).
I still have 2 more tough weeks while I work on 7000 lines of video game text and Kitchen Princess #9.

I just got more work from Company YP.
So currently I have about 9 manga sitting on my desk.
I'm supposed to get the other Code Geass manga, Suzaku's Counterattack soon too.

Code Geass Stuff

I'm taking a break this week from going to Company A to work on something for Code Geass.
It's killing me...

I've been so busy I haven't been able to do anything else.
(I'm still watching Wimbledon, but missing most of it because I'm working while I'm watching).

So when this project is done with (on Friday...I hope I make the deadline...), I will do the following:

-Grocery shopping (I haven't cooked for so long!)
-Laundry (I probably have 6 loads?)
-Cut my hair (I chopped it off myself and it's uneven now)
-Go swimming (the local pool is open! Yay!)

And all the other things I've been putting off for 2 weeks.

Of course, I still have the killer video game to do...

With the Light - Soap Opera Version?

So I guess the popular soap opera "Days of Our Lives" is going to feature an arc about autism.

One of the couple's son has autism, and it'll deal with the struggles and pain they experience as parents.

...Sound familiar?

Anyway, it's probably going to be pretty accurate.
The head writer's son is autistic, and they worked with an autism group to make sure it's realistic.

The arc started today.
I missed it today but since I'm always home during the day maybe I'll watch it.

After Wimbledon is over.
Right now I'm on London time...trying to wake up at 4am and sleeping at 9pm.
Hee hee.

Tsuru no Heya

I was translating the video game today when I came upon a sentence that said, "Tsuru no Heya."
I thought, oh, how nice. It's like the "Tsuru no Ma" in the Imperial Palace in Kyoto.


I had just visited last September.
It was a waiting room that had doors painted with cranes, as pictured above.

Tsuru is crane, no is possessive, and heya is room.
So Tsuru no Heya would be The Crane Room or something like that.

Then a few lines down, it said, "It's a room covered in tsuru."



And not


Hee hee hee.
This is what katakana does for you.

I finished half of my file of 1160 lines.
I still have 3 more files to do, and some of them are 3500 lines.


Talking about flan made me want some, so my friend/assistant (j/k) Dave went out and bought some for me.

Thanks, Dave!
You are my flan prince.

He bought it from a Peruvian store a block from my condo.
So it looks different from what the Japanese call "purin," but it's still delicious.

It was huge!

It measured 7cm x 7cm.


It's as huge as the novel I'm working on.
(You can see part of it under the flan).

No, I didn't eat it all by myself.
And no, I didn't have him buy it just to make the "flan prince" joke.

Kitchen Princess #9 is Here

I got an email from my editor at Company DR the other day.
"Kitchen Princess #9 is here!"

And she sent it to me immediately.

Even though I have so much work to do, I couldn't resist reading it.
A lot happens in this volume...

But I am not for spoilers so I won't say what.

There is a special episode that explains why Fujita left his prestigious position in France.

And volume 9 states that the next volume will be the last.

Speaking of flans...
I read an article today that "purin a la mode"(by the way, "purin" is the Japanese name of flans) are disappearing from cafes and restaurants.
They used to be really popular during the Showa period but now they are almost only available in convenience stores, the article said.
I guess they evolved and found a way to survive in this era.

This is what a traditional "purin a la mode" looks like:

Purin a la mode

Hmm. Now I want some flan.

I'll be working on Kitchen Princess #9 in July.

Hulkie Smashie

A friend of mine got free tickets to go see "The Incredible Hulk," so I went along.
Even though I was on a deadline.
(By the way, I finished in time. Of course!)

I couldn't take any pictures of the ugly Hulk statue in the lobby because I was in a hurry to get home (because of the deadline).

The movie was okay, I guess.
I hardly watch superhero movies, and when I do half of the time it's for work.

I didn't get most of the comic references.
And I didn't understand that much-promoted last scene with Downey Jr.


I actually translated something Hulk-related before, but I guess I didn't do enough homework.
Oh well.

I thought the fighting sequence between the Hulk and that brown thing looked like a video game.
And Norton after the hair-cutting was ick.

Thanks for the free movie, Company T!

Gag Manga

I have a zit on my face right now that reminds me of "Sen Masao."
He's an enka singer in Japan.

I only know about him because there was a "gag" manga I used to read and the main character used to make a joke about him.

The manga is "Moeru! Oniisan" by Tadashi Sato.

Gosh, I really wish I have an image of him doing the impression, but I did find an Amazon Japan link of the manga:

Okay, that didn't help.
I also found the link to the anime.

Aaaanyway, it reminded me of the "gag" manga I read as a girl.

There's "3-nen Kimengumi" (later continued to "High School! Kimengumi"):

"Tsuide ni Tonchinkan":

"Libero no Takeda"

(no image)

Now I want to go to a manga cafe and re-read them.

I wonder if anyone out there shares my taste.

In the end, I'll introduce some images.

This is Gai from "Moeru!"


Doesn't he look like Flazzard (sp?) from "Dai no Dai Bouken?"


Does anyone understand what I'm talking about?
Does anyone care?

Not really.

I'm just rambling.
I finished one deadline and I'm super hyper.

I will start on the novel tomorrow.

Busy Day

Today was one of my days to go into Company A.

I went in around 11:30...but had to stop working because my wrist started to hurt a bit.
I wasn't at home, so I didn't have ice packs to take care of it.
I couldn't take painkillers because I haven't eaten yet, and I couldn't eat because I had a dentist appointment at 3.

So...I went shopping.

I went to Target to buy ice packs (to keep at Company A).

Then I went to the dentist.

I got back at around 5, so I stayed a little later to finish the file I was working on.
I managed to finish even after Excel lost some data (grr!).
I left around 7, and the office was empty.
Usually they stay later but they probably went to get their Metal Gear Solid.

The only ones left in the office were A-san (non otaku), M-san (non otaku), and me (non...otaku).

This is how I work at Company A.

At Company A

The left laptop is mine.
The right laptop is the company's.

Sunshine Sketch #1 Released

What the KMF?

Congratulations to Rafa Nadal for his 4th straight French Open title!
Vamos Rafa!

Anyway, I'm still working on the Code Geass booklets.
I hope I finish by tomorrow so I can finally focus on the two KABOOM projects.

I came upon an acronym in one section.
It kept talking about KMF.


What the heck is a KMF?

I wasn't sure if it was a mechanical or technical (military?) term...
I was going to email fellow translator Ana (link coming later) for help when...

I figured it out!

KnightMare Frame!

Those Japanese and their bad habit shortening words like that!
So confusing!!


I've been up since 4am (took a 3 hour nap though) so I'm beat.

The Cat and Code Geass

I was reading the Code Geass DVD booklet on the couch while watching TV.
I left my seat to get a drink, and when I came back...


She's sleeping on the booklet!

I guess it could've been worse.
She could've run off with the mask of Zero.

Is everyone watching Code Geass?
Would you get the reference?

If not, please watch episode 6!

Oh, and I just noticed that the Code Geass website is updated.
(They're updating every week or so?)
Please check it out!

Working on Code Geass DVD Booklets

I put off Speed Grapher #3 to the side because the deadline for Code Geass is earlier.

I have three booklets to work on.
I was hoping to finish at least one yesterday night, but my tennis lesson ran long (I had three hours of tennis) and I only finished 1/3 of it.

So I'm trying to finish it before I head out to do my video game project.

Of course, I'm watching the French Open before I go.


Shiku shiku shiku...

Right after I accepted the video game job (and started on it today), I found out that I have another huge project that is due around the same time.

Bombs keep exploding!
Actually, they are more like land mines...

The video game is a pretty big project.
There are four translators working on it simultaneously.
So I'll be driving out to the Company A office about 3 times a week to work on it.
Gasoline bill going up...

Other than these two big projects, I'll be finishing Speed Grapher #3 and doing Code Geass DVD booklets #4, #5, and #6.

No, I'm not complaining...
I just hope I can catch up with July projects after I finish these, or I won't be going to Comic-Con!

Video Game Work

I haven't done much video game work in a while and didn't expect any for the rest of the year.
But a client contacted me just now to ask how my schedule looked.

I would NEVER say no to a video game client, so of course I told him I'm pretty much free.

He'll give me more detail later, but it looks like it's going to be due within the month of June.
I have two projects for June, which is a really slow month.
So I am pretty much free.

Let's hope it's a video game that I have interest in.
No more EverQuest or anything similar, please...

At least this conversation is pushing me to finish Speed Grapher.
Even with the Company TP news that came out today, I should finish this...right?

One Week Off

I was so exhausted after Fanime I took a week off.
I even missed Book Expo.

I picked up Ed from MangaCast on Thursday to drop him off, so I did see the outside of the con center...
Thursday was the big game next door at the Staples Center (Lakers vs Spurs), so I wonder how crowded that area got when the con let out?


I've been trying to working on Speed Grapher #3, but I've been on the same page for the entire week.

I'm supposed to receive some Code Geass stuff from Company BEI this week too, so I better get working!

But the French Open is distracting me...