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Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro #1 Out

Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro #1 is out.

There are color pages throughout the book!


Fanime 2008 Day 4

Last day.
I went with them to SFO to see them off.

I was "released" earlier than I anticipated, so I was hoping I can change my flight to something earlier at Southwest...


Ugh, holiday weekend!
Everything was booked.

So I had a lot of time.
At least I had work from Company BEI to read...

For lunch I ate at Go Bistro.
The food was not good...
I chose this place only because they had comfy cushions.

Go Bistro

So that ended my Fanime 2008.
My friend F asked me if I would ever take care for 50 people again.
Judging from the time I need to recover from the convention (two to three days), maybe not.
Depends on my workload, I guess.

So here are the gifts from Company G:

The rest of the Gurren Lagann DVDs.
Gifts from Japan

The limited edition of the new Evangelion movie DVD.
Gifts from Japan

Some stuff from England, from their research trip.
Gifts from Japan (England)

And this is the yosegaki I got for Fanime 2008.
It's not all 46 Company G staff...just those who went to dinner on Saturday, including Maika Netsu sensei.
Oops, I had forgotten to tell her that I translated Devil Princess...oh well.
Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008 Day 3

We went again to San Francisco, but this time the staff was completely free to do whatever they wanted.
Otsuka-san wanted to see Iron Man, so I gave him the times and the location.
(He was sitting next to me on the bus, so I also gave him information about US anime cons in general).

I hung out with Yamaga-san and Takeda-san.
We first rode the ferry that went under the Golden Gate Bridge.
I was actually happy to do this because it was something I didn't do the last time I came to San Francisco.

Yamaga-san took many pictures.
GAINAX @ San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge from the cruise.
San Francisco

We then went to the Francescan Restaurant to eat crab.
It was so good.
The amount we spent on the food was how much I would spend on food in about 3 weeks.
But it was so good.

This is Yamaga-san looking at the mussels.
GAINAX @ San Francisco

Crab feast (for 4 people).
Franciscan Crab Restaurant

We had a lot of food, but managed to finish most of it.
Franciscan Crab Restaurant

We then stopped by the Ghirahideli Factory.

San Francisco

The two bought chocolate for the people in Japan.

Then we headed back to Fanime.

It's the dreaded event as an interpreter...the meet the guests reception!
Interpreters never get to eat at this event.
So before the event started I took pictures of the food that I didn't get to eat.

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

Once the fans came in, we had them stay on one side of the room while the Company G staff stayed on the other side.
We introduced every staffer there...a total of 46 employees.
It took just about an hour to finish, and those who were there know how bad I was (not memorizing names or their occupation), but I didn't get much sleep over the past 3 days.
I just wish there were microphones in the room to do the introduction.
I had a REALLY hard time hearing some of the staff.

After the introductions I had to troubleshoot here and there.
I won't get into details, but it was really tiring.

I wish the day had ended there...but then there was the Gurren Lagann panel.
It was pretty much packed, which was really nice to finish off the convention experience for the Company G staff.

The panelists were Otsuka-san, Yamaga-san, Takeda-san, Manabe-"Hige"-san, and Yoshinari-san.
Yoshinari-san had to leave early, so Yamada-san took his place.

The only thing I remember from this panel is about Yomako-sensei.
Someone commented that she looks like another anime character, and wanted to know if it was on purpose.
Otsuka-san answered that "what you're probably thinking is correct."

Here are the fans who were present.

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

At the end, they all held up their pointed finger and it was so cute!
I wanted to take a picture but couldn't...

After the panel I was "released" so I went to go eat with Company B staff Jonathan, freelance editor D, Company V graphic designer F, and MangaCast contributor BrianP.

Phew. What a long day.

Fanime 2008 Day 2

Today was our "tour San Francisco Day 1" day.
The Company G people had a crazy schedule where they went to San Francisco during the day and Fanime during the night.

This is our bus and one of our tour guides. (There were three total).


The bus said "Company G-sama."

We went to Twin Peaks first.

It was a cloudy day...
Twin Peaks

But the staff still had fun, it seems.

The garbage truck came by, and they were all amazed by it.
Because in Japan there are about two men per truck, throwing small trash bags into the back of the bin by hand.
I told them that it's handy, but wakes you up every week.

Shudo-san wearing a Gurren Lagann t-shirt with a Company G jacket over it.
It looked cool because of the transparency.

Then we went to the Conservatory of Flowers.

Takeda-san pointed out the graffiti.

We went on the rare occasion where they take out the flowers.
I actually preferred this.

Everyone was freezing, yet Yamaga-san was wearing a t-shirt!
He had just come from England, and said it was warmer than there...

Then we went to the Golden Gate bridge.

It looked really cool with the fog.
I prefer dark visuals (gloomy or nighttime images), so I loved it!
This is the staff taking pictures of the bridge.

Then we went to Fisherman's Wharf to have lunch.

We went to Neptune's Palace.

The staff watching a performance below.

The food was so-so.
This is stuffed half Maine lobster.

We then went to the Winchester Mystery House.

The house that inspired the arc "Blood Stained Labyrinth" in Ghost Hunt...
San Jose

Since we couldn't go inside because we didn't have time, most of the staff went to Toys R Us to shop.
Takeda-san and I went to Brooks Brother to buy shirts because the US has more options available.
Takeda-san's theme for today's shopping was green.
Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the shirts.
They were nice. And about 4 times more expensive than the clothes I buy.

We then went back to Fanime to do the Gurren Lagann panel for Company BEI.

Company A, Company BEI, and Company G.
Fanime 2008

Since Toshi Yoshida was a panelist he interpreted for Takeda-san and Yamaga-san.
I finally got to meet Robert, my client, in person.

I don't remember much from this panel because I was talking to my friend F most of the time.
If this was a Code Geass panel I would've been more interested because I worked on some of it, but...oh well.

Then there was the Masquerade.
We stayed for about three entries and went to dinner.
I think the dot-anime blog by Shizuki has some information about it, but I did get to meet some Company V staff (they are not my client).
I sat with Yamaga-san, Takeda-san, Sadamoto-san, and Iida-san.
Iida-san had many interesting stories to tell, but I don't think I should repeat it here.
Actually a lot went on but I shouldn't talk about it, so that's it for dinner.

After dinner I met up with several staff to figure out how they can spend tomorrow shopping for comics and toys.
We were able to figure it out.
Thanks to Iida-san and Shudo-san for letting us use their room...

Fanime 2008 Day 1

I woke up extremely early to go back to SFO, to meet up with Company G.
Company G was coming in two I went to meet the first group.

We came back to the hotel, checked in, and headed to the opening ceremonies.
For some reason this year it was out in the open (in the hallway of the convention center).
Fitting in 50 Company G guests in a tiny space was tough.

Anyway, the three guests of honor went first.
Yamaga-san talks way too much before the translation break, as always.
Otsuka-san never says much but he gives me a LOT of breaks.
(Because I asked him to right before we went up).
Sadamoto-san is funny...he did this last time I worked with him, but he always looks at my notes.
So when Yamaga-san is talking and I'm taking notes, he's reading them.
It's rather embarassing because my writing is messy when I interpret.

Then Yamaga-san introduced the entire Company G staff.
The crowd was roaring, so I heard a staff say, "What a good convention!"
So there you go, Fanime.

We then had the "What is Company G? The Everyday Life at Company G" panel.
Let's see if I can remember anything we talked about...(looking at notes)

They showed their 20th year anniversary DVD.

I think this is the panel where Takeda-san "accidentally slipped" that there are going to be two Gurren movies.

Someone asked a question about negative reactions they got from fans.
Otsuka-san answered that one time, after Evangelion, someone wrote "DIE" (死ね) on their company entrance.
Since those types of fans tend to use 2-channel terminology, I wonder if the kanji was "氏ね." Haha.
(Sorry for those who can't read the Japanese on my blog).

There were other stuff...but please check out other convention reports.
My notes are messy and quite frankly they don't make much sense anymore.

After the panel was the autograph session.
There were seven people + one on the side doing it.
Can I name them all?
Let's see...

Takeda-san chose them out of the 50 staff.
When Hasegawa-san asked, "Why me? Why me?" he answered that a girl should be included for visual aestheticism.
I like how Takeda-san thinks.

It was a really tiring day for Company G, but I think they all did okay.
The people who stayed through the panel and the autograph session hadn't eaten yet.
(Including me...I was starving).

I went back to the hotel and ate King's Hawaiian Bread.

King's Hawaiian Bread & Kashi

By the way, I always eat King's Hawaiian Bread at conventions.
They're easy to eat in the morning and come in small sections, so they're very handy.
I recommend it to those who want to save money on food or are too lazy to go out and get food.
(I'm going to continue mentioning this until they give me free stuff.
Their factory is about a 20 minute drive on the freeway from where I live!)

Fanime 2008 Day 0

Today I got up early to get to the realize when I got there I had forgotten my cell.
It's almost the single most important thing to have at a convention!

So I had to borrow my sister's. She's currently using mine right now.

I arrived at SFO to meet up with L, the translator for Maika Netsu at Fanime.
She is a fellow at-home freelance translator like me, so we got to talk about the industry and work conditions.
Which is nice because I don't have that many freelance translator friends.

L worked on the Evangelion manga so she is looking forward to meeting Sadamoto-san.

We greeted Maika Netsu and her editor from Jive and headed to San Jose.
It was both their first time in the U.S, and they gave the usual responses to how big the freeway is and etc. ^_^

I only spent half day with them because I wanted to finish some work in the hotel room.
So after we had lunch and went around the convention center, we parted ways.
At lunch they were surprised how big the portions were.

This is what I had.

The City Bar & Grill @ Hilton San Jose

It was very good and healthy!

T-san, the Jive editor, had cheese steak sandwich and commented how unhealthy it was.

At night I met up with my graphic designer friend F and we talked about a lot of things.
Mostly industry stuff, but other stuff too.
I had so much fun...
I'm safe to say that I only come to Fanime to see F and Ed from MangaCast.

Preparing for Fanime

Oops, I haven't updated for so long...

I've actually been busy preparing for Fanime.
I have to accompany 40+ Company G employees...
I hope I am healthy enough to handle it.

I'm heading out for San Jose on Thursday morning.
Before working for Company G, I'm working for Company B one day to show Maika Netsu around.

As for my usual work...
I received Speed Grapher #3 (the final volume) so I'm trying to get started on that.
So Ghost Hunt #10 is back to the shelf.
I got more assignments from Company BEI today too.
My summer is already filled up...but it's okay.

Shugo Chara #4 and Yozakura Quartet #2 Out

Finished Title C, Moving to Ghost Hunt #10

I finished Title C from Company TP.
I finished it early because of Fanime.
My next due date is Kitchen Princess #9 and Speed Grapher #3, but since both books haven't come yet I'm starting Ghost Hunt #10.

The bad part about working on Ghost Hunt #10 is that you can't really work on it at night.
So I have to try to finish it during the day.

Anyway, I worked on Ghost Hunt #9 over a year ago...and I don't really remember the characters' names!
I even forgot the main character's name...sorry, Mai!

But sheesh...reading back, I realize how much I don't like Naru.
I know there's a trend for these type of guys in shojo right now, but...I'm old-school!

Walkin' Butterfly #3 Released

Walkin' Butterfly is out.

Foxy Lady #1 Released

Foxy Lady #1 is out.

I've seen mixed reviews on this one...
I guess it depends on your taste.

Finished Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion #2

I finished Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion #2.
So the term, "orange" comes up in this volume, which is Jeremiah's nickname.
I always wonder if it's "orange" the color or "orange" the fruit.

Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs was an important character, wasn't he?
(I only saw it once and will never watch it again because of the ear scene...)

I wonder if Zero got it from there?
(I'm being sarcastic)

I also had the chance to look at the lettered version of volume 1.
My friend worked on it, and this is one of our many projects we worked on together.
I hope people like it.
I think it's coming out this summer?
Please check with Company BEI.

Finished Shugo Chara #6

I finished Shugo Chara #6.

Amu Character Transforms so many times in so many ways I had a hard time keeping track.

I'm glad I keep a list.

Now I move on to the yaoi project from Company TP.

Kitchen Princess #6 Released

Kitchen Princess #6 is out.

The shocking cliffhanger in volume 5 made me really want to read this when it came out.
Actually, I think I was reading the Nakayoshi magazine reviews just to find out what happened.

Please check it out!

Happy (blank)!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Happy Boys' Day!
Happy Children's Day!

There's various Happy (blanks)! but the only thing I did was sleep today.
And maybe work on a few pages of Shugo Chara #6.

The other day my mother brought me kashiwa mochi to eat.

Kashiwa Mochi

I thought I explained it before, but I couldn't find it in my archives.

Kashiwa is Japanese Emperor Oak, and the kashiwa mochi is called so because the leaf is used to wrap the mochi.

The leaves of the kashiwa don't fall until new ones grow.
So eating kashiwa mochi is to wish for the family to stay healthy...and so the family line won't cease.

May 5 is now "boys' day" or "children's day," but originally it was an event for girls.
Before they started planting the rice in the old days, they would have the girls go to a shrine (or a temporary shed) to purify themselves for the gods of the fields.

It only changed to something for the boys during the Heian Period.
But it's a little complicated to explain now and I have work to do.

In the Name of the Moon...

I'm working on Shugo Chara #6 right now.

There is a really cute reference to Sailor Moon, so I wanted to show it.
Since my friend said that my blog is always the same thing:
"I worked on this. I finished this, now working on this."

He suggested introducing Japanese words or something like that.
I guess I can...if it comes up in my work.

Usually I'm so rushed to finish a project I forget.

If you have any other opinions please email/comment.
Please don't be mean like some people are at another industry blog.

Anyways, here's the reference.

Shugo Chara #6

Amu appears and says,
"Angel of Love, Amulet Angel...will punish you in the name of Heaven!"
or something like that.

Yaya's comment:
"I've heard that somewhere before..."

I had to go around asking my otaku friends how Sailor Moon's line was translated.
I never saw/read the English version...

Finished Cigarette Kisses

I finished Cigarette Kisses.
Well, at least the translation part of it.

The author talks about how it's a change from her other work and it's very serious, but there are funny parts too.

Like the line:
"I can't tell him that my ass hurts."

Now I'm moving on to Shugo Chara 6 and more yaoi.
They're due the same week, so I'm trying to get a head start on one of them.

Ghost Hunt #10 Arrived

Today I got a package from Company DR.
It had Shugo Chara #6 and Ghost Hunt #10 inside.

Ghost Hunt is entering its final arc.

I didn't read it yet, but I can't wait.
Hope it's not as creepy as the other arcs...