One Potato Two


Working on Cigarette Kisses

I'm putting Code Geass aside to work on Cigarette Kisses.
The author, Nase Yamato is known for her shota boys, but this story is about businessmen.

There's an analogy to smoking and giving up on feelings that "are bad for you."

Anyway, it's been a while since working on yaoi, so I'm struggling.
With the graphics.
Or looking at it.
Luckily there's not much.

After this and Code Geass, my next project will be yaoi again.
I guess I better get used to it...

Working at Fanime

It's sort of semi-official, but I will be working at Fanime.
I am translating for Company G.
The details aren't really announced anywhere, so I'll keep my mouth shut...but it's going to be a lot of work.

It's funny that I got the offer to work right after Fanime rejected my industry badge.
I've never been rejected an industry badge, so I was surprised...
I guess Company G will get me a badge?

So for now I am chugging out translations so that anything due around Fanime would be taken care of before I leave.
Busy, busy, busy...
I won't even have time to enjoy my 2nd blogaversary.
Which is today...I think...

I want to do a give-away thing again, but would I have time?
And I have much more to give this year...samples and stuff...

Finished Project T, Working on Code Geass #2

I finished Project T for Company DR.
It wasn't much text, but there was a lot of text on the last 4 pages.

I'm not sure if they announced this project, so I'll keep it on the DL for now.
Do people still use that term? DL?

Now I'm moving on to Code Geass #2 (manga).

When I was working on the DVD booklets, I had to write a description for Euphie.
I was asking one of the producers what to call her.
Vice Viceroy? Hee hee hee.
He responded that we call her Sub-Viceroy.

Stupid me.

Actually in the manga Cornelia doesn't show up as Viceroy of Area 11, so Euphie is not Vice or Sub-Viceroy.

Some people asked me about my wrist.
It's doing so-so, but this is how I type now:

There's an ice pack wrapped around my hand under the towel.
It's really hard to type.
It's not shown in the picture, but I type using a separate keyboard.
(It was just hard to have the keyboard sit on my lap while I take the picture with my left hand).

Finished Foxy Lady 3

I finished Foxy Lady #3.
There are so many characters in this story!
I had a hard time keeping track of their names...

I'm staying home today to catch UPS for my small project for Company DR, but in the meantime I'm working on Code Geass manga #2.

Busy busy busy!
And my wrist is still not 100% yet. Sob sob.

More From Project T

Happy Earth Day!

I turned in the lengthy Project T, and then got more from the same series.
This time there's hardly any text.

But it's a rush, so I guess my weekend is gone...

Foxy Lady #3 is due on Monday, and I was planning on finishing it on Friday so that I would have the whole weekend to dedicate to tennis.
(Watching, not wrist still hurts)

But I guess I'll be working on Project T?

By the way, nothing that I've been working on secretly was announced at NYCC.

Starting Foxy Lady #3

I finished my other project, but I'm waiting on a response from my client.
I completely forgot that she is probably busy getting ready for NYCC, so I might have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get it.
Tuesday is my deadline...I hope she notices the email sooner than that.

Anyway, while I wait for the response I am starting on Foxy Lady #3.
Since I need two hands to cut the manga up (I actually rip the pages off of the glue now), I wasn't able to because of my injured wrist.
I tore one page out and it hurt.

So I had a friend do it for me.
Thanks, Dave...

Update on Wrist Injury

My wrist still hurts.
I've been working a little bit more now...I have about 80 pages left on Title T from Company DR.

But maybe I worked a little too's hurting now.

It's hurting writing this blog.
So I will stop now.

This is so sad!

I just got 3 new projects today. Yay!

Wrist Injury

I injured my wrist in tennis.

So I can't work and I can't blog.
It's really sad.

I hope it doesn't last a long time, because I still have 3 or 4 projects this month.

Finished Code Geass DVD Booklets #2 & #3

I finished both booklets for the Code Geass DVD volume 2 and 3.

There's a funny story about SUNRISE in the interview, but it's a Japanese joke.
I don't know how it's going to be handled, but hopefully the message comes across.

Anyway, back to the fanbook!
There's so much text!

Fanbook Work

I'm working on another fanbook.

I think it's still a secret...I'm not sure, so I won't give the details.

Last time for Genshiken I had to deal with 9 volumes of Japanese and English manga.

This time is a little bit better, because it's only 7 volumes.
But it's still a lot of work.
I have a pretty small desk, so my tiny desk is covered with manga right now.
And those who have seen my's messy.
So the manga keep knocking things over, falling to the floor...

I was thinking of moving to the kotatsu to work on the fanbook, but then my sister would get mad that I'm taking over the living room again.
(And I already do).

Japanese May Comics

I got my order form for Japanese May comics, and there's a lot coming in!

I tend to look at the excel sheet by author.
Sometimes I buy a book just because I like the author, even if I never heard of the book.
(Well, I'll look at the magazine it was serialized in to see it it matches my age level too).

Some authors I bought without hesitation for May are:
Ryo Ikuemi (author of Kiyoku Yawaku)
Moyoco Anno (author of Hataraki Man)

I would buy things from Chiho Saito, Setona Mizushiro, and Marimo Ragawa too, among others.

I'm really happy about the May books because Chiho Saito wrote a sequel to Anastasia Club.
It did seem unfinished...

I can't wait for May!
I have 3 manga to finish until then, but perhaps all of those manga will be my reward.

Finished With the Light #10

Oops, I forgot to write that I finished With the Light #10.

This volume deals with Hikaru finishing up elementary school and moving on to junior high.
Sachiko faces the same difficulties as the one she faced when he was trying to get into an elementary school.

I thought it was only Japan that didn't have special education classes everywhere, but I guess it's true in my area too.
My tennis captain for the local league (well, a little more south than where I live) is a teacher for 2nd grade, and she said her school doesn't have special education.
So she said she had one ADHD kid in her class, and it was tough.

I wonder how it is in other states?
Please let me know...I'm curious.

Finished Shugo Chara #5

I finished Shugo Chara #5.
A little bit early, because I was expecting to finish tomorrow morning.
But I can sleep tonight! Yay!

The best part of this volume was Tadase's capri pants.
Do guys wear that?
Other than Rafael Nadal?

Anyway, moving on to my next project.
Busy, busy...


I'm working on Shugo Chara #5.

In the Q&A section, PEACH-PIT talks about how they got the names for Ran, Su, and Miki.
They are the names of the girls in Candies, an idol group from the 1970s.

Even though that was before my time, I know them.
But I totally didn't connect...duh!

Candies is probably the best known for "Toshishita no Otoko no ko" (The Younger Boy).
I learned the song because my sister likes younger men.
Oops, can I write that?

Candies wasn't as big as Pink Lady, but I still know many old men who adored them.
I think it was mentioned in Yuukan Club, where an old man gave up his Candies autograph to ask for a favor.

I have 50 more pages to do by tomorrow morning.
I should get back to work.

Tales Out of Season Released

Happy April Fool's Day!
Remember to wear green!
Oh, that's a different day...

I usually don't play pranks because I seem to always forget to say, "just kidding" at the end.

Anyway, Tales Out of Season, volume...3? in the Takumi-kun series, is out.
Or should be out soon.
According to Amazon.

Takumi and Gie try to solve a ghost story/mystery in this volume.