One Potato Two




Canterbury's Law Pilot Tonight

Canterbury's Law is premiering tonight.
Not another lawyer show...right?
But I will watch the pilot.

Even if I've seen it before.
I translated the pilot sometime last year to Japanese.

I don't remember it at all...

As I watch it, I might be re-translating some lines in my head.
Hee hee.

Pride Movie...Somy?

So I guess the part of Shio was chosen for the Pride movie.
I think Stephanie actually looks like Shio, so it's a good pick.
Ichijo's characters don't look Japanese at all.

Anyway, I think it's funny that Sony Music is involved, because the record company in the manga is Queen Records.
A parody on King Records, I think.

I wonder if they're going to change that in the movie.
Somy is a popular parodied Sony name.

I'm curious who's going to play Ranmaru.
No matter what the choice I'm sure I'm going to be disappointed.

Ranmaru's mom Natsuko...I would want Hitomi Kuroki or Reiko Takashima.