One Potato Two




Deadlines Update

I finished title T #2 for Company TP.

I finished a day early, which is pretty good.
I was looking at my calendar and I have a deadline every week (nothing new!) until April 22.
I just got email that more work is coming my way, so it might be until the end of April, who knows?
I have 3 deadlines the week of March 30. (Two on the 31, one on April 2).

No, I'm not complaining!

I think I was punished for planning a trip in March.
I'm going to go watch a tennis tournament for 3 days.
So I'm hoping I can finish two of my deadlines next week.
Let's hope I can get a lot done this week.

I have a singles match early Sunday though.
I'm going to hate Daylight Savings...