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Hina Festival Snacks

My mom brought over some snacks for Hina Festival.
Hina Festival, or Girls' Day, is March 3.
So I'm a little late posting this...
They were sent over from a family friend in Japan.

I really don't know what this is.
Yawaraka Yaki.
The dolls do not look too happy.

It melts in your mouth so fast, it's like ninja!

Hello Kitty is always promoted on holidays.
I don't like Hello Kitty that much...

Kokeshi rice crackers.
These are cute!

The origin of Hina dolls are katashiro, made of grasses and twigs in the old days (because paper was valuable back then) to substitute for our pain and misfortunes.
You would take the katashiro and rub it against your body to transfer impurities, and then wash it down a river or the ocean.
Then it evolved many times...but too long to list here.
I should get back to work!