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TOKKO Announced

So I guess it's announced that the TOKKO manga is coming out.
It's been on Amazon for a while, but I didn't want to say anything.

I've never seen the anime for this so I had to go through various websites to know a bit more about the story.

I worked on #1 and #2 so far, and #3 will probably be due...I don't know, June?
This manga was funny because I had a lot of SPLAT and SQUIRT that described blood or falling body parts.
I also liked Suzuka's outfit. She wore a jacket, open, with nothing underneath.
It's like she had Velcro on her boobs and jacket.

Anyway, please look for it in July!

World Autism Awareness Day

I know it's still March, but in my mind it's already April because I'm working on April deadlines.
I have 4 deadlines this month so far.
Let's hope I don't get anymore. (Crossing fingers).

Speaking of April, it's World Autism Awareness Day on April 2.
The first ever.
Check out the website for local events:

I looked up the events section and there's nothing planned in Japan.
Sad, but it's a fact that not much is done over there.

Finished Half of Code Geass Booklets

I finished half, one of the Code Geass booklets.
I want to finish by Monday morning at the latest so I can start on Shugo Chara #5 as soon as possible.
I am now starting on Code Geass DVD booklet #3.

There is a "Sayoko's Journal" in every booklet (well, at least in #1 to #3), and it's a little creepy knowing what is revealed at the end.
Yes, very creepy.

The best part of booklet #2 was the interviewee's comment on how Suzaku was similar to the script writer.
The reason was quite funny.

This is the cat stepping on my work.
Like she always does.

She is stepping on the image of C.C.

Finished Speed Grapher #2

I finished Speed Grapher #2.
This volume takes place in Izu for the first half.

The dentist Euphoria is in it.
It was pretty grotesque.

Also gross was Suitengu's butt.
Please look for it when it comes out!

Now I can work on the Code Geass booklets and Shugo Chara #5.
Busy busy busy!

Kimi ni Todoke

I finally got Kimi ni Todoke (AKA Kimi-Todo, which is a pretty ridiculous shortened term) #5.

It's been on hold forever because it's really popular in Japan right now and the bookstores are stocking up.
I'm glad #5 came because #6 is on its way.

The story revolves around Sawako, who is misunderstood by her classmates because she looks gloomy (like Sadako from The Ring, which is her nickname).
She is often helped out by Kazehaya, a popular boy in school.
Through friendship and love she is able to resolve the misunderstandings around her (such as she can curse you, etc) and grow as a human being.

My favorite character is Pin, the comic relief teacher who thinks Sawako has exorcist powers.
Before the school sports festival, he told his students that if they suck in sports to not come to school that day.

I also like Chizuru because she reads The Glass Mask.
And makes a reference in the story.

Kimi ni Todoke is serialized in Betsusatsu Margaret, which I used to read in high school and college (I think).
BetsuMa has a lot of good stuff...Ren'ai Catalogue, Itazura na Kiss, Bara-iro no Ashita, etc.
It's too bad I don't read it anymore.

The one in the red shirt is Pin.

It's so popular I think it'd come to the US sooner or later.
Hopefully it does.
It's a heart-warming story...and I usually don't like heart-warming stories.
It's that good!

With the Light #2 Released

With the Light #2 is out.

Many sad things happen in this volume...
I think the saddest was [spoiler] Aoki-sensei leaving and the old principal dying. [/spoiler]

If you haven't checked it out yet, please do!

Kagetora #9 and Princess Resurrection #3 Out

Kagetora #9 is out.

Princess Resurrection #3 is out too.

I worked on these so long ago I don't remember what's in them.
I haven't gotten my samples yet, either...
I hope my neighbors are not stealing them!

Back From Trip!

Happy Easter!

I got back from my trip and had a bunch of work emails.
Usually I don't get that many work emails...

I didn't have internet for about 3 days, but I was surprised I was able to tolerate it.
Maybe because I was really tired everyday and tennis-ed out?

Anyway, one email was about some questions in Yozakura Quartet #3.
Simple enough.

Another one was regarding some changes in my deadline schedule with Company BEI.
Instead of working on Code Geass #2, I'll be working on something else first.

I also got a work order from Company TP for Foxy Lady #3.

So I will have a pretty busy week.
I didn't work at all last week...

Title SG Announced

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I just wrote yesterday about Title SG...
And I guess it was announced on ICv2.

I'll be working on Speed Grapher #2 this week along with Code Geass #2.

I never saw the anime (I don't have any connections at Funimation), but I read spoilers and I like the ending.
Hopefully the manga ends it that way too.

Starting Two Projects

I finished a project today, so I'm starting on two simultaneously this week.

One is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion manga #2.
Another one is unannounced (sort of), so I'll just call it Title SG.
This is also the second volume.

I'm going to have no internet for the rest of the week, so work might go slow...

Total Deadlines by Month

I was bored (no, actually I was trying to get out of work) so I counted the number of deadlines I had last year by month.

Satsuki's 2007 Deadline Count!

January: 9 deadlines
February: 5 deadlines
March: 6 deadlines
April: 9 deadlines
May: 11 deadlines
June: 5 deadlines
July: 4 deadlines
August: 2 deadlines
September: 5 deadlines
October: 6 deadlines
November: 6 deadlines
December: 3 deadlines

So I guess I should look forward to August to get a vacation.

Finished Tiny Project

I finished a tiny project today.

I'm not sure if USA audiences will see it...but I think it was pretty interesting so let's hope so.

I'm still working on multiple projects right now, and at the same time preparing for my trip next week.

It does look like I will have to take a little bit of work to my trip.

Shiku shiku shiku...

Canterbury's Law Pilot Tonight

Canterbury's Law is premiering tonight.
Not another lawyer show...right?
But I will watch the pilot.

Even if I've seen it before.
I translated the pilot sometime last year to Japanese.

I don't remember it at all...

As I watch it, I might be re-translating some lines in my head.
Hee hee.

Pride Movie...Somy?

So I guess the part of Shio was chosen for the Pride movie.
I think Stephanie actually looks like Shio, so it's a good pick.
Ichijo's characters don't look Japanese at all.

Anyway, I think it's funny that Sony Music is involved, because the record company in the manga is Queen Records.
A parody on King Records, I think.

I wonder if they're going to change that in the movie.
Somy is a popular parodied Sony name.

I'm curious who's going to play Ranmaru.
No matter what the choice I'm sure I'm going to be disappointed.

Ranmaru's mom Natsuko...I would want Hitomi Kuroki or Reiko Takashima.

Gyoza Night

I had a gyoza night with my sister and a friend.

Usually I would make the inside of the gyoza and my sister will wrap them.
Then I cook.

But I was so tired on Friday I didn't do much. I did cook until I was full.


Here are some pictures.

I had to watch TV, so I didn't cook it over gas.
Cooking over gas is better for almost anything...but oh well.

Stack of Manga

I was finally getting rid of the large pile of manga behind me, but then I got more manga this past two weeks.

So I was down to four I have eight that I haven't started yet.

Right now all I have are manga work so it's pretty good, I guess.
But in about a month I'll get non-manga work.

On a happier note, I got my personal manga (Japanese) too.
Shanimuni Go #28!
Reading this manga makes me want to go out and play tennis...
I haven't played since Sunday...grr...

Deadlines Update

I finished title T #2 for Company TP.

I finished a day early, which is pretty good.
I was looking at my calendar and I have a deadline every week (nothing new!) until April 22.
I just got email that more work is coming my way, so it might be until the end of April, who knows?
I have 3 deadlines the week of March 30. (Two on the 31, one on April 2).

No, I'm not complaining!

I think I was punished for planning a trip in March.
I'm going to go watch a tennis tournament for 3 days.
So I'm hoping I can finish two of my deadlines next week.
Let's hope I can get a lot done this week.

I have a singles match early Sunday though.
I'm going to hate Daylight Savings...

Hina Festival Snacks

My mom brought over some snacks for Hina Festival.
Hina Festival, or Girls' Day, is March 3.
So I'm a little late posting this...
They were sent over from a family friend in Japan.

I really don't know what this is.
Yawaraka Yaki.
The dolls do not look too happy.

It melts in your mouth so fast, it's like ninja!

Hello Kitty is always promoted on holidays.
I don't like Hello Kitty that much...

Kokeshi rice crackers.
These are cute!

The origin of Hina dolls are katashiro, made of grasses and twigs in the old days (because paper was valuable back then) to substitute for our pain and misfortunes.
You would take the katashiro and rub it against your body to transfer impurities, and then wash it down a river or the ocean.
Then it evolved many times...but too long to list here.
I should get back to work!

Top 5 Shojo Manga Boyfriends

I found a news article about "the best shojo manga guy you would want as a boyfriend."

#1: Rui Hanazawa from Hana Yori Dango
#2: Shinichi Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile
#3: Shun Makabe from Tokimeki Tonight
#4: Shinobu Ijuin from Haikara-san ga Toru
#5: Tsukasa Domoji from Hana Yori Dango

I'm writing about this because I agree with #3.

I haven't read Haikara-san or Nodame, so I can't comment on #2 and #4.
But the Hana Yori Dango guys!?
F4 guys?


I personally think they are selfish, spoiled brats who can't take care of themselves.
I think the vote was swayed by the drama series.

I was trying to think of any guys in the manga I worked see if they were good.

Daichi from Kitchen Princess?
I actually like Seiya better.

Ren from Kon Kon Kokon?
No monster otakus!

Lelouch from Code Geass?
Well, I think he's hot but he seriously has issues.

I like someone like Major Eberbach (From Eroica with Love).