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Cat Day

February 22 is Cat Day in Japan.
The 2-22 is "nyan nyan nyan" or something.
Well, that's Japanese for you.

So to celebrate Cat Day I thought I'd introduce some cat manga.
Cat manga are VERY popular in Japan.
Well, sort of.

I think my favorite cat manga is Shippo ga Tomodachi by Erika Sakurazawa.

My favorite cat in here is Kacchi, a black cat with an injured eye.
He's a scaredy-cat and very adorable!
Akemi-chan is a queen, and Ben is...fearless.

All the cats in the story remind me of a cat I know, so it's easy to relate to the experiences depicted in the manga.

A recent popular cat manga is Chee's Sweet Home by Kanata Konami.
I haven't read it, but my sister likes it.
It's going to be an anime this spring.
I bought a bunch of merchandise at Animate in the fall for my sister, but she hasn't used them.

Other than cat manga, you'll notice many artists writing about their cats in the side panels of their tankobon.
Setona Mizushiro (Kanojotachi no X-Day and Houkago Hokenshitsu) has two cats, Jam and Nene.
Marimo Ragawa (Akachan to Boku and Shanimuni Go) has three now, I think.
Mel and Cain (named after her characters in NY, NY) and Luna.
The funniest "side manga" about cats has to be from Hiroyuki Eto (Mahojin Guru Guru).
The cat's name is never revealed. He calls it "kudoi kao no neko."

Anyway, if you have a cat you should give it a special treat today.