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Kamehameha on Trains

This has nothing to do with work, but I thought it's a cute marketing ploy, so I'll introduce it here.

Dragon Ball GT is going to be released on DVD starting tomorrow (today in Japan), and they're going to have hanging posters on various trains in Tokyo.

Two posters will make one set, and the first one is Goku shooting out a kamehameha. The second poster will have a hole in it.

Goku was in here and shot a kamehameha!? the point.

Pictures might show up on otaku websites in the next few weeks.
If anyone finds a picture, please let me know!

A Closer Look

Working on the DVD booklet gave me the opportunity to look at the first episode closely.
Usually when I watch anime, I am doing something else (working or reading manga), so I never really pay close attention.
I especially don't pay attention to the first episode.

I do that with movies too.
I don't really pay attention (unless I'm at a movie theater with no distractions) until 2/3 into the movie.

So every time the DVD booklet points something out, I'm like, "Really?"
So I keep fast forwarding to the part to check it out.

One thing I discovered that was creepy...

[spoiler? alert]
In the beginning where young Lelouch and Suzaku are climbing a slope, you see C.C. watching them.
It's interesting that her clothes matches the sunflowers she is standing next to.