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Whipping my Geass

Immediately after I turned in Dekiru Otoko ga Sukinanda,
I got the FedEx package that contained my next assignment (or should I say Geassignment? Ha ha!) for Company BEI.

It's the DVD booklet for the first volume.

There's a lot of interesting information in here.
I don't know if I'm allowed to say what it is, so I won't.
But for those of you watching fansubs and not planning to buy the official DVD, I want you to reconsider.
Please check out the booklet!
And no, I don't get paid by any of my clients to promote their products on this blog.

I also got another work order from Company T.
Uh...this is a half-announced title, but I'll keep quiet for now.

Finished Dekiru Otoko ga Sukinanda!

I finished Dekiru Otoko ga Sukinanda! by Hinako Takanaga.

For a title that talks about "dekiru" guys, this volume is actually full of perverted sickos.
Even the author acknowledges it in her afterword.

I had a tough time translating the first two stories because of the character named Koji.
In the story, Koji is (supposed to be) a "dekiru" guy.
All the Koji's I have known in my life are actually all "hetare."

(Oops, I hope one of them is not reading this...)

Dekiru = exceptional, brilliant, impressive
Hetare = the opposite

So I had a hard time typing his name to match the character's lines and stuff.