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Random Stuff About Random Things

Happy February!

Today I'll introduce random news articles I saw lately.

This August, they're going to have a "musical play" (I don't know what that means) of the Glass Mask.
Over 2000 people applied.
(The news article didn't indicate if they were all female, but I think it would be interesting for a guy to play either Maya or Ayumi.
Those Japanese males look femme anyway).

Anyway, I'm more curious which part of the Glass Mask they are featuring.

{Spoiler alert}
I would like to see the part where Maya's mother dies and she is kicked out of every TV show and play she was in.
Maya also can't act anymore because of the shock, but recovers with a tiny role when she eats mud.

Yes, that's the best.

Another news article I saw...Gyakuten Saiban in Concert!
Unfortunately I won't be able to go.

But maybe if it's successful, it'll come over here.
(Wishful thinking).

I thought the logo was super cute, so I will paste it here.

I recently bought the postcard book (two of them, because I'm otaku like that), but maybe I'll buy the orchestra CDs too.