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Sunshine Sketch #2 Finished

Happy Leap Day!

I finished Sunshine Sketch #2.
There were many Japanese a good amount of translation notes.

I've been writing notes on various types of noodles for different manga.
Udon, somen, soba, ramen, etc.

I'm not that fond of somen. I eat a lot of udon.
I used to eat a lot of ramen, but it's pretty unhealthy.

By the way, I was happy when "ramen" was mentioned on Lipstick Jungle last night.
"He's 25 years old! He's stuffed with ramen and red bull."
Hee hee.

Anyway, now to get starting on Title T from Company TP.

Yozakura Quartet #1 Released

Yozakura Quartet #1 is out.

There are mixed reviews out there but it's easy to read.
Please check out the translation notes. There were a lot.

SILK Released

SILK is out today.

I didn't translate the movie, but I did translate a tiny clip of an interview of one of the Japanese actresses.
I forgot her name...Miki something.
She plays...Madame something.

If you have a chance, please check it out.


This is a little bit old, but I saw that the postage rate is going up again.
(May 12. Mark your calendars!)

I still haven't used up all of my 37 cent stamps.
When it was 39 cents, I bought a bunch of 2 cent stamps.
Then I bought 4 cent stamps.
Now I have to go get 5 cent stamps.

I already have them, but sheesh.

On a different note, I got an email from Animate today.
I guess they're checking the email I wrote on the application for the Animate card I got way back.
I hope they don't check the address...because it's the old address of Company G, but a little altered.

Cat Day

February 22 is Cat Day in Japan.
The 2-22 is "nyan nyan nyan" or something.
Well, that's Japanese for you.

So to celebrate Cat Day I thought I'd introduce some cat manga.
Cat manga are VERY popular in Japan.
Well, sort of.

I think my favorite cat manga is Shippo ga Tomodachi by Erika Sakurazawa.

My favorite cat in here is Kacchi, a black cat with an injured eye.
He's a scaredy-cat and very adorable!
Akemi-chan is a queen, and Ben is...fearless.

All the cats in the story remind me of a cat I know, so it's easy to relate to the experiences depicted in the manga.

A recent popular cat manga is Chee's Sweet Home by Kanata Konami.
I haven't read it, but my sister likes it.
It's going to be an anime this spring.
I bought a bunch of merchandise at Animate in the fall for my sister, but she hasn't used them.

Other than cat manga, you'll notice many artists writing about their cats in the side panels of their tankobon.
Setona Mizushiro (Kanojotachi no X-Day and Houkago Hokenshitsu) has two cats, Jam and Nene.
Marimo Ragawa (Akachan to Boku and Shanimuni Go) has three now, I think.
Mel and Cain (named after her characters in NY, NY) and Luna.
The funniest "side manga" about cats has to be from Hiroyuki Eto (Mahojin Guru Guru).
The cat's name is never revealed. He calls it "kudoi kao no neko."

Anyway, if you have a cat you should give it a special treat today.

San Diego Comic-Con Pro Reg

San Diego Comic-Con sent me a letter saying that professional registration is coming up soon.

They sent me this...why didn't they send me information about the hotels in the beginning of February?
I missed it, so I have to go through my connections to get a hotel room.
And this year I am definitely going to try out those tennis courts.
The one that is probably Rebound Ace? Hopefully.
Then it would be my second time playing tennis at a convention.
I once played a little at Otakon.
They had an omni court, which is very rare outside of Japan and Australia.

Uh, anyway.

SDCC professional registration is coming up, for those who are professionals.

Kitchen Princess #5 Released

Kitchen Princess #5 is out.

This one has a cliffhanger at the end...what will happen to Xxxx?

I have to admit I was curious what was happening next, I went to review sites of the Nakayoshi magazine.

Congratulations Kei!

Sorry for the tennis post again.

Kei won the Delray Beach Tournament. It's only like his 8th ATP match and he wins!

He was playing my favorite American player, James Blake, so it was a hard match to watch.

It was a very tennis-filled weekend.
I hit for about 2 hours on Friday night...
Slept 5 hours and went to go play womens doubles...
(We lost 4-6, 3-6)
Then watched a bit of Kei's semifinal match before going to my next match.
We won 6-1, 7-5.

Then I spent all morning watching the scores for Kei.

It's a nice day to go play tennis...
Should I go or should I stay home and finish work?

...We'll see.

Tennis Day

Sorry, this is a tennis-related post.

As I go off to play two tennis matches today (luckily both are womens' and one mixed), Kei Nishikori will be playing his first ever ATP semifinals!!


He will be playing Sam Querrey, who is pretty local to me.
(Somewhere Southern California).

Also playing is my favorite American player, James Blake, and Robby Ginepri.

I actually cheer for all of them, so I guess I don't care who wins this tournament...

Well, maybe I want James to win and Kei to come in second.

I will probably not get any work done today.


In Sunshine Sketch #2, there is a chapter where the group goes to the zoo to sketch animals.
When Yuno draws a hippo, she draws a hippo holding a glass of water saying, "After you come home..."
The hippo is telling you to gargle when you come home.

This is a reference to Isodine, a mouth rinse concentrate sold in Japan.
It is one of my must-have items at home.
In fact, I ask for it every year when guests come to Anime Expo.
Last year, S-san from GAINAX bought me a 250mL one, so I'm set for about 2 years.

You can check out the product here.
You should turn off the sound before you click.

Happy Valentine's Day from the IRS

I got a letter from the IRS saying that I owed them money.
The amount?
It's like a year's worth of salary for a clerical assistant.

I was like, "wth?" (not wtf because I am a lady!)

It turns out that one of my clients from 2006 turned in paperwork and added two extra zeros to my compensation.
That's a lot.

Although it's as simple as checking a few boxes and returning a letter with evidence, this is one extra thing I don't have time to deal with.

Thanks, IRS!
Sending you lots of love too...

Code Geass DVD #1 Booklet Finished

I finally got the final piece necessary from Compnay BEI, so I finished the translation and turned it in.

I think people know that CLAMP designed the characters for Code Geass.
I'm working on something else that is CLAMP-related and I'm all CLAMPed out.
Or should I say CLAMPed down?

Shugo Chara #3 Released

Shugo Chara #3 is

Speaking of Shugo Chara, I sang the opening theme at karaoke the other day.
It's called "Kokoro no Tamago" (Heart's Egg) and it has many terms from the series in the song.

It starts out with, "Hop, step, jump."

The song is sung by three girls so it's tiring to sing the song by yourself.
I made my sister sing some of the parts.

Takoyaki Night

I was talking to a friend about takoyaki.
She pointed out something interesting...
"Octopus balls" doesn't sound too right.
I wrote a translation note for Kagetora before, but I didn't use the term "octopus ball."

My translation note went like this:
Takoyaki is a grilled ball with a piece of octopus in the middle. It is made on a grill shaped in half circles. You whisk some flour, water, and egg and pour it into the hot grill. You then put a piece of octopus, some cut up green onion and grill for a bit. The hardest part is flipping over the mix to make a ball. You use a takoyaki pick, which is similar to an ice pick but thinner.

Anyway, speaking of takoyaki made me want takoyaki, so I had a takoyaki night.
(Alone with takoyaki on a Friday night...can my life get any more pathetic? I was also working).
And I thought providing some pictures would help understand the translation note better.

First, I took out my grill.
I think I said this before, but every household in the Kansai region has a takoyaki grill.
This one is electric, but my mom said when we lived in Kobe (I was one year old then), we had one that used gas.
In her opinion gas one makes better takoyaki.
Oh well.

Here is my grill:

If you look closely, there is a smiling octopus at the bottom.
Is he happy that he's about to get eaten?

Next I take out the mix.
You can make your own by using soft flour, dashi, egg, and water.
I read somewhere that adding a hint of baking powder will make it more fluffy.

But anyway, I use the pre-made mix sold in Japanese supermarkets.
These are for okonomiyaki, but great for takoyaki too.

I mix the mix with egg and water.
I boil the octopus. This octopus was provided by a sushi chef as sashimi.

So here's the mix and bits of octopus.

I wrote in my note that you use a takoyaki pick, but I don't have one so I use a skewer.

Pour the mix into the grill, one at a time.
I am not that good at flipping them, so I don't put in much dough because it's harder to flip when it overflows.

Here's a picture of one still cooking and one almost done.

When you flip it, you use the pick to trace around the mix in a circle to loosen it from the grill.
Then you tap one side...and flip!
This takes practice, but you'll get the hang of it.

Since I was alone, I was making only two or three at a time.

Here is a lonely takoyaki:

And now it has friends!

Sometimes when you don't have octopus, or if you're a vegetarian, you can put cheese and natto (or just one of them) instead.
My friend Ard actually liked the natto/cheese one better.
But natto gets messy, so I didn't make any this time.

Random Snufkin

Today I looked up Snufkin, a character from the Moomin series.
This was related to work.

Anyway, I had to save a picture I found to send it to my editor,
so I might as well upload it here too.
Snufkin is the one in the hat.

Snufkin is referenced in the manga "Akazukin Chacha" too.
There is a character named Popii who lives in a tent for a while.
If it wasn't for Akazukin Chacha, I wouldn't know Snufkin.

Akazukin Chacha looks like this:

I tried looking for a cover with Popii in it, but it might be too small...

Starting on Sunshine Sketch #2

I'm almost done with the Code Geass DVD #1 booklet;
I'm waiting for a pdf file from Company BEI because there's a part I can't read with what they provided me.

Until then, I am starting on Sunshine Sketch #2.

The art for Sunshine Sketch is very similar to Honoka Level Up!
I was looking at the artwork on Company B's website and thought, "isn't that Miya-chan?"
But apparently the two authors are good friends.
That is mentioned in volume 1.

It's too bad I'm not working on Honoka, but maybe it's a good thing because I won't get confused?

Iron Chef Cartoon!?

I saw on the news right now that Iron Chef is to be animated.



It's going to be one of those cartoons that implement the anime/manga style.
Like...Boondocks, I guess.

I think the most interesting part of this news is that it's going to be aired on The Food Network and the Discovery Channel.
Discovery Channel?

I buy DVDs from the Discovery Channel (like Man vs Wild...information I would never use because I never go out), but I don't think I'll buy this one...

Walkin' Butterfly #3 Finishing Up?

M-san from Company AP called me today.
She wanted to know how I wanted to be credited for Walkin' Butterfly #3.
Just in case I didn't want my name in it...she said.

That's very sweet of her.

Anyway, I guess they're about to print soon.
I think it's hitting stores in May.

Kamehameha on Trains

This has nothing to do with work, but I thought it's a cute marketing ploy, so I'll introduce it here.

Dragon Ball GT is going to be released on DVD starting tomorrow (today in Japan), and they're going to have hanging posters on various trains in Tokyo.

Two posters will make one set, and the first one is Goku shooting out a kamehameha. The second poster will have a hole in it.

Goku was in here and shot a kamehameha!? the point.

Pictures might show up on otaku websites in the next few weeks.
If anyone finds a picture, please let me know!

A Closer Look

Working on the DVD booklet gave me the opportunity to look at the first episode closely.
Usually when I watch anime, I am doing something else (working or reading manga), so I never really pay close attention.
I especially don't pay attention to the first episode.

I do that with movies too.
I don't really pay attention (unless I'm at a movie theater with no distractions) until 2/3 into the movie.

So every time the DVD booklet points something out, I'm like, "Really?"
So I keep fast forwarding to the part to check it out.

One thing I discovered that was creepy...

[spoiler? alert]
In the beginning where young Lelouch and Suzaku are climbing a slope, you see C.C. watching them.
It's interesting that her clothes matches the sunflowers she is standing next to.

Whipping my Geass

Immediately after I turned in Dekiru Otoko ga Sukinanda,
I got the FedEx package that contained my next assignment (or should I say Geassignment? Ha ha!) for Company BEI.

It's the DVD booklet for the first volume.

There's a lot of interesting information in here.
I don't know if I'm allowed to say what it is, so I won't.
But for those of you watching fansubs and not planning to buy the official DVD, I want you to reconsider.
Please check out the booklet!
And no, I don't get paid by any of my clients to promote their products on this blog.

I also got another work order from Company T.
Uh...this is a half-announced title, but I'll keep quiet for now.

Finished Dekiru Otoko ga Sukinanda!

I finished Dekiru Otoko ga Sukinanda! by Hinako Takanaga.

For a title that talks about "dekiru" guys, this volume is actually full of perverted sickos.
Even the author acknowledges it in her afterword.

I had a tough time translating the first two stories because of the character named Koji.
In the story, Koji is (supposed to be) a "dekiru" guy.
All the Koji's I have known in my life are actually all "hetare."

(Oops, I hope one of them is not reading this...)

Dekiru = exceptional, brilliant, impressive
Hetare = the opposite

So I had a hard time typing his name to match the character's lines and stuff.

Random Stuff About Random Things

Happy February!

Today I'll introduce random news articles I saw lately.

This August, they're going to have a "musical play" (I don't know what that means) of the Glass Mask.
Over 2000 people applied.
(The news article didn't indicate if they were all female, but I think it would be interesting for a guy to play either Maya or Ayumi.
Those Japanese males look femme anyway).

Anyway, I'm more curious which part of the Glass Mask they are featuring.

{Spoiler alert}
I would like to see the part where Maya's mother dies and she is kicked out of every TV show and play she was in.
Maya also can't act anymore because of the shock, but recovers with a tiny role when she eats mud.

Yes, that's the best.

Another news article I saw...Gyakuten Saiban in Concert!
Unfortunately I won't be able to go.

But maybe if it's successful, it'll come over here.
(Wishful thinking).

I thought the logo was super cute, so I will paste it here.

I recently bought the postcard book (two of them, because I'm otaku like that), but maybe I'll buy the orchestra CDs too.