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Foxy Lady Announced

I saw on MangaCast that Foxy Lady is coming out in May.
Since Company T almost never announces new titles via a press release,
I'm always on the lookout for their "mini-announcements."

Usually I check their schedule here.
This time the announcement came through Diamond Previews.

The story is about Jin, an heir to a shrine, and Kogane, a half-demon fox-girl who wants to marry Jin so that she can become a full human.

The original Japanese title is very long...Shippu Karen Jinrai Komusume!
I'm glad they shortened it.

Finished Yozakura Quartet #3

I finished Yozakura Quartet #3.

There are some yuri elements in this book.
They don't do anything with it, but I thought I should include that information for those who like that kind of stuff.
I bring this up now because volume 3's cover is Kotoha.
How can you not like a girl with glasses in a high school uniform with big boobs?

I'll be working on Company T's "Dekiru Otoko ga Sukinanda!" for now.
I'm supposed to get something from Company BEI today or tomorrow too.
And I'll also be working on a tiny thing from Company YP.

So...I will not be watching the SuperBowl.


In Yozakura Quartet #3, there is a young Hime eating Ekiben.
Ekiben is short for eki bento, or "railway station boxed lunch."

There are many, many kinds of ekiben sold now, and I always spend about 30 minutes in a store trying to choose which one I want to eat.
I usually pick something small because I want to save my appetite for something better when I get to my destination.

Ekiben is also slang for something else.
I didn't want to write it in the translation notes...well, I don't think I can...and I guess I won't write it here either.
This is a family-friendly blog!

Finished Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion #1

I finished Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion #1.

I think C.C looks cuter in the manga. Maybe it's her bangs?

I'll be starting on #2 soon.
And it looks like #3 just came out?

Natto So Good

My stash of natto came back from my mother's fridge.
She was keeping it for me while my condo went through fumigation.

I've been craving natto for the last two weeks.

I usually eat them in the morning, but if I can, I will eat it three times a day.

Just from what I've noticed, many people from the Kansai region don't really like natto.
And men don't like it either.
My father is from the Kansai region and he didn't like it.
I don't think I met a guy who likes it...

Although when I worked at a ramen restaurant, the kitchen guys (who were Latino) loved it.
They would chop up green onion and have it over rice, like a typical Japanese person.

My favorite way of having natto is with green onion, okra, and Chinese hot sauce (made by Huy Fong).
Some people put raw egg in it, but actually I prefer it with a sunny-side up.
Some people stir it before putting the sauce (or soy sauce) in to make it more sticky, but I like putting the sauce in first.
I've seen people put sugar on natto, but I would never do that.

The saddest thing is how expensive natto is.
A three-pack is on average $1.59.
What a rip-off! In Japan I can buy the same brand for 79 yen.
So I usually wait until they go on sale for 99 cents and buy a bunch.
The limit is 6 per customer so I make many trips or take a family member.

For those of you who never tried natto, I would recommend getting the "natto-ichi" brand.

Looks like this:

Or you can order a natto-maki at a sushi restaurant.


At the end of Yozakura Quartet #3, the author has a few pages talking about various things.
One of the things he talks about is how he read 99% of the blog reviews of Yozakura Quartet on the Internet.

Maybe he'll read the English ones too?

In the Japanese reviews he took a lot of harsh blows.
Hopefully the English reviews would be better.

The first volume is coming out at the end of February.
If you have something good to say, please write to the Del Rey staff.
I don't know how they handle fan mail, but let's hope someone could let the author know that he is loved in the English-speaking countries.

Of course, if you have something good to say about the translation, you can let Del Rey know too. :)

For the Readers

I'm currently working on Yozakura Quartet #3.

In this volume Akina explains what the Seven Pillars are.
Or at least the history of it.

After he explains it, Hime yells,
"I'm the mayor, I know that already!"

I thought this was the best and funniest part of this volume.

Of course she would know, but Akina just explained it for the readers.
I think he should have said so in the manga, but he didn't because it was a serious moment.
And this series is not comedy, I guess...
Well, especially this volume.

Hime and gang are fighting against some evil old men.


Here is a sample of the artwork for Code Geass, the manga.
Just to clarify this is the Lelouch of the Rebellion one.
All three manga are done by different artists.

This is the part where Kallen is accusing Lelouch of being "the guy in the black cape."

This picture was actually meant to be taken as a cat picture.
But since she was too close to me (sitting on my lap), the camera focused on the manga.
So I thought I could put it up on my blog.

Mecha Kucha

I'm almost done with the translation part of Code Geass #1.
I'll sleep on it and revise it at a later time.

The manga version is like an abridged version of the anime.
The same events would happen in a different situation and whatnot.

For example, Kallen will first receive orders from Zero at the academy while she is almost caught breaking a Clovis statue.
In the anime, this event takes place in Shinjuku, where there's a whole (awesome) sequence of Lancelot kicking some butt.

There is actually no Knightmare showdowns in this manga.
No mecha...which I guess it's okay because this is a shojo manga.
No mecha! That's mecha kucha!

One of my favorite side characters is Villetta, and it's too bad she's not in the manga yet.
Hopefully she'll show up...with orange-kun!

Kagetora #8 Released

Kagetora #8 is out.

Big vs Small

I was reading some Japanese article today and it was talking about Big vs. Small.

The flushing lever of Japanese toilets can be pushed up or down.
I think Big is up, and Small is down? I don't remember.
Anyway, it indicates how much water will be used to flush.
Big is used for poo.
In Japanese, poo is called daiben, literally "big excretion (in this case, feces)" and pee is called shoben, literally "small excretion (in this case, urine)."

I guess most people flush using Big.
Reasons vary.
I think the most common one is that for Big, you just have to push it up once and it's over, whereas for Small you have to hold it down (in some cases) until you feel you've flushed enough.

But to conserve energy people should be using Small whenever possible.
The amount of water, according to this article, is 2 liters.
2 liters!

I'm just wondering what you should use for diarrhea.
I guess it varies on what kind of diarrhea you have...

This was one of the random Japanese culture information posts.

I spent the whole day watching Aussie Open.
(Translation: I didn't work).

Spelling Glee...

I am currently working on the Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion manga.

I had forgotten most of the spellings for everything!!

So I am going back to the spelling list file provided by Sunrise and reviewing them.

This list gives a lot of extra information, like the characters' birthdays.
I just realized that Suzaku has the same birthday as my sister.
Of course, he is MUCH younger.

Finished Shoulder a Coffin Kuro #2

I finished Shoulder a Coffin Kuro #2.

Since most people didn't read #1, it probably won't make sense to talk about it here...

But oh well.

Kuro & Sen's past is a little bit more revealed in this volume.
It gets dark at the end with some deaths, but overall it was a cute story again.

I really like Sen's character; he's pretty cynical and cranky...just like me!
So in the translation he talks like me.

Those who know me will enjoy what he says.

Health Insurance

I think I mentioned losing my health insurance earlier.

So I finally got to looking up plans.

First, I decided what I want.
I want to keep my current doctors, so it has to be a PPO.

I also want an HSA.
So that meant I had to get a PPO plan with a high deductible.
Well, maybe this will discourage me from making pointless trips to the doctor and encourage me to take care of myself.

Then I calculated the different costs I spent on medical bills.
It turns out that I don't spend much on dental (just regular cleaning and xrays), so I decided I don't need dental.
And I guess I didn't see the doctor much last year.
Most of it was the premium I paid every month.

So I figured I could just have a high deductible and low premiums for this year.
If I need the funds, I can just take them out of my HSA.

Dealing with health insurance was so easy when I worked for Company H.

This is one more headache you have when you are a freelancer.

Pinky Rest

I have been trying to keep off the computer for the past few days because of my pinky.

I played tennis on Saturday and Sunday.
My league is starting this Saturday.

I also played a lot of DS and watched a bunch of DVDs.
And re-read Yuukan Club, because it came back after my mom lent it to her friend.

So I guess I should be okay to work now.

I got notice of work coming at the end of the month today.
I also got notice of some tiny work coming this week.

Will I be able to handle it with tendinitis (I'm assuming it is)?

Only time will tell.

Pinky and the Pain

My left pinky hurts from holding down the shift key with it too much.

I especially use it when I type out sound effects.

With the exception of Company YP, I type all sound effects in capitals.
(For With the Light I type in capitals too).


And I guess working too much finally did something to my pinky.

[sarcasm]Perfect timing[/sarcasm] too.
My COBRA from my last job just ran out in December.
I'm currently looking for a new plan.

You are supposed to look for a new plan before your old one runs out.
But UniCare, A Healthy Dose of InnovationTM, had let my COBRA run an extra 8 months and didn't tell me when they noticed that they let it go for so long.
And they yanked it without notice.
A sad story, yes.

So for today I'm typing in a weird way.
I use either my left ring finger or my forefinger to type anything I would usually use my left pinky for.

Work is going very slow...

Finished Kitchen Princess #8

I finished Kitchen Princess #8.

The covers are getting more and more detailed.
This one features Najika drinking tea.

Now I will start on Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro #2.
I have a deadline every week for the next 4 weeks.

The Dragonfly's Glasses are Light Blue

There is a scene where Najika and Hagio sensei are talking in bed.
Hagio sensei, do you sleep with your glasses on?

My sister does that too, by the way.
That is how she ends up with crooked glasses.

Manga characters never take off their glasses.
I guess it's for the better anyway.

By the way, the title of this entry is from a translation of a children's song in Japanese.
"Tombo no megane wa mizuiro megane..."
And it's light blue because they flew in the blue sky.

When they fly in the sunset, they are red glasses.

Homeless Half Day

Our condo is going through fumigation.
So I was homeless until 3pm, my check-in time.

I went all the way to Torrance (20 min drive) to buy birthday gifts for a friend.
I went to three different places to buy gifts for one person!
Now that's love.

I had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Torrance.
Peruvian food.

I usually don't go to restaurants to eat lunch (I usually make lunch at home or order to go).
Besides, it's expensive.

When in Torrance I passed by three of my clients' offices:
Company A, Company AP, and Company BV.
I didn't stop by because I looked like crap.

Speaking of Company AP, they called me today.
Asking me about the progress of Walkin' Butterfly...because I didn't turn it in yet.
I was sleeping on it to check it one last time before I send it.

I went to Sports Chalet to buy t-shirts, but they didn't have it.
I did buy a t-shirt for my voice actor friend Stephanie.
Her birthday is April, so I have to keep it around until then.

By this time I was really tired.
I don't stay out this long usually...
I'm not used to outside, so I would run 2 errands and call it a day.
This freelance gig is really unhealthy.

I checked in in the afternoon and spent all day watching the Law & Order franchise while working on Kitchen Princess.
The author wrote that she used Excel for the first time for this volume.
My friend Ards would be shocked.

This is such a boring entry I shouldn't post it.
Oh well!

Najika's Notes

In volume 8, Najika has a notebook of handwritten notes.
Text is all over the place, so my script got a little messy.

Here's a bit of what it looks like:

[bubble] Have three to four types
[heart] Strawberry Mousse
Make stripes using mousse and sponge with alcohol in it.
[middle column]
[text right above stand drawing]
The cake should go
at the very top.
[right hand column]
Tart Perle

And it's worse because bits and parts of it show up across 5 pages.
So it's a matter of cut-and-paste, then deleting or adding text.

It's going to be hard for the adapter and the letterer to work off of it...sorry!

And Najika doesn't even use anything in her notes at the competition.

She talks about a Tart Perle, which looks like this:


It's really cute!

Galaxy Angel II #3 Released

I don't know when it was exactly released...but it should be out or will be out soon.
I already received my I'm assuming.

Mr. Tea

I am working on Kitchen Princess #8.
Seiya, one of my favorite characters in this series, has a lot to say in this volume.

Of course there is another "battle" of their food in this volume.
What's a cooking manga without a battle, anyway?

Anyway, Seiya even makes an appearance in Kitchen Palace, the recipe section.
In this volume he teaches you the proper way to make tea.

I learned the best way to pour green tea while I was working at a high-end Japanese restaurant during college.
I was in charge of the sushi section and my first duty every shift was to pour the sushi chefs tea.
Yes, it was very OL-like of me, but it was a very Japanese-hierarchy restaurant.

The main thing is to lower the temperature of the hot water before you pour it onto the tea leaves.
So you put the hot water into the cups you will serving the tea in first.
You can also warm the cups this way.

And when you pour the tea into the cups, make sure you pour it a little at a time per cup so you have even-colored tea in all cups.

Finished Walkin' Butterfly #3

I finished Walkin' Butterfly #3.

This volume shows a little bit of Mihara's past, which makes him likable.

Anyway, hopefully Company AP likes my first project with them.
Crossing fingers!

I didn't get to sleep much, so I was knocked out for the entire day.
I also had a slight fever...I guess my body was battling something.
I hope it's nothing serious because I have a pretty busy weekend/week coming up, not to mention 3 days in a hotel while they fumigate my condo.

Nothing Goes As Planned

Since rain is coming this weekend,
my friend Dave and I decided to hit the courts one more time.
(We played at UCLA yesterday too!)

We decided to play at 4pm.
I have a deadline tomorrow, so I thought to myself,
"Okay, I'll finish this manga by 3pm so I can go play tennis without worries."

I was at page 12 when I left.

Oh well.
Another all-nighter tonight!

Tennis was fun.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hopefully 2008 will be a great year for everyone.

I usually never have resolutions (I don't bother with them)
but hopefully I can spend less time working and focus on tennis.