One Potato Two


Finished Two!

I finished title S from Company TP.
I also finished up With the Light #9.

So I feel like I accomplished a lot in 2007.

It's amazing that I have more than double the clients I had in 2006.
(Well, clients who paid me this year...the number will go down again in 2008).

I'm fortunate to not only have so many clients,
but because they are all such nice people.

Now I'll be working on Walkin' Butterfly #3 and Kitchen Princess #8.

"Volunteer" Restaurant Work

I am helping out at my old workplace this week.
A busy, casual sushi restaurant in Korea Town.
I used to work at this place when I was 16.
And why am I back?

Because they asked me to fill in while some girl went to Japan.

I actually don't mind.
I like serving people, and I like my co-workers.

It's just that I don't like it when they know my age and think that it's my full-time job.
No! I have a career! I do!
It's a shaky one and I don't know when I'll lose work, but it's a career nonetheless.

Anyway, I call this a "volunteer" job because even though I get paid, my pay is not that different from when I was 16 and it's really not worth it.
It's like I'm working for free.
The money I make is going straight to my massage therapist from the back pain I get from standing all day.


I don't mind volunteer work, but not during a deadline...
I have a deadline on Monday.

Busy Christmas Weekend

This weekend is the busiest shopping day in the year.
Most people think Black Friday is the busiest, but according to stats it's the Saturday before Christmas.
It shows how much people procrastinate with shopping.

Anyway, I did not want to be around a mall, outlet, electronics store, or anything that might be swarmed with people.

So instead I went to go play tennis at UCLA.

The big stadium court was taken by a tennis camp for kids, so we went to the other courts.
It was really sunny and I got sunburned.

Later in the evening I had a Rockband party at my house.
Four guys and's a harem!
Harem of loser's like bizarro Love Hina or something.

Oops, I think some of them read my blog!
They're not losers...they're just nerdy/geeky.

I was actually the biggest loser dressed in work clothes (translation=pajamas).

I also started working on title S for Company TP.

Holiday Party for Company A

The holiday party for Company A was held at Flemings Steakhouse.
It was $6 for valet...I usually never pay so much for valet unless I have to (like I'm going to an opera or something...although I never go to operas), but oh well.
The dinner was free.
Thank you, Company A!

The one thing I was happy about was meeting another Japanese-speaking lady who played video games.
Puzzle games!
We talked about Gyakuten Saiban (of course!) and Momotaro Dentetsu.

I haven't worked for Company A for a few months now, but their employee count doubled.
So I got them something in Japan in September (which I only got around to delivering now), but it was a keychain set of 6 items.
So I'm short.
I gave it to them anyway, but I don't know how they're going to distribute it.

It shows me that I need to keep in touch with my clients more...

Finished Sunshine Sketch #1

I finished Sunshine Sketch #1.

There were a lot of Japanese culture references.

The one that I had to explain was Janken Steps.
Actually, the name is called "Glico" in Japanese, but there's no explanation of why it's called that.
"Glico" is one of the terms you use in the game, but...weird.
I'm sure it's because it's a kids' game and all kids know what Glico is (a candy company...they make Pocky!)
But I can't put an assumption as a translation note.

I used to play "Glico" (Janken Steps) as a kid in Japanese school.
I wonder if kids still play it?

There is another translation note about foxes/kitsune/inari sushi.
It's a three-step translation note!
I felt like I'm in Geometry class.
Where you take steps to explain something?
Using the "therefore" sign?

I used to eat inari sushi (it's actually inari zushi because of linguistics) as a kid too.
They were also known as "footballs" too.
Because the color and the shape is similar.

Fighting for Space

Ever since it got cold in LA, I moved my workspace.
I used to sit at my desk in the living room, but it's located next to a window that doesn't close completely.
The draft!

Now I sit on the chase part of the couch, right in front of the TV.
This section was the cat's favorite spot to sit, and currently we are at war.

Every time I get up from the space, she would take it.
Sometimes sitting on my keyboard or my manga.

When I need her to move, I just pick her up and throw her to the side, but sometimes she would attack me.

Sometimes I wonder who owns this house. The cat?

Sitting on the couch to work is better for my wrists because the keyboard is lower, but it's bad for my back.

I will have to go get a massage tomorrow or the next day.
My therapist, Yoshi, always comments that my shoulders are like a rock.
He also says I'm too young to have shoulders that hard.
Especially when there's a lot of meat there.

Christmas Presents

I've been buying several electronic "toys" for myself.
Yes, these are Christmas presents for me.
My family doesn't trade Christmas presents, and unfortunately I don't have that many friends to buy gifts for.
So most of the year-end spending is for me.
And to increase my tax deduction.

The first gift I received was a brand new laptop.

I bought this as a "backup" laptop to store all of my music and whatnot, but also for my assistant to use if I ever get an assistant.
The one thing I didn't buy this laptop for was to travel with.

It is HUGE!

But I enjoy watching DVDs on it.

I also got a DS lite for myself.
I've been using my sister's for the past year and used up the original battery (so I bought her a new one, which was really expensive!)
I really wanted a navy blue one to match my new laptop, but since those are only in Japan, I settled with what was left over in Target.
It's not my favorite color, but it's okay.

I also ordered an ergonomic keyboard.

I'm still wondering if I should get an HD-DVD player or a PS3.
Or both.

Schedule for Winter 2008

I'm going to be a part of two tennis teams again this coming winter season, so I had to look at my weekends for January through March.

I do have a lot of deadlines but not much in January and February.
I was hoping to go to Anime LA, but we'll see.

For 2008 I want to put tennis a little higher on my priorities, so there may be occasions where I would skip a convention to play tennis.

March is going to be a bit busy with my trip to Japan, so hopefully I will be on top of my deadlines.

I'm still deciding on what to do with Anime Expo, because the Wimbledon championship weekend is the same exact weekend.

For those who don't know, 2008 is an important year for professional mens' tennis.
I have to watch at least the French, Wimbledon, and US Open.

Holiday Parties for a Freelancer

Because I work alone, when I finish a project I celebrate that alone.
(I would like to celebrate with friends, but I'm sure they won't want to go out at 4am in the morning).

And since I don't belong to a company, I don't get to do company holiday parties anymore either.

So I was surprised when Company A invited me to their holiday party.
I haven't worked with them since July/August, but it was sweet that the president remembered me.

Company A's party will be held at a steak house.
I was looking at their menu and the salmon bruschetta looks good!!!
Usually the food at company parties suck because they spend money on the venue.
(I went to a holiday party for Experian once, and I guess they spent all the money on the poker dealers or something, because the food was meh).
But this one I am definitely looking forward to.

Speaking of holiday parties, I am co-planning the holiday party for my group of friends this weekend.
Last year we had over 40 people...this year I tried to cut it down, but still got 31 on the list.
I'm in charge of the "battle for gifts" games.
I always have a sore throat at the end of the night yelling over the noise, which is why I prefer less people present.

Code Geass Website

My first project with Company BEI is live today.

Code Geass Website

I watched the entire series all at once on one weekend just to do the episode synopses correctly.
Because you know, Japanese wording can be vague sometimes...

I had a character spelling chart to work off of, but they were weird spellings!!
Kallen, Nunnally, Rivals...
By the time I was done with the translation I was able to spell them all correctly.
Even the Knightmare Frames.
Well, I still have trouble with some of their last names.

Aaaaanyway, please take a look if you have a chance.

Announced Stuff from Company YP

Two of the titles I'm working on were announced at NYAF.

These are for Company YP.

Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro, originally called "Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro."

Sunshine Sketch, originally called "Hidamari Sketch."

Both are 4-koma comics.

Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro is a story about Kuro, who is traveling with a bat and two cat-eared kids.
She travels with a coffin and is looking for a witch.
I don't want to say anymore because I don't want to spoil anything.

Sunshine Sketch is about a group of girls who live in a dorm.
They attend an art school.
It's basically everyday life.
I would say it's similar to Azumanga, but I haven't read Azumanga so I'm not really sure.

Paprika Screening at Anime Jungle

I went to the Paprika screening at Anime Jungle with my friend D along with other people.

D had already seen it, but I guess the others didn't.
Sheesh, they didn't support my work!

Anyway, the "error" I was talking about was fixed.
I guess they fixed it in the DVD making process.

Ah, but the blu-ray version was so nice!

I might just have to buy a PS3 just for this.

There were many people at the screening.
Some had to stand.

Gosh, I really like the music.
I think I'll buy the CD.

Hurtful Eyes

I'm dealing with some weird eye pain.

It doesn't seem like an infection...
It just feels like someone socked me in my eyes and I have a bruise.

So I haven't been able to work as much.
I can't really stay on the computer too.
Or watch TV.
Or read manga.

...Then really, there's not much to do in life, is there?

It's raining in LA right now, so it's not like I could play tennis too.

Finished Princess Resurrection #5

I finished Princess Resurrection #5.

This was an exciting volume...

There's a three-episode arc about a town filled with zombies.
Then it moves to the reason why the siblings are at war with each other,
and why Hime is participating in it.

The art improved a bit too.

There's a profile of Francisca that I like.

I wonder if there are cosplayers of Hime.
What she wears is not exactly cute, but I think it would look cute on a cosplayer.

Barefoot Waltz Released

Barefoot Waltz is out.

Shingyoji is way hot.
The artist really likes the Shingyoji / Misu couple, so maybe that's why?


The NYAF is this weekend.
I wanted to go, and even got an industry badge.

But I had to give up going because I have tennis playoffs the same weekend.

I just got an email from my tennis captain that since we're seeded, we don't have to play on Saturday. Only Sunday.

So if I really was gung-ho, I could've gone.
Of course I might be too tired to play well.

Argh. I wanted to go.

Of course, I have to get rid of this cold first.