One Potato Two





I finished a project for Company TP.

I was battling another cold this week, so I had a tough time.
By the end of it when I was formatting, my hands were eyes couldn't was bad.

Anyway, I took a nap and now I'm working on my next project.

I have 4 projects for December, and 5 for January.
I can't believe my January's filled up already!
I guess I'm very fortunate right now.

I just wish I would stop getting sick!

On a happier note, all of my black Friday purchases came in this week.
I got the older Seinfeld seasons (they released a complete box the old ones are getting cheaper...yes!) and an mp3 player.
I am an amanojaku so I bought a non-iPod.

An amanojaku is a term that refers to people with twisted personalities who do things that are opposite from other people.

I am an amanojaku most of the time.