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2007 Hawaii Trip Day 3

Day 3
Woke up early to go to the "Tropical Ocean Fun Cruise."
We would get on a boat and go snorkel, jump on the water trampoline, etc.

It was really fun.
I got to touch a sea urchin.
But I didn't get to eat it.

For lunch, Captain Matthew grilled us hamburgers and hot dogs.

I also got rid of my t-shirt tan I've had since age 9.

This is a picture of the trampoline hanging on the back of the boat.

We saw spinner dolphins on the way too!

For dinner I went to Germaine's Luau.
Cute guys! Cute guys! Cute guys!

Kalua pork, teriyaki beef, rice, chicken long rice, fried mahi mahi, macaroni potato salad.

I really liked the lomi lomi salmon.