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2007 Hawaii Trip Day 2

This is not a work-related post so please skip if you're not interested in my vacation life.

Day 2
This was my orientation day from Expedia (dot com~[music]).
They said they would have "complimentary breakfast" so I was looking forward to it.

Was I let down.
Muffins, danish, and fruit.

After booking some Expedia-rate events (some were cheaper, yes) we were taken to Maui Divers Jewelry.
This was my second time, and I have no interest in jewelry, so it was meh.

Then we went to the swap meet.
I really recommend going to the swap meet to get your stuff:
t-shirts, sarongs, slippers (although I get mine at HIC), towels...

And make sure you get a coupon to get free admission from the small coupon book.

On the way back, the shuttle passed by the Dog's office.

One of the many fake King Kamehameha.


KAMUI #9 Released

KAMUI #9 is out.

I like the version of Kojomaru in this volume better.