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Today I went to S Studios for a QC job.

The people at S emailed me earlier telling me that there were writers on strike around the studio, but not to worry.

And I did run into them as I was walking to the video editing room, but they were really nice to me.

Inside the studio, I don't know if it was because there was a strike going on, but it seemed that less people were actually working.
There was a lot of noise in the other rooms (that distracted me a bit),
and when I was walking down the path outside inside the lot, there were people dancing.

...I don't know, it could be considered "work."

I read manga and that's considered "work" to me, so...

Hope they reach an agreement soon.

Interested in Working in the Industry? Part 1

My good friend and editor, Tania, sent me some information looking for an intern.

Here is the information:

Internship opportunity to work in the Yen Editorial Department at Hachette Book Group USA in our New York office.

Candidate will provide support to members of the Yen Editorial Department.

• Work with Yen Editorial department to maintain and organize Yen Press files on the server.

• Assist in trafficking editorial projects through Production, Copyediting, and Marketing.

• Enter title data into proprietary databases system and track data throughout publishing process.

• Organize and maintain Yen library, including samples and submissions

• Perform administrative duties, including: photocopying, sorting mail, filing, directing/responding to phone calls, etc.

• Co-ordinate information and images for marketing and sales purposes.

Degree focus in publishing, literature or English preferred.

Knowledge, interest and experience with manga, comic books or graphic novels required.

Location is New York, NY.

I've met several people at Company YP and they are all very friendly and nice.
And this is a great way to get your foot in the industry.

You can apply online here.

One tip regarding your resume, since I used to work a little in Human Resources.
A lot of "fans" do this...they write in their qualifications that they love anime.
That's not a qualification!!
You should write that in the cover letter/email, since they ask for someone who is familiar with manga.

Anyway, if you're interested please apply and help poor Tania!
She is busy, busy, busy...from what I can see.