One Potato Two



I finished a project for Company TP.

I was battling another cold this week, so I had a tough time.
By the end of it when I was formatting, my hands were eyes couldn't was bad.

Anyway, I took a nap and now I'm working on my next project.

I have 4 projects for December, and 5 for January.
I can't believe my January's filled up already!
I guess I'm very fortunate right now.

I just wish I would stop getting sick!

On a happier note, all of my black Friday purchases came in this week.
I got the older Seinfeld seasons (they released a complete box the old ones are getting cheaper...yes!) and an mp3 player.
I am an amanojaku so I bought a non-iPod.

An amanojaku is a term that refers to people with twisted personalities who do things that are opposite from other people.

I am an amanojaku most of the time.

New Project

I went to go see a new client yesterday.
We first met at San Diego Comic-Con, but then again at Yaoi-Con.
I'm glad all these trips I'm taking are giving me work.

So, I got a new project.

It's coincidence that my good friend Ed at MangaCast just reviewed the first volume.

The title is Walkin' Butterfly from Company AP.
I'll be taking over the project from volume 3.

Luckily the project is not due until January 2008.

Paprika Released

Paprika is out today, on regular DVD and Blu-ray.

Regular DVD version.

Blu-ray version.

If you have a PS3, I would recommend getting the Blu-ray version.
It's so much nicer.

When I worked on it I had to watch it on Windows Media Player.

Finished Genshiken Fanbook

I finished the Genshiken fanbook.

I'm very otaku'd out...

The toughest part of this book was the Kujibiki Unbalance anime script.

The most fun part is the otaku test and the little Akihabara story featuring Madarame and Sasahara.

I don't know when it's coming out, but it's an interesting read for those who like the manga/anime.


I was getting sick toward of the beginning of the week (it must've been the cold weather at tennis), and it really got worse on Monday night/Tuesday.

I've said this many times, but when you have a fever you can't translate effectively.
So I had to ask for an extension on the Genshiken fanbook, especially because I was at the end of it where there are two short stories and a bunch of other text.

So it wasn't a very merry Thanksgiving for me.

Oh well. It really never is.
My family doesn't do much for Thanksgiving other than go to a Chinese restaurant where I grew up.
All of my relatives (both paternal and maternal) are in Japan, so we don't have to wait 4 hours at LAX or anything to see them.

And we do nothing for Christmas.

The Forgotten Bonus Features

I had a match today.
My doubles partner was telling me that she recently saw "Letters From Iwo Jima."
Since she knows what I do for a living, I told her that I translated some of the bonus features in the DVD.

Unfortunately, she didn't watch the bonus features and she had already sent it back to Netflix.

It's really unfortunate that people don't watch the bonus features.
Since I work on a lot of them I tend to watch them.

The best ones are commentaries by the director and writer.
The worst ones are red carpet showings (there is some footage in Iwo Jima) and commentaries by the actors.

Anyway, please take a chance to look at the bonus features.

Starting on Holiday Cards

Since my dear assistant won't be here in December, we're starting on preparing holiday cards.

I only have about 70 to send out, so it's not that bad...
But most of them are to Japanese people, and since my calligraphy classes when I was in 4th grade did nothing for me, I print out messages on large labels and stick them on the card.

What my assistant is helping me with are data entry and label making.
For now.

Since Japanese addresses can take up a lot of rows, I use label size 1 1/3" x 4" for the addresses.

For the message labels I use quarter-size labels.

The cards are store bought.
If I was an artist and was able to draw cute characters I would be making original holiday cards...but I can't.

Viva Assistant

In the official book of Genshiken, there are many references to certain panels across the book.
The editor asked me not to translate those panels but instead indicate which volume, page, and panel it comes from.

Trust me, that's a lot more time consuming than translating it.

I started to write in the location on the official book, but realized it was taking way more time than I anticipated.

So I asked an assistant to do it for me.

It took her roughly 3 days, but she did it.

This assistant is only going to be with me until the end of November.
My sister is suggesting that I hire a REAL assistant.

Do I really need one?

It does help when someone else can rip and number books for me.
Behind me, I still have about 6 books that need to be cut up and numbered.

Three From Company B Released

A bunch of manga I worked on is out today.

Coyote Ragtime Show #2

My Dearest Devil Princess #1

Pet on Duty

2008 Work Schedule

Work is already coming in for the 2008 year.


I think my schedule is not going to open until March 2008.

And this, by the way, is only for manga industry.

2007 Hawaii Trip Day 6 & Day 7

Day 6

Went to the swap meet again in the morning.

Then went to Sea Life Park, which is like Sea World crammed up into one tiny space, with less sharks.

By the way, this is where they keep the world's only "wholpins."

My friend Y went to go swim with the dolphins, but said it was a lot of money for such a short program.

I was just happy to see penguins up so close.

Day 7

Spent most of my time in a spa, watching a Project Runway marathon (season 2) and getting a mud scrub.

Then left for Los Angeles at midnight.

I love Hawaii (this is my third time visiting), but Los Angeles is the place to be.

I came home to find some of my Genshiken manga missing and freaked out.
So that delayed my work for a few hours.

2007 Hawaii Trip Day 4 & Day 5

Day 4

Today I went to the island of Hawaii, or the "big island" to go see the volcano stuff.

The flight was early (5am in the morning) but it was worth it.

I came back around 7:30pm.

Hopefully in the future, I can go to most of the islands on an interisland cruise.
But can I really live without internet for a week?

Day 5

I woke up early yet again to go see sharks in a cage, but it was canceled.
The drive to North Shore was pretty scary at 5 in the morning, because there are hardly any highway lights.
And no other cars driving around me.

Anyway, I changed my plan to go to Hanauma Bay instead.
I never went to Hanauma Bay before...I passed by it several times the last time I went to Oahu.

It was meh.
I think I would prefer Kaneohe Bay or something.
Next time I'll try that.

For dinner we went to Paradise Cove's luau.

Cute guys! Cute guys! Cute guys!

2007 Hawaii Trip Day 3

Day 3
Woke up early to go to the "Tropical Ocean Fun Cruise."
We would get on a boat and go snorkel, jump on the water trampoline, etc.

It was really fun.
I got to touch a sea urchin.
But I didn't get to eat it.

For lunch, Captain Matthew grilled us hamburgers and hot dogs.

I also got rid of my t-shirt tan I've had since age 9.

This is a picture of the trampoline hanging on the back of the boat.

We saw spinner dolphins on the way too!

For dinner I went to Germaine's Luau.
Cute guys! Cute guys! Cute guys!

Kalua pork, teriyaki beef, rice, chicken long rice, fried mahi mahi, macaroni potato salad.

I really liked the lomi lomi salmon.

2007 Hawaii Trip Day 2

This is not a work-related post so please skip if you're not interested in my vacation life.

Day 2
This was my orientation day from Expedia (dot com~[music]).
They said they would have "complimentary breakfast" so I was looking forward to it.

Was I let down.
Muffins, danish, and fruit.

After booking some Expedia-rate events (some were cheaper, yes) we were taken to Maui Divers Jewelry.
This was my second time, and I have no interest in jewelry, so it was meh.

Then we went to the swap meet.
I really recommend going to the swap meet to get your stuff:
t-shirts, sarongs, slippers (although I get mine at HIC), towels...

And make sure you get a coupon to get free admission from the small coupon book.

On the way back, the shuttle passed by the Dog's office.

One of the many fake King Kamehameha.

KAMUI #9 Released

KAMUI #9 is out.

I like the version of Kojomaru in this volume better.

2007 Hawaii Trip Day 1

I'm here in sunny and humid Honolulu.

This really isn't a business trip, but I did bring work.
Genshiken official book and secret title X.

Every time I come to Hawaii I buy HIC slippers.
This time I bought 3 pairs...1 for travel, 1 for my gym bag, and 1 for my tennis bag.
And I have 1 at home for home.

They're all different colors, and so cute!

I didn't get to go in the water today.


Today I went to S Studios for a QC job.

The people at S emailed me earlier telling me that there were writers on strike around the studio, but not to worry.

And I did run into them as I was walking to the video editing room, but they were really nice to me.

Inside the studio, I don't know if it was because there was a strike going on, but it seemed that less people were actually working.
There was a lot of noise in the other rooms (that distracted me a bit),
and when I was walking down the path outside inside the lot, there were people dancing.

...I don't know, it could be considered "work."

I read manga and that's considered "work" to me, so...

Hope they reach an agreement soon.

Interested in Working in the Industry? Part 1

My good friend and editor, Tania, sent me some information looking for an intern.

Here is the information:

Internship opportunity to work in the Yen Editorial Department at Hachette Book Group USA in our New York office.

Candidate will provide support to members of the Yen Editorial Department.

• Work with Yen Editorial department to maintain and organize Yen Press files on the server.

• Assist in trafficking editorial projects through Production, Copyediting, and Marketing.

• Enter title data into proprietary databases system and track data throughout publishing process.

• Organize and maintain Yen library, including samples and submissions

• Perform administrative duties, including: photocopying, sorting mail, filing, directing/responding to phone calls, etc.

• Co-ordinate information and images for marketing and sales purposes.

Degree focus in publishing, literature or English preferred.

Knowledge, interest and experience with manga, comic books or graphic novels required.

Location is New York, NY.

I've met several people at Company YP and they are all very friendly and nice.
And this is a great way to get your foot in the industry.

You can apply online here.

One tip regarding your resume, since I used to work a little in Human Resources.
A lot of "fans" do this...they write in their qualifications that they love anime.
That's not a qualification!!
You should write that in the cover letter/email, since they ask for someone who is familiar with manga.

Anyway, if you're interested please apply and help poor Tania!
She is busy, busy, busy...from what I can see.

Gyakuten Saiban 4

I couldn't endure it any longer, so I'm playing Gyakuten Saiban 4.

I was going to save it until I finish ALL of my deadlines, but then that won't come until next February or March, and even then I'm still not sure if I would have absolutely no work then.


It's sooooooooooooo good.

I'm sure USA fans can't wait to play, too.
It's good, so make sure you buy it when it comes out!

Gyakuten Saiban 5 is coming out too.

So...when 4 comes out, is the title going to be changed?
The title character is not Naruhodo but a guy named Odoroki.

Oh, but it doesn't mean Naruhodo is completely out of the picture.
He's in there.

And he's HOT HOT HOT!

I never thought he was cute before...
This really shows that I like older men.

Okay, I have to go back to solving the crime.

I will stop at the end of chapter 1 and save the rest for a rainy day.

Oh, I just looked it up and it's going to be called Apollo Justice.

Oh yeah, about work.

Today I played TWO tennis matches and I'm exhausted.
So I didn't do much...


Designer C worked on the coding all week,
so I thanked him by preparing some of the text for the little parts here and there.

One thing I found out in this process is the history of the boysenberry.

It's a hybrid of berries that was discovered by a man named Boysen.
So that's why it's called boysenberry.

It was sold at the Knott's Berry Farm.

Speaking of Knott's Berry Farm, I went there the other day for Halloween Haunt.
And today I went to Magic Mountain.

Roller coasters are fun.

Designer C and I are hoping to have the site up by next week.
I think production manager S will send out a press release when that happens.

Until then...there's a mailing list sign up thing if you're interested.


I got a sample of FREEDOM 5.

The footage of Morita-san and Sato-san here in So-Cal is in this volume. voice and my name is in that footage.

Oh no.
My nasally voice is sooooo gross.

FREEDOM is going to end in the next volume?
I can't wait.

The Cat!!!

Today I discovered the cat sitting on my laptop.

Fortunately she didn't do much damage...

She typed this in my chat room I share with my friends:

===========nbbbbbbbbb m5r3

I wanted to get mad, but it was too cute.

I took a picture.

Simultaneous Projects for November

Happy November!

I have four big manga projects for November that I'm going to be working on simultaneously.

One is With the Light #9.

One is the Genshiken fan book.
Before getting this project I never read the manga, so I "studied" both in Japanese and English.
My editor sent me a bunch of documents for reference, too.

The last two are still a secret.

Anyway, I worked on a little bit of the top two today.