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Finished With the Light #8

I finished With the Light #8.

In this volume Hikaru and the gang are at karaoke.
It made me want to go karaoke.

So I'm heading off now.

La la la.

Happy Halloween!

Kitchen Princess #4 Released

Kitchen Princess #4 is out today.

Daichi realizes his true feelings for Najika.
It's really cute how he reacts to it.

Go, Daichi!

2007 Yaoi Con Day 3

Day 3.
Part of this post is recommended for 18+.

Please highlight to read the part.

Today was the day when most of my clients had panels.

First off was Company DQ.

Wow, it's pretty crazy.
I never knew.

I was happy when DevilxDevil got a big applause.
I didn't know I was working on such a popular manga.

I was sitting in the front with Ed from MangaCast and when Tran asked people to volunteer to fake an orgasm, I FORCED Ed to go.
(Sorry Ed! But you did was it really recorded?)

My graphic designer friend F was saying how sad that I made him go.

If you would like to hear it, please email him at MangaCast and tell him to post the audio.

Next up in the same panel room was Company TP.

They announced some of the projects I worked on:


This is a novel.
There are currently 10 volumes out with more to come.

A boy named Kaito accidentally time-travels to the 16th century and joins some pirates to fight against the Spanish Armada.
I keep saying that this novel is about "gay pirates" but actually the only gay one is Geoffrey.

Baseball Heaven

This is the "baseball manga" I was talking about last week.
But as editor A said, it's not much about the game.

The team is based on the Hanshin Tigers because the author is from that area and is a big fan.

Uno and Ogata are on the same baseball team, but Ogata is worried that Uno is avoiding him because of his sexual orientation. But actually... the story.

The term "Perfect Game" comes up a lot in this manga.
According to Wikipedia more people have orbited the moon than complete a perfect game.
It's that hard.

But hey, this is manga.

After TP was Company B.
That was in a smaller room and it was packed!
People had to stand.
I was helping director S with the PowerPoint...while eating nachos.
How rude of me!

They announced:

Cigarette Kisses

No, it's not a threesome.

This is Nase Yamato's "challenge" to do something different from what she usually does.

It's a love triangle between three businessmen who know each other since junior high.

I haven't started on this yet...and I have to soon.

I really like this book.
I think it's one of Nase Yamato's best.
It's serious, but she does add her elements of comedy (very casually).

Sorry I don't have the release dates for any of these books.
Please check MangaCast or YaoiSuki (they were taking notes) for that.

After the panel I left yaoi con to drive back down to LA.
I still have to go return the rental car. Buh.

2007 Yaoi Con Day 2

Day 2.

I first went to the 801/June panel.
They went through a lot of new titles, most of them I don't know.
I caught up with Ed from MangaCast here.

We stayed in the room for Mamiya Oki & Tsubasa Kawahara's focus panel.
It was one of the best organized panels I ever experienced at any con.
Of course, Oki sensei forgot sample books and her brush and stuff,
but she seems to be used to being interpreted.
She cuts off her sentences.
I wish all guests were like that!

Then it was Hinako Takanaga's panel.
My mind was elsewhere during this panel, but my friend Y won an autographed postcard.

Then a short break before the autograph sessions.

In line I met editor L from Company TP for the first time.
I saw her for the first time at SDCC at their panel.
She was funny then; funny in line too.
Editor L edited the Fumi Yoshinaga books I worked on.
(Truly Kindly and Lovers in the Night).
So it's no wonder the writing is good!

After the autograph sessions I met M-san from Company AP.
She is also very funny.

Then I left the con because the auction was out of seats.
So I went to eat pho and went back to the hotel to work.

My throat is hurting a lot right now.

Usually to maintain my health at conventions I:
1) carry around Airborne and take it as necessary
2) carry around Zicam when I think a cold is coming
3) carry around isojin (a Japanese product used in gargling)
4) drink lots of water
5) wash my hands a lot
6) wear a mask (which falls off each time I talk...editor T from Company YP laughed at that)

But I still get sick.
Really, it's my tonsils.

I'm going to have another doctor appointment rush soon.
Right now I'm worried most about my throat, but my heel (I have a spur) is hurting too.

2007 Yaoi Con Day 1

Day 1 at Yaoi Con, but all I did was get my industry badge (sponsored by Company B--thank you!) and help Company B set up to repay them going through the trouble for getting the badge for me.
The industry badges are getting harder to obtain for freelancers lately.
At Anime Expo, it was $10 a day or something if you're industry without an exhibit space.
Here at Yaoi Con, you needed to be sponsored by one of the companies you work for.
Well, I had about 10 choices here (3 if BL-related) but still.
A freelancer asking a client for a favor is pretty hard for most people, I would think.

I do think it's a good idea to limit what is considered "industry," though.
Or you'll end up with something like E3, where Best Buy employees are considered "industry."


I caught up with T from Company DQ at the dealer's room, and my graphic designer friend F and editor T from Company YP outside the hotel.
I haven't seen them all since summer, so it was nice.

I was also introduced to people of Ozora Publishing.
Mr. T is one of the 3 male editor-in-chiefs of BL magazines in Japan.
Now I am going to search through magazines to see who the other two are.

I came back to the hotel to discover that I am getting a new project.
November already has...5 deadlines.
That's more than 1 a week!

Heading to Yaoi Con

I'm heading to Yaoi Con 2007 tomorrow noon.
Gosh, I hope my throat is okay by then...
It's hurting sooooo bad.
I'm gargling like crazy, and I sound like a smoking old man at the sink.

I'm not working at Yaoi Con.
I'm going to meet up with my friend F and network.
Not that I'm looking for more clients right now, though...

I'm getting sick every 3 months. Sometimes every month, when it's busy.

I think I really have to get my tonsils out.
Let's hope I'll have a 3-week block to recover without having to work.

E'S #4 Released

E'S #4 is released.

More psychics!
More mysteries!
More hot Eiji.

Finished Princess Resurrection #4


There are lots of "Hooba." in this volume.

There is a cute scene where Flandre, Francisca, and a new android--Francette--are talking.


Hee hee hee.

Anyway, I finished Princess Resurrection #4.

Naruto Games Released

The Naruto games are out today.

Busy Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend.

I had a wedding to attend on Saturday, and went to Knott's Scary Farm on Sunday.
And during that time I had to work on two manga.

Saturday was mostly spent on doing makeup and the wedding itself, so I didn't get to do much.
So I had to finish title B on Sunday before I left for Knotts.
I was able to finish in the morning, so I restarted Princess Resurrection #4.

I'm about...1/4 of the way?
Maybe less?

I'm leaving for a business trip up north on Tuesday, so I'd like to finish it by today so I can take With the Light #8 to my trip in San Francisco and San Mateo.
(San Mateo is Yaoi Con).

AND I'm trying not to get sick.
My throat is hurting from the dry weather...

Work at Studio S

I went to S Studios today for the 2nd week to work on a project.

It's really just QC-ing something that doesn't really need QC-ing, and I feel really bad getting paid for it.

Because I'm just sitting there next to an editor watching some video clips.
And we laugh at how funny some things are.
The most tedious part of this job is driving down to the studio and going through security.

I can't go next week because I'll be up north.

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

I am currently translating a manga that has a lot of baseball terms in it.
So I'm trying to study as much as I can about baseball.

I did the same thing with boxing when I was working on the Hajime no Ippo game.

Before, I didn't know why there was a shortstop for the area between the 2nd base and 3rd base but none for the area between 1st and 3rd.
I didn't know the second base guy stood there.

This is only ONE of the things I didn't know about baseball.

So you can imagine how lost I was when I used to play softball at my old company H.

I thought reading all those manga by Mitsuru Adachi would help, but it didn't.

Someone please give me work related to tennis!
Like one of those tennis games.
At Tokyo Game Show, I was explaining the different tennis shots to a booth girl at Microsoft when we were playing VirtuaTennis 3.

Anyway, let's see if I can finish this and Princess Resurrection so that I could have a nice, comfortable trip up north next week.

Princess Yuri?

I'm currently working on Princess Resurrection #4.
The first chapter in the volume is very yuri.

Can you guess which two characters are featured?

Hint: One of them is not Flandre!


Finished Website Translation

My first project with Company BEI is done.
It was a website translation for one of their upcoming anime titles.

Since I haven't seen the anime, I borrowed the entire series from a friend and watched it over a weekend.
(I stayed up all night watching anime--does that make me an otaku?)

I was thrilled to work on this because I know one of the creators/screenwriter of this series.

Anyway, now I can move on and work on title B from Company TP.

New Project

My editor contacted me for a new project.
It's going to be something supplemental for a finished series, so I have to read the entire series to translate it right.

I was going to go buy the manga in Japanese (my editor is going to send me the English versions) when I found out that a friend who recently moved back to Japan gave my sister the entire series.

Thank you, Kat-chan!


Oh...I thought it was unannounced, so I wasn't specific.
But I guess it was announced at a convention this year.
Please look forward to it!

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 17

Most of my day was spent in the airports or on the plane.

I first flew to Narita from Itami airport.
There we saw Tsurube, a comedian.

He was rushing to get on a plane.

When I got on the plane, I was suprised to see that I had a "super seat."
So I got to enjoy business class for 1 hour.

I got to Narita, checked my luggage in, and went to go eat ramen.

I later got dessert at Fujiya.

It was yuzu honey something or the other drink.

Then I decided to take a shower, because I got all sweaty.

The Narita showers are 500 yen for 30 minutes.
It's pretty nice, so I recommend using it if you have a chance.

This is where you hang and keep your clothes.
The shower came with a bath towel and a sports towel.

It's large enough for people with wheelchairs.
They provide the soap, shampoo, and conditioner.
You can also "wash down" the shower by pushing a button outside the shower.

A seat. Again, for the disabled.

There is a fan outside the shower.

You can borrow these blow dryers too.

My flight was full and uncomfortable.
I took in 7 books (2 books, 5 manga) so I read those.
I also played Itadaki Street DS.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 16

We liked the horumon so much, we went back to the same place in Tsuruhashi.
I will definitely come back to this place.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Days 13-15

I didn't do much other than shop, eat, sing, and work, so I will bunch it up into one entry with a load of pictures.


Pork? I forgot.

Ramen. I didn't like that they had bean sprouts in it though.
I hate bean sprouts with my ramen!

What Y had. Tonkotsu ramen.

Ichijiku (fig) cake.

Forgot what it was called.

We ordered pizza from Pizza-la.
This is a medium. (A small in USA size).


Gyoza at an izakaya.

Bacon cheese.


Cartilage and negima.


Garlic. Mm.

Geso, zuri, and a mystery yakitori (I forgot).

Mochi mochi osatsu butter.
It was mochi, sweet potato, and butter.
It was sweet and very delicious.

Crunchy cheese.