One Potato Two


2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 12

Stayed home and worked again.

We had okonomiyaki for dinner.

The seats were separated into rooms. (Sort of).

This was a place that cooked for you and you couldn't choose if you wanted to cook yourself.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 11

I still had another day for the Rail Pass, but we were tired and I had to finish work, so we stayed in Osaka.
After working all morning, we went shopping in Nipponbashi.
I looked for used games and stuff.

Found this interesting store:

For dinner we had horumon (intestines).
We went to Tsuruhashi, which is like Korea town (but much better).

This is only part of the menu.

Raw liver for Y. I don't like liver, so I didn't eat it.

They have normal yakiniku too. This is galbee.

You grill it yourself.
Pictured here is "hachinosu" on the top, the bubbly thing is "tecchan" and the thing in the right corner is "kori kori."

We went pretty early so we didn't have to wait, but this is the line when we left.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 10

Kyoto day.
We had to get up pretty early because our "Kyoto Half-Day Bus Tour" left at 8:30am.

We first went to Kinkakuji.
Ah, beautiful.

No smoking.
And no building fires, either!

This stairway was out of limits.

So many kids were throwing coins here.

Remember to wear sneakers!

Then we went to Ginkakuji.

This is the Path of Philosophy:


It's really a shame the sunlight was coming toward me.

They made Ginkakuji look like the Kokedera (Moss Temple), so they explain the different moss.

Moss that are unwelcome.

Moss that are welcome.

Pant, pant.

After the long hike up, you get to look down at the Ginkakuji area.

The sign's translation was funny.

Four-flavored soft serve.
From the top it was sweet potato, Hoji tea, Green tea, and vanilla.

Then we went to Kiyomizu Temple.

But first we had lunch.
Nishin Soba!

For some reason, the bathroom had a sign saying they sell pantyhose.
Must be for the bus guide girls.

Then we hiked up the long hill up in the hot, humid weather to get to Kiyomizu.


The view from above.
So many people!

Our bus guide, Kayoko-san.

There was a long line for the Otowa Falls.

Stairs to the Jishu Shrine, where it's known for match-making.
I didn't bother going up.
It looked crowded.

It was field trip season, so there were hundreds and hundreds of students.

It was cute how the kids were drinking the academic water.
The middle one is for love, and the right one is for long life. (I think).

Then we got back on the bus and we went back to Kyoto station.

After the bus tour, we headed over to the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

This is where you show your confirmation number from your reservation.

There were about 30 people in a group. Mostly old people.

I think the guide said they used to have 317 events per year.
That's almost everyday!
This side only shows the first half of the year.

A picture of people playing soccer.

After the tour, we went to a manga cafe to rest.

Then it was time for suppon!

The store is hard to find.

Glad we got a taxi.
The taxi driver was surprised that two young (in suppon terms) girls were going to eat suppon.
The restaurant is divided up into individual rooms and you could hardly see the other customers, but from the laughter we heard they were mostly old men.
One of the waitresses did say geisha come, but their patron pays.

You get seconds on this one.

The second time around.

It was like a wishbone.

Then they make porridge.
You can choose if you want the egg yolk broken.
I chose to have it "tsukimi" style.

Dessert was the best ever.

Y got so drunk she doesn't remember much of the night.
We do remember that a waitress looked like suppon.
And we laughed A LOT.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 9

Hiroshima day!
Since my main reason for going was to see the lit up ootorii at Miyajima, we left a little before noon.
Just so we'll arrive in time for some Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki!

After we arrived at Hiroshima station, we got a day pass card for the "chin-chin" train.

We chose to go to Mitchan because I like thinly cut cabbage and crispy noodles.

It's like an assembly line, where the guys all do different things.


I got the 4th one from the top, the "Tokusei Special With Soba."
It has meat, egg, squid, shrimp, tenkasu, mochi, and yakisoba.

This is mine.
I spelled my name with mayonnaise.

This is Y's. Her's is the same thing, except using udon instead of yakisoba.

We then left for the Peace Memorial Park.

Views of the Atomic Dome:

Children's Peace Monument:

Peace Bell:

Peace Clock Tower:

We didn't stay at the park for long.

We got back on the chin-chin to go to Miyajima.

We rode the JR ferry.

We could see the ootorii and the shrine from our ferry.

This is during low tide.

This is the first sign I saw when I got off the ferry.
It sounds like pasta!

There was a deer on the wall eating stuff.
It was pretty amazing.


Huge shamoji.
The sign translated it as "rice spoon."

Bathroom sign.

You're not supposed to dig for clams inside the ootorii.

A picture I took from right under.

Itsukushima Shrine.
It says to please not wash your feet.

Fried momiji manju.

It was actually good.


This is what I came for!

It was so good we had seconds.

Ootorii at sunset.

Ootorii at night.

A boat goes under it.

The reflection on the water makes it look pretty.
Sorry it's so blurry; I didn't have a tripod.

We had anago rice for dinner.

When we got back to Osaka, we were sooooo tired we called for a massage service.
The ladies who came were pretty, so it must be one of those hentai massages.
So they had it easy with us, because we only wanted normal massages.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 8

I woke up early to finish packing and catch the first Shinkansen out of Nagaoka to head for Nagoya.

I arrived at Nagoya a few minutes after Y, who came from Osaka.
We met up on the platform and decided to eat kishimen, a type of flat noodle Nagoya is known for, inside the Nagoya station.
We got a kishimen & tenmusu set and shared it.
This is so we would still have an appetite for food at Ise.

It's official. Kishimen is my favorite noodle.
Before this it was a tie between udon and wide hofen.
I like thick and wide noodles.

It's short for "tempura musubi" and it's similar to what you would call a "crunchy roll" in the US.
It's just made with normal rice, not sushi rice.

We then headed for Ise.
We originally wanted to go by ferry (it would've been much faster), but I guess since it's still new there aren't that many ferries going out.
So we went by train.

This is a picture of a small, unmanned train station.
It's like the kind you see in old movies.

And we arrived in Ise!

We first went to Geku, or the "Outer Shrine," as this sign says.

Y took a smoke before we went in, because smoking (or building fires) is prohibited.

We cleansed our hands and mouths before going in.

Here we go!


There were many signs dedicated to "no smoking."
Shows just how much the Japanese smoke!

This is holy ground.

The main shrine, the Toyoukedaijingu.
I couldn't take pictures inside.

It was quite relaxing.
So quiet and a little cooler than outside of the shrine, because of the trees.

This is the site for the main shrine in 2013.
They dismantle the main shrines and build new ones every 20 years.

We then headed to the Naiku area by bus.

Look for this colorful bus!

We first walked down a bit for Ise udon.

We went to a place called Okunoya.
I got the hot udon, and Y got the cold udon.
They were both good.

And now, off to the Naiku Shrine!

The first torii.

The Uji Bridge.
This bridge separates our world from the world of the gods.

Views from the Uji Bridge.

We headed to the Isuzu river to cleanse ourselves, and saw two signs:

"Please do not enter the Isuzu River."

"Please do not throw coins into the Isuzu River."

There weren't that many people cleansing at the river.
They must've used the other place instead.
Before you were able to wash your mouth, but it's not allowed right now.
I think Y washed her mouth anyway, though...

It was so pure.
And actually, the current was faster than I expected.

I don't know if you could see it in this small picture, but the water is very pure.
It was so hot, I would understand why people would want to go in.
But it's not that deep.

The third torii?
I think I forgot to take a picture of the second one, because I was distracted by the bathrooms nearby.

The closest I could get to taking a picture of the Naiku main shrine.
It's called the Koutaijingu.

The new site for the Naiku shrine.

I took this on the way back, because it was interesting.
It's Kitayama Sugi.

After the Ise Shrines we tried going to see the Meoto Rocks, but it was too late.
We only made it to the station.

The station is shaped to look like the Meoto Rocks.

Meoto Rocks information.

A picture of the displayed picture in the station.
It must be nice to be able to see these rocks at sunrise...

We headed home, and ate akafuku at home.
It was gooooood.

It included a card that had to do with moon viewing, because we happened to buy it on the day of Chushu no Meigetsu.

It was a long and tiring day.

Victorious Boxers Released

Victorious Boxers Revolution on Wii is out.
Check it out for some butt-kicking action!

Ghost Hunt 9 and Kagetora 7 Released

They are out today.
Ghost Hunt 9 finished the "Cursed House" arc.

Kagetora they resolve the love triangle?
I forgot...

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 7

I left my aunt's place to go to my other aunt's place.

And my cousin took me to a local manga cafe so that I could work.

I took a "pair seat" that's made for two people because I wanted space to set up my laptop and With the Light.
I was surprised that the door was taken away...
I guess there were too many people using these "pair seats" for something other than reading manga.

Because it was a holiday, there were lots of family...and kids.
So I didn't really have the perfect work environment I hoped for.

I got some work done, but I was distracted because I was reading the manga "Suppli."

I saw the live action drama (with horrible acting from Misaki Ito and Kazuya Kamenashi), and liked the manga better.
It's like "Hataraki Man" but focuses more on the main character's love life.
Which is understandable..."Hataraki Man" runs in "Morning," and "Suppli" runs in "FEEL YOUNG."
(FEEL YOUNG is the magazine that ran "Happy Mania" by Moyoco Anno).
"Suppli" gives a woman's point of view more, since it runs in a women's magazine.

The story:
Minami is a workaholic at an ad agency.
One day as she leaves for work, her boyfriend asks what's more important: him or work?

That's a theme every working woman struggles with.

I've chosen work over men many times.
(And that's why I'm still single!)
But it was a book that made me think maybe having love in your life is important too.

Deadlines come before everything!

I hope she ends up with the guy she's currently with (at the end of volume 6).

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 6

I got up pretty much on time today, so I guess my jet lag is gone.
As I was working, various relatives visited.
Then my aunt said she would take me to see the Sea of Japan, so we left.

We first went to Kashiwazaki, which is where the most recent earthquake hit.

Big cracks.

Construction of rebuilding the houses aren't caught up, so I saw a lot of crushed houses.
Most of them had the tiled roof just sitting on the ground, like it was too heavy for the house to handle.

Fisherman boat.
It's so cute!

This bottle came all the way over from Korea. (North or South, I don't know).
By the way, this Kashiwazaki area is one of the places where Japanese people were kidnapped by North Korea.

We then headed up to a place called Tenryo no Sato.

I'm sure there were interesting places to visit, but we didn't go to any of them.

Yummy food. Mmm.

They had a flea market.

Biker guys resting.

I can't believe kids would get into the dirty water, but then again, I used to go in the water in the dirty waters of Venice Beach as a kid.

My aunt had Iwanori Ramen.

I had udon with mozuku in it.

You can see the mozuku in the udon.

We had salt ice cream for dessert.
It was this or Koshihikari ice cream.
But when I asked about the Koshihikari ice cream, they said it would be ice cream with rice grains in it.
That didn't sound too tasty.

We looked at food vendors to buy snacks...

...and we ended up with yaki dango (it was delicious!)...

...and seafood on a stick.
The picture on the bottom is hotate.
I couldn't take a close up picture of the sazae.

I briefly paid respects to my grandparents.

For dinner, we went to a local izakaya store with lots of yummy fish.

Chef doing what he does.

The "otooshi." This time it was crab.

Hirame sashimi with konbu.

Sashimi platter.


Round eggplant with cheese.
I usually can't eat eggplant, but this was good.


The hugest agedashi tofu I ever had.
Please compare the size to my chopsticks.

Kanpachi kabutoyaki.
Please compare the size to my chopsticks.

Tarabagani legs with garlic.

I was stuffed at the end of the night.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 5

I got a little sick and it was extremely hot in Tokyo, so I ran away to Niigata to see my relatives on my mother's side.
It wasn't much cooler, but it was nice to get away from all the people.

I rode the Shinkansen there.
Luckily, I didn't have to ride the MAX double decker.
I hate that one.

This is the MAX double decker that was on the other side of the platform.

It's pretty tall, since it's two stories.

And I guess "MAX" stands for "Multiple Amenity Express."

There are instructions on how to recline the seat.

When I got to Nagaoka Station, my aunt picked me up and we drove to my former grandparents' house.
Since I didn't want to sleep and throw off my sleep schedule, I worked and did laundry until my uncle came back from work.

Then they took me to eat sushi.
The cheap kind, that goes around on a conveyor belt.

I like how convenient getting your own tea is at these places.

They also have desserts going around, but usually goes bad because they are exposed in room temperature.

Sushi menu.

Other menu items.

This is a close up of the menu items.
This is a hoozuki, a plant.
My great grandmother used to always make "dolls" out of these when I was younger.
I think this plant is briefly mentioned in Takekurabe too, but I might be wrong.

This is the aftermath of what we ate.

It was a nice, slow, and relaxing day.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 4

I woke up at 3:30am AGAIN.

Yet I couldn't go back to sleep, knowing that it's going to kill me later...I had a long day ahead.

I got to Tokyo Game Show exactly at 10am when it opened.

I went straight to the Square Enix booth, hoping to get some Dragon Quest slime goods.

I only got some keychain with a logo on it.
(I didn't look at it closely).

I guess the Tenku series in Dragon Quest is all going to be released on DS.
I already bought the 4 remake on PS (without the 3D-ified graphics) and the 5 remake on PS2.
So I don't think I'll buy these.

I also played Itadaki Street on the cell phone.
After I played they gave me a really cute Chocobo clear file.

I walked around playing some other games.
The Wii game, "Minna no Golf" was hard!!
But at least I got a mini towel for trying.

I also played Grand Theft Auto, but I totally didn't understand how to play it.
I waited in line for a while to play it too.
All I got from the experience was a postcard.

There was one Sega game I liked, so I'll introduce it here.
It's called "PictoImage" and it's a game where you play with other people trying to guess what they're drawing.
I asked the guy there to PLEASE release it in English.
He said they were "looking into it," so I told them that there was a similar game on Yahoo games online a few years ago, so the USA should have no problem with it.
Let's hope it comes here.

Here is the link to the game (I forgot to take a picture):
The site is in Japanese only.

I met up with Y-san, an illustrator and manga artist, for lunch.

Then I met up with S-san from Company G to look around.
We then went to go see U-san from Company B before going home.

I was getting sick of the crowds.

Here are some pictures from TGS 2007:

Devil May Cry 4

Scary doll from Kingdom Hearts

Some Hudson event.

The Famitsu booth was small and pointless.

The long line to get a free demo for some game.

Chocobo posing for everyone.

I thought the Moogle was cute.

D.C. II mousepad with boobs.
The sign says, "Please feel free to touch."
I did. It was a little hard to be boobs.

After Tokyo Game Show I went back to the hotel to rest a little before my dinner with my former co-workers.
We went to a monja place with bad service.
So don't go to "Hyotan" on Ikebukuro Sunshine Road!

This is a picture of the aftermath of a monja.
The worker there scraped it for us, but sent burnt chips flying into our drinks and hair.

We then went to Wendy's to talk.
There was something called an "An Burger" where they put red bean paste instead of meat.
I would call it "Un-Burger," but that's just me.

I had coffee jelly (mm!) and iced tea.
The Costco card is there to show how small the "Large" drink is in Japan.

We talked until closing time because we were having so much fun.
Let's hope I'll see them again in March 2008.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 3

Woke up at 3:30am again.
Since I had no plans today, I worked on With the Light, then went back to sleep.

I thought it would be cooler by 2pm, so I left to go get my ticket for Tokyo Game Show from Company B.

It wasn't.

I arrived at Company B drenched in sweat.

I was hungry by the time I got back to Ikebukuro, so I bought Jumbo Gyoza from a small place called Kairaku.
I ate here for the first time earlier this year, and it was really good.
The ramen is decent too.
Today I bought gyoza to go, so I could eat in the hotel while working.

Here is a picture.
Please compare it with the pen to see how big it is.
You can see that I took one bite.

If you have a chance to go to Ikebukuro, please try it.
It's right in front of the Ikebukuro East exit.

For dinner I met with my childhood friend.
We went to an Okinawan restaurant.

I almost never eat Okinawa food, so I couldn't understand the menu at all.
But it was good.


We got this for free by bringing a coupon.

This was a disappointment.
It had okra in it, but it wasn't that good.
I think okra tastes best as part of the yakitori menu.

Goya chanpuru.
I guess chanpuru means "something mixed" in Okinawan.
Like bibimbap means "mixed rice" in Korean.
Goya is really bitter. It's the most bitter of the vegetables.

Agu pork.
Very fatty, so it tastes best to wrap it in the lettuce leaf.
The yuzu kosho that came with it (the green lump in the picture) was very delish.

We closed our meal with Okinawa Soba.
I like the texture of the noodles.

For dessert we had chinpin with black sugar ice cream.
The ice cream was good.

Next time, I will research Okinawan food before I go.
Isn't there an episode on it in Oishinbo?
I should look...

Murder Princess #2 Out

Murder Princess #2 is released.
This ends the series, which is a shame.
This is what happens when magazines go down.

It's a short and sweet series.
Please check it out.

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 2

I got breakfast at the nearest ampm (which isn't that close to me...but they have better selection).
I bought the following:

The natto maki was good.
No wonder Hiro (from Hataraki Man) eats it all the time.
The takana jako mentai was pretty good has my favorite onigiri ingredients in it, plus it's made with 8 types of rice.

I really recommend drinking this everyday.
Tastes much better than Metamucil.

Since I had free time, I worked on With the Light.

Then I went to lunch with S-san from Company G.
T-san and Yamaga-san were supposed to come, but unfortunately couldn't.

Here's some pictures of our lunch.
It didn't look like much because everything was so small, but we were FULL by the end of it.

Sorry these are blurry.
I was in a hurry to eat them before they got cold.

So we talked for a while about the industry, etc.
She was surprised that I translated Paprika in about a day.
But really, it seems to be the norm in the movie industry...

We talked about other stuff but I can't write them here.

On the way back to the station, I saw a shabby coin laundry place so I took a picture.
It looks like a shack!

When I got to the Company G office, T-san and Yamaga-san were waiting for me.
And we ate cake.
We talked a bit more, and towards the end Y-san himself gave me a tour of the building.

Everyone who was working on Guren Lagann were looking at me like, "who's that?"
I think it would've been better if I was in a suit, walking around looking important.
But I probably looked like Yamaga-san's niece or something.

I can't take pictures of inside the building, but I did take some other pictures.

Here's a the Evangelion Doritos.

They gave it to me as a sample.
I guess I have to eat it before I leave Tokyo.

Here are different designs.
These belonged to the licensing department, so I can't eat it.

Here is a picture of an Eva bicycle parked outside the building.
It's so cute!

Before I left, they gave me some stuff to take home.
Volume 2 of Guren's a pretty big box.

Nerv yukata.

A ticket for the Evangelion movie on a 3D card.
Since they felt I wouldn't be able to use that ticket, they gave me a normal ticket too.

And they gave me a bag to put it in.

Frankly, the bag was embarrassing to carry around in Shinjuki and Ikebukuro (even T-san pointed out that I should put the bag away into the duffel bag I was carrying, because I look like an otaku) so when they dropped me off at Shinjuku station, I quickly found a place to fold it up and put away.

I just arrived at Ikebukuro when H-san from Company C called me for dinner.
So I went to the hotel, grabbed stuff that I bought for them, changed, and rushed out.
My whole outfit had to be, that humidity!

We went to eat at an izakaya with a theme of "nostalgic Japan."
The prices were very reasonable too.

Chopsticks and matches.
The matches are not to be used for burning the's for the smokers.


This was my first time eating suiton.
I only know about it because I read it in Oishinbo.
It was good.

This is a ginger-honey drink.

We talked about a bunch of stuff.
I didn't know, but H-san is the same age as me (I found out when we both found out we're Dragonball generation).
And we get along because we have the same work ethics.
She's a pretty girl...and a workaholic too, so she reminds me of Hataraki Man Hiro.
She looks like Miho Kanno too (Miho Kanno will be playing Hiro in the live action drama series).

I got home around 10:30pm and fell asleep.
I've been awake since 3:30am. Wow!

With the Light #1 Released

I was chatting with Ed from MangaCast, and he told me that he couldn't find With the Light #1 anywhere.

I had thought it was going to be released next week, but I guess I had old information...(I think I got the date from Amazon).

So it's released.

Working on this manga changed my life.
I hope it has a similar impact to those who read it too.

By the way, volume 1 is pretty tear-jerking, so keep tissue handy!

2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 1

My airplane ride was okay.

It wasn't a full flight, but I had to share a section with someone.
Oh well.

Before I left for the airport, my mother was just telling me about how the movie "Ocean's Thirteen" used the sake that my uncle and cousin make.
I guess to thank Warner Brothers for "advertising," the company sent them a bunch of that sake.
It's supposed to be the best sake in Japan, but I guess that depends on preference.
At restaurants it sure is one of the expensive ones.

The sake referred is called Kubota.
The best one is called Manju.
I don't drink at all, but my uncle would give us some now and then and we just try it for the heck of it.

So in the movie Al Pacino says the word "Kubota" but unfortunately if I wasn't paying close attention, I would've missed it because it was pronounced weird.

I arrived at Ikebukuro, where I usually stay, and dude!
It's so crowded!
I thought it was a holiday or something (it's not).

I went to MatsuKiyo to buy toiletries and stuff.
Since it's next to arcades and pachinko parlors, I heard the Evangelion song the entire time.
I guess there's an Evangelion themed pachinko out or something.
It was playing when I came in March, too.

Well I guess it gets me into the mood because I'm meeting up with Company G people tomorrow.
S-san from G called to make sure I arrived safely.

I took a bath and now I'm going to bed.


I woke up at 3:30am.
Wow, I usually never get jet-lagged, but I guess I'm tired.
Or stressed out about deadlines and stuff?

So I took a picture of the new TV my hotel got.
I've been using this hotel since 5 or 6 years ago, and they keep getting better.
They got new fridges too.

Here is a picture:

They were just doing a segment on a 16-year-old girl killing her father with an ax.
Her reason was: "I hated my father."

Why did they have an ax?

I looked it up.
She bought it.

Wow. Not my weapon of choice.

Finished Title T

Finished title T.

It was a little creepy because it's sort of a scary story, and I heard noises outside my house.
(I was working on it at 4am in the morning).

I'm glad I wasn't alone in the house...

Anyway, I'm glad I finished this title because it's one less book I have to take and bring back.

I will be finishing up With the Light #7 in Japan.

Now I'll go to sleep in wake up in 1.5 hours to leave for the airport.
At least I'll sleep well on the plane!

Packing Complete

My stuff is packed and ready to go!

I have a medium-sized suitcase, a duffel bag, a backpack, and a purse.

Here's a picture of my suitcase and duffel bag.

Most of it is gifts for the various clients and family I'm meeting.

I just need to pack my backpack tomorrow morning with my laptop.

I just realized I've been giving the wrong cell phone number to the people I'm meeting.
(I have 2 cell phones, and I'm taking the newer one this time).

Okay, back to work.
I really want to finish title T before I leave tomorrow.

Santa Barbara Day 2

We arrived at the court at 7:30am.

There were many people sitting outside in the cold, waiting for jury duty.
How sad.

Anyway, we waited outside the courtroom and talked until the court was in session.

Before the temporary judge comes in we have a moment to exchange evidence.

Mr. O, the plaintiff who was suing me, came over and gave me some paperwork.
He also showed me some receipts and stuff, and started to explain how he lost his van and job after the accident.
He also said he hit his head and teeth.

My friend A was sitting next to me rolling her eyes (I'm assuming).

I felt that no matter what I said to him, he wouldn't understand, so I just nodded to whatever he said.

Eventually the temporary judge came in and we all got sworn in.

Ours was the first case.

Anyway, the judge heard his side of the story and my side of the story.
We gave our evidence and she ruled in my favor.


Mr. O was pretty upset...
He was still arguing with the bailiff when we left the courtroom.

We then drove back to LA.

On the way we stopped by Mussel Shoals because I always wondered what that island-like thing was.
I still don't know what it is.

Oh well.

Let's hope I could finish title T before I leave on Monday.

Santa Barbara Day 1

I am here in Santa Barbara.

We arrived here a bit after lunchtime.
We had lunch at Moby Dick because A liked the name of the restaurant.

I had clam chowder in a bowl.
The bread was nice and crispy.

A ate a lot of the bread that came in the beginning and didn't touch her main food.
So we took it home to eat it for dinner.

There was a new building on the pier.

We checked into our motel and immediately got on the internet.

Yeah, we're both not outdoor people...

I worked a little on title T (I want to finish this before I go to Japan), then we both took a nap.

For dinner we only had dessert.

Cafe Sojourner (the name of the cafe) and Flourless Chocolate Torte.
It was really good.

Fruit Tart

Hearing in Santa Barbara

I'm leaving for Santa Barbara soon with my friend A.

A year ago when we were both driving down from Yaoi Con, I got off in Santa Barbara to get gas.

I was driving when a car pulled out a little and I knocked off his side mirror.

My insurance took care of it, but just my luck...
I hit one of those people who sue for no reason.

So I will be going to a Small Claims court as a defendant.

My hearing is at 8:15 in the morning on Friday, so we decided to go up a day early so we don't have to drive up early in the morning.

On the plus side, I will get to see A who moved far away to some desert.
I'll also get to use my new point-and-shoot to take pictures.
(I got a Fuji FinePix F40...and then Japan decided to release F50. But it's okay. I really wanted a F31).

The negative side is that I'll be away from the cat.
We are so attached to each other (she's gotten used to me being home all the time), I don't know if I could deal!
I don't know what I'm going to do during the 3 weeks I'm in Japan...

Japan Trip Breakdown - 1st Week

It's less than 5 days until my trip.
I've been busy with taking care of random stuff that I haven't been able to work.
I have a hearing to attend on Friday in Santa Barbara, I had several meetings to take care of personal stuff...

So it's decided that I'll be working in Japan.
A total of 4 manga...finishing up title T from Company TP, With the Light #7, E'S #4, and starting and finishing Princess Resurrection #4.


So I guess I didn't have to worry about finding things to do during the day in Tokyo.

My first week is pretty much set.
I arrive Tuesday afternoon, but thinking about getting out of Narita and taking the limo bus, I'd probably get to my hotel in the evening.

Last time I went I made the mistake of going out to dinner with some clients the night I arrived.
This time, I'll take it slow.
I have to go to 100 yen shops and MatsuKiyo to buy toiletries and etc.

I haven't thought of what to eat that night.
Yakitori, maybe?

Wednesday I'm going to visit Company G.
Then I am eating with people from Company C that night.

Thursday I will work ALL DAY and then meet up with my childhood friend for dinner.

Friday I have to pack up for my trip to Niigata/Osaka.
Dinner will be with former co-workers.

On Saturday I will be hanging out with OtaKoji, who has a blog called the Akiba Channel.

He will show me all things otaku in the new Akihabara.
I haven't really explored the new and cleaner Akihabara.
Perhaps I will wear a checkered shirt, a bandana, and fingertip-less gloves and walk around with a backpack.

When I went to Akihabara a long time ago with my friend Y, she was cursing herself for not dressing "up."
So I guess I'll do it for her.

Saturday night I will leave Tokyo to go to Niigata.

Innocent W #3 Released

The last volume of the series (and the only volume I translated), Innocent W #3 is out today.

Who is the highest witch?
What powers does this witch have?

It's pretty grotesque, so don't eat while reading this!

Takumi-kun Series 1 June Pride Released

Takumi-kun Series volume 1, June Pride is out today.


My friend Y wanted to eat suppon (snapping turtle/soft-shelled turtle), while we were in Kyoto, so after much deliberation I agreed.

So we're going.

Why did I hesitate?

Well, it's really, really expensive.
I would have to translate XX pages of manga.

But my father seemed to okay it (my father is the foodie in the family. Sort of), so I thought, "what the heck."

Another reason I decided to go for it was because the store we're going to is the best in suppon cuisine, and was featured in Oishinbo twice.

I want to step into the Oishinbo world at least once.

By the way, suppon is featured in a saying where you compare the moon and the suppon.

It's like saying, "different as day and night."

I often hear it when comparing two females in manga.

There is also another saying using suppon, such as "he wouldn't let go of me; he was like a suppon."

Another thought.
Add another "pon" and it means "butt naked."


The manga I'm working on right now has PAFU PAFU in it.

This term is originally from Dragonball.
Oolong introduces it to Kame Sennin and performs it on him too.
(Oolong is transformed into Bulma).

The Dragon Quest series has PAFU PAFU too.
In DQ3, a person tricks you into doing it, then charges you money.
So beware of fake dancers!

Eventually it becomes a move that the characters can do.
If a woman does it, the monster loses a turn.
If a man does it, the monster takes damage.

Anyway, I translated it as PAFU PAFU and wrote a brief note describing what it is.

Now I feel dirty.

Japan Trip Breakdown - Week 2

My second week of my Japan trip is pretty much set.
(I'm still working on my first week...)

Sunday I will be in Niigata to pay respect to my grandparents, say hello to relatives, and maybe go shopping.
Since my blood-related aunt who usually takes me around is busy with harvesting rice, my other aunt offered to take me around.

Monday I will probably go to Sado Island if time allows.
My mom says I won't have time to go see it in a day, but I think I can push it.
Besides, I really just want to ride the jet ferry.

Tuesday morning I leave for Tokyo to Nagoya.
I will meet my bff Y there and eat Nagoya food.
Maybe we'll go see the Nagoya castle, but that's not our main reason for going.
We'll go to Osaka later that evening, where Y lives.

Wednesday Y and I are going to Hiroshima.
She's never been to the Atomic Bomb-related stuff, so we'll check those out (this is my second time), then go to Miyajima.
I've never been to this is the first time I'll see the Big Torii Gate.
But our main reason is for the Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki.

Thursday and Friday would be Kyoto.
It's been many, many years since I visited temples, so I'd be like a typical tourist doing typical touristy stuff.
But our main reason is for food...

If you can't tell yet, this trip is what you call a "gurume ryokou," or in English, a "Foodie Trip."

Since my rail pass will expire on Friday, I'll go around Osaka starting Saturday and stay there until I go home the following Thursday.

I'll do most of my shopping in Osaka.

Let's hope that everything goes as planned.

Shugo Chara #4 Done

I finished Shugo Chara #4.

I did it while watching the US Open...
And my left wrist hurts now.

I wonder what the cover for #5 is going to look like?
Amu ran out of Eggs!

Now I will work on title T from Company TP.
After that would be With the Light #7.

Email Inquiry

I got an email asking for the release date of Shugo Chara #3 and the summary.
Unfortunately, I'm not the one who writes the summaries.
I do it occasionally when Company DR asks me, but it's only for marketing purposes and it's not the one they use for the back of the book.

I do know the release date, though.
Shugo Chara #3 is going to be in bookstores January 29.

Release dates for current series can be found on the Company DR website at:

My Time in Tokyo

I am trying to decide what to do while I am Tokyo.

I arrive early evening on the 18th, and leave early evening on the 22nd.
So I have about 4 days.

I am meeting with old co-workers on Friday night.

I contacted Company G, and they mentioned that I haven't visited since they moved.
So I might go visit them.
I'm probably going to visit them during the day (noon to afternoon),
so I won't see any animators.

It's better that way because they will be busy working on Gurren Lagann, and I don't want to bother them.

I'm happy that I'd have something to do during the day,
because that is usually the time I have nothing to do.
I was going to spend my daytime in Tokyo going to manga cafes and eating ramen.
Yeah, it's sad.
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