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2007 Comic-Con Day 4

The final day.

Actually, I didn't go to any panels.
I stayed in the Exhibit Hall to help cover Company B's booth, to thank my friend A for staying up with me the night before.

I do like selling merchandise.
I wish my clients would ask me to help out at their booths at conventions.
Of course, I would be pushing the products I was involved in.

Company B's Y-san told me that the Juvenile Orion illustration books were down to what they brought to Comic-Con.
Wow! So they're almost sold out...
So if you still haven't gotten it yet, please do!

While I was at the booth:
My graphic designer friend F came by to say bye (she lives in NorCal).
We talked a bit about the projects we're both working on, and about Yaoi Con, because that's the next time I'll get to see her.

AoD staff reviewer M came by to say goodbye, and we talked a bit more about Comic-Con and other stuff.

And my potential client, R from Company JCP came by to say hi.
We only knew each other through email, so...
He actually came to the Company B booth to say hi to someone else, but found me instead.
So it was by lucky chance we got to meet.
I also got to meet R's partner S-san.

I got home at 3am in the morning.

Anyway, that's it for 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.
2008 San Diego Comic-Con will be from July 24 to July 27.
It will probably sell out again, so remember to register early!