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Glass Mask Otaku Talk

Y-san is a person I met a Anime Expo.
Although we're 10 years apart in age, we hit it off immediately.

It's too bad she's in San Francisco now, but at least we communicate via Mixi (a Japanese social networking site).
And we promised we'll see each other at Yaoi Con.

Anyway, currently we are talking about the Glass Mask.

I wonder how many people understand what we're talking about?
Here's an excerpt (translated):

Joining the Tsukikage Troupe must be tough.
I can't have bamboo sticks wrapped around my body to learn the movements of becoming a doll.

I'm currently practicing not to blink. But I can only do it for a minute, max.
It's hard to master the "water" act in The Miracle Worker, since I don't have a washing machine at home.

I think it's dangerous to do it the Ayumi way.
I would recommend Maya's way using the water balloon...

I guess I would get electrocuted.
Ayumi Himekawa is amazing not to die.

I think Ayumi is more humanlike compared to Tsukikage sensei who doesn't die no matter how many seizures she has, or no matter how many times she coughs up blood.

In order to become one with your role, you should be like Maya and say,
"I'm a doll, I'm a doll, mumble mumble mumble..."
and have white eyes.

If you're going to be in a play, please let me know.
I'll become Masumi Hayami and take a purple rose.
You have to tell me ahead of time, because the local florist told me that purple roses need advance notice.

...Otaku talk!

I think we can go on forever.
The Glass Mask has soooooo many references.

Maybe I'll skip work and re-read it today.