One Potato Two




Tennis Mode

I just got my newest volume of Shanimuni Go last night
(and loved every single page of it!)
and I am in tennis mode right now.

Next week is the Countrywide Classic at UCLA (near my house).

And I got news from my friend that Kei is playing in the qualifying rounds!

So I will be at UCLA on Saturday watching Kei.

I'm also going Monday night too, since USTA members get in free.
I might go on Tuesday during the day because it's free if you donate a racquet.
And I have about 10 racquets lying around.

So please excuse me if my blog becomes a tennis blog again.

About work.
I am currently (supposed to be) working on Galaxy Angel II #3 and With the Light #5.

And I'm preparing for my trip to San Diego Comic-Con.