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AX 2007 Day 2

We went to the FREEDOM screening in the morning.
After the screening, we had a fan interaction session.
Morita and Sato-san were very happy to see the US fans' reactions.

After the screening, we all headed to LAX to pick up the FREEDOM team's 3rd member, Gichi-san.
He came to take footage of Morita & Sato-san's stay in LA.
I think it's for a bonus feature in one of the DVDs? Not sure.

We ate at In-N-Out.
I usually take Japanese guests to In-N-Out.
They love it.
(By the way, I think In-N-Out is only in California).

We went back to AX so that the FREEDOM team can see the lively anime/manga/video game fans.

Gichi-san was so excited about the cosplayers, here is a picture of him standing up on railing to take pictures.

No, this isn't Sato-san trying to push him off.
It was support in case he fell.

This is Morita and Sato-san checking out the FREEDOM screening.

I heard every screening was full.
So if you haven't watched FREEDOM 1 yet, please do!

By the way, Morita said thanks to the FREEDOM commercials in Japan, many young teens are watching FREEDOM.
So they are a generation who don't even know AKIRA and stuff.
The power of great, isn't it?

This is Morita and Sato-san talking about Anime Expo and the market in general.

They were really happy that the US fans are much more enthusiastic about anime.
In Japan, they are more harsh.
Sato-san was amazed that people would come up to him and talk about Cowboy Bebop, something he worked on 10 years ago.
In Japan, no one would talk about Bebop.
They don't even talk much about Haruhi now, I think.
It's all about Raki Sta.

Both Morita and Sato-san said they got a lot of encouragement and energy from the US fans.
They will continue to work hard on FREEDOM.

Afterward, the FREEDOM left for Silverlake to meet up with a friend, so I got some time off.
This is the cab they took.

Sato-san said he got sick from facing backward.

Since I was free, I went to dinner with Company C.
It was delicious.
I had a whole lobster!
It was a total of 14 people, and the bill was...about 2 manga's worth of pay.
Thank you, Company C!

And here are extra pictures I took of cosplayers.

Spread the Gyakuten Saiban love!

Here are 3 girls as Flonne, Etna, and Fallen Angel Flonne.