One Potato Two




AX 2007 Day 1

We had breakfast at the Queen Mary.
Morita overslept so he came later.
Even as he was waiting for his food, he was signing FREEDOM sleeves.
I think these are bonus items for Otakon at the Company BV booth.
So please check it out.

By the way, this is a dome located next to the Queen Mary.
The FREEDOM team were amused because it looks like EDEN.

Morita kept saying that the weather is so nice in Southern California, and it would be nice if we can go to the beach.
So we went to Venice Beach.

They wanted to check out Muscle Beach.
But unfortunately there were no bodybuilders this day.
They went into the water, though.
I didn't, because I think the California ocean is dirty.

This is them taking a break.

We had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant near my old apartment.
Since I live in the Venice Beach/Culver City area, it was easy to show them around.
They really liked the food!

After lunch, we headed back to Long Beach before we hit traffic.
We did hit a little, and I had to stop by IKEA in Carson to go to the restroom.
It was good that I chose IKEA, because Sato-san really likes it.
He took a catalogue home.

Back at Long Beach, we saw the AX exhibit hall for a bit.
Then we ran into my friend and voice actor, Stephanie Sheh!

Actually, the night before Sato-san was saying how he and the director of Eureka 7 had LOVED Stephanie's English voice.
So Sato-san was very happy to meet Stephanie, and Stephanie was really happy to meet Sato-san too.
Maybe one day they can appear at a convention together.
If there are any convention guest relations persons reading this, please contact me if your con is interested!
The email box is located on the right hand side.

Then we had the FREEDOM panel.
It was in such a big room!
For those of you who attended, it was Sato-san's idea to run down the center of the room.

We showed pictures of people at work at Morita's studio, and then gave away exclusive posters to the first 10 people to ask questions.
We also gave away buttons at the end, too.

After the panel we had an interview with Anime Insider, then dinner at Rock Bottom.