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AX 2007 Day 0b

Today I attended the FREEDOM team and people from Company BV (Japan).
It was a total of 8 people, so we took 2 minivans.
The FREEDOM team was in my car--director Morita, Sato-san, and interpreter Ryan.

First we went to an anime store to show them the market.
They had really good selection.
Sato-san was happy that there was a corner with a bunch of his work displayed.
Displayed more than in Japan!
I guess Eureka 7 and Ergo Proxy didn't do so well in Japan...

We had Thai food for lunch.
Here is a picture of Ryan drinking coconut juice.

Next we went to Suncoast to see FREEDOM lined up in stores.
They were really happy to see it in stores, since the anime store had sold out of their copies.

Sato-san was amazed at the horror selection of Suncoast.
He bought Hellraiser 1, 2, and 3 which I guess are not available in Japan or something.

We took pictures with Suncoast employees.
They are having an anime event on July 15, so please go check it out.

After a stop at Best Buy we went to Target because director Morita brought one small bag.
He said he only had 30 minutes to pack before he left, and all of his clothes that he gave to the cleaners was closed.

We had dinner at the Queen Mary, where the FREEDOM team was staying.
I had accidentally told Morita that it might be haunted, and he got freaked out.
According to him, demons aren't scary because you have a way to defeat them.
Ghosts can disappear, float, and come through walls and said they had no "rules."
So that's why they are scary.

We all finally got to rest after a long day of driving around Southern California.

By the way, you can find more pictures of what Morita did at AX on the Company BV FREEDOM page.