One Potato Two




AX 2007 Day 0a

Today I attended to the people from the Company C Group.
A total of 9 people.

Judging from the numbers, you'd think it's a lot of work.
But actually these people are so fun, it's not that bad.

But an incident happened at the airport!
M-san and his wife came out without their luggage!
They didn't see it, and had assumed that someone else in their group took it.
So we had to wait for the area to clear, then go to customs, then clear customs.
I think I was at the airport for 2 hours.

We checked into the hotels and went shopping.

It was a short day.

Coyote Ragtime Show 1 Released

Coyote Ragtime Show #1 is out.

Please check it out.
The people who worked on the anime worked on the manga, so if you enjoyed the anime you'll definitely enjoy the manga.