One Potato Two




Schedule for Next Week

I've been working non-stop on the video game files.

I told my client I'll finish them both today (Friday), but is that possible!?
I don't know.

I have to finish either way before Monday, because my "AX prep week" is going to start Monday.

I have to go check out some sites in Hollywood to see if stores still exist on Monday.

I think I have to meet up with Company BV to finalize the schedule and whatnot on Tuesday.

I'm picking up the Company C people on Wednesday and taking them around.

I'm picking up the guests on Thursday and taking them around.

AX is Friday through Monday.

I'm taking some other guests to Disneyland on Tuesday.

I might be doing something Wednesday too.

And during this time, I have to try to finish some With the Light #4.

I just got news that Kitchen Princess #7 is out, and I'll have the weekend after AX to work on that.

And right after that, I'll be working on With the Light #5 while I juggle Countrywide Classic (to go see James Blake!), maybe Otakon, and San Diego Comic-Con.

Hopefully, August will be a more relaxing month.
(Crossing fingers).