One Potato Two




Sun Burn

I didn't get much work done this weekend as I hoped to.

Worked on manga here and there.

Today I went to a tennis thing.

USTA Carson Challenger

I was cheering for a Japanese dude and he won!

After that we played tennis.

Since I stayed out in the sun for a long, long time, I got burned.

My arms are soooooo red.
My face too.

Then I went to go eat curry and burned my tongue.

Sob sob...

There was another Japanese dude and he was cuter, but he plays tomorrow.
Kei Nishikiori.
I Googled him, but none of his pictures do him justice!
Oh, it looks like his name is spelled "Nishikori."

There were pretty big stars roaming around.
Well, they'll be big eventually.
I think the biggest name there was Donald Young?
He wasn't playing today.
He also plays tomorrow.

Hmm...I think I'll go watch tomorrow.
Japanese male tennis players hardly move up (no matter how much Prince of Tennis tries to convince you they're full of super-strong players!), so I think this is my last chance to watch him play.