One Potato Two




The Language of Shugo Chara

Since my rush job book did not arrive, I started on Shugo Chara #3.

The language the kids use in this manga are a little distinct.
I'm not sure if this is how kids in Japan today speak, but I try to match it in English.

I should watch Winx or Bratz or something along that line to study, huh.

But I don't want Amu and gang to start sounding stupid...

Moderation is key.

Finished Video Game Files

I finished the video game files and I'm very tired.

I just did the voice files, and there are a lot of


and I really don't know how to differentiate between some of them.
Good luck to the voice actors who are voicing them...

Now that I finished the files, I was supposed to work on a rush project from Company DR...but the book isn't here yet!
Oh no!
It's due Wednesday!! Eek!

So I emailed my editor to see if I can get the tracking number.
Hopefully I can get a hold of it tomorrow.