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With The Light #2 Finished

I finished With the Light #2.

Hikaru will be in elementary school.
Since volume 1 was pretty depressing in the beginning, this volume seemed happier...although there are a couple of "incidents."

Lucky for USA readers, you can read volume 1 and volume 2 together.

Please look for it in September.

Delivery Cupid is Pretty Funny

I got the chance to take a look at the English version of Delivery Cupid.
It's not completely done yet...I saw the first draft with the lettering in it.

I didn't notice it much when I was translating it, but it's pretty funny.

I always worry when I translate comedy.

I don't have that much of a problem when it's English to Japanese, but Japanese to English is a little difficult for me.

It might be because my sense of humor is more Japanese-ish.

I used to date a guy who knew nothing about Japanese culture, and every time I threw out a "boke," he would think I'm being stupid or paranoid.
Even if I put in the "tsukkomi" myself, he didn't understand.
Yeah, it was sad.

Anyway, Delivery Cupid turned out to be a little ecchi and funny.
Please look for it in July.

Murder Princess #1 Released

Murder Princess #1 is out today.

Although I think it's been in bookstores already.

Tonari no Totoro

I'm working on With The Light #2 right now.

Volume 1 and volume 2 had the "Let's Walk" song from "My Neighbor Totoro" in it, so I watched the movie.

Since I have the Japanese version, I don't know how the song was translated.
Does anyone know?

I think "My Neighbor Totoro" is my favorite of the Ghibli Collection.
The acting is good, and the characters (non-human) are cute.
I don't know why but Ghibli uses actors instead of voice actors...and it sounds really bad.
But Totoro used voice actors.
The main girl, Satsuki, is played by Noriko Hidaka.
She's famous for Minami in "Touch" but Americans might know her more for her role as Akane in "Ranma 1/2" or Noriko in "Gunbuster."
The little sister, Mei, is played by Chinatsu Sakamoto.
She played Ashibe in "Shonen Ashibe," but Americans will know her as...the cross-dressing one in "Fushigi Yugi."

Unfortunately the father of the girls is played by a non-voice actor, and you can tell.

It's funny that the voice actor for big totoro also does the voice for Kabigon (Snorlax?) in Pokemon.
The shape is...similar, no?

Although I have the same name as the older girl, my sister said I'm more similar to Mei.
Not the nicest thing she said to me.

Finished Murder Princess #2

I finished Murder Princess #2.
This is it for this series, which is too bad.

This series started when the magazine it was serialized in started (Dengeki Teioh), and ended when the magazine went on hiatus.

So volume 2 is a little fatter than volume 1.

I would like to see the anime too someday.

Raffle Winner

Sorry I took so long to post about this, but my cat chose the raffle winner.

I'm slowly getting the package ready.

But I realized that I don't have that many books published just yet.

Anyway, I put in 4 books so please look forward to those along with the other stuff.

Congratulations to W-san from San Francisco!

Hopefully I can send it out next week.
I need to look for a box...

Finished Video Game

I finally finished the video game!

It was a long road...

A total of 101 excel files in a month and a half.

I read all 36 volumes of the manga, watched about 10 episodes of the anime, learned over 50 character names and their "moves"...

The characters speak in a distinct way, so some of it rubbed off on me.

My client said I might work on another game from this series, so it'll stay with me for a while...

For now, I will go to sleep (I got 4 hours of sleep last night), and go get a full hour massage (I usually only get 30 minutes) later.

Finished Princess Resurrection #3

I finished Princess Resurrection #3.

Lately I've been having a weird schedule where I sleep around 10pm and wake up at 3am to finish off (proofread and whatnot) projects due that day.

I know this is very unhealthy.
I haven't left the house these past two days.
Hopefully I can go get a massage or go shopping today. excuse to leave the house...

Looking Forward to May

E'S #4 is finished.

But I still have to work on the extra content...
I have absolutely no idea what I can do!!

Actually, I'm going to worry about that later.
Maybe I can work on it in May.

I realized that everything I want to do is pushed back to May.

Friends want to meet up with me?
"I'll have time in May!"

I want to rearrange my room?
"Maybe in May."

I want to go eat at Killer Shrimp?
"I'll go in May."

April is going by in a blur, and I don't have time to plan a birthday party for myself.
(Among my friends, we all plan our own because no one is really reliable...)

I don't want my birthday celebration to be "Spider-Man 3" night...

The Phone Call of Death

I finished the novel...
So now to move on to the 3 manga I have!

But...change of plans.
I got a call from my client at Company A asking how the video game file is coming along.

Of course he's worried, because his client, Company TT, is worried.

And I can understand why they're worried...I have over 50 files to translate until Friday.

So I'm working on the video game files...

When I got a call from my client, I had a bad feeling about it.

It's similar to manga artists who flinch every time the phone rings.
I know some of them don't answer the phone before a deadline.

So, it's not really to appease, but to reassure, my client...but I'm working hard on the video game.
Although it's made for kids, it's actually well made.
It sort of makes me want to play it.
Maybe when I get the sample.

My Taskbar

How many projects am I working on simultaneously?

I think one can tell from looking at my taskbar.

I have my Outlook open.
(Although all I get is mostly junk mail).

I have my internet browser open, which is tabbed with a bunch of windows for research etc.
(Two for Japanese, two for English, one about historical facts about the subject of my novel, one Japanese-English dictionary, one Japanese dictionary, one English thesaurus)

I have three excel files open for my video game.
One is a name list so that I can follow the correct spelling as the anime series. Another is a list of the "moves" used in the game that is not included in the official name list.

I have a Word document for Murder Princess #2 open.

I have a Word document for Princess Resurrection #3 open.
I also have a separate document for the translation notes.

I have the novel translation open, along with a character, location, etc spelling list.
Since the novel is the first volume of the series, I thought I should keep a list handy.
I thought it'll be useful for my adapter/editor too. many? Four?
I also have another manga I should be working on, but I got an extension, so I think I'll do that after I finish the two Princess manga.

I haven't left the house the past few days, and I'm not planning to go outside today either.
I'm missing two birthday parties this weekend.

Okay, I'm getting depressed so I'll go back to work.

I chose the raffle winner (actually, I had the cat choose), but that will be in a separate post.
Sorry to keep you (the winner) waiting!

E'S #2 Released

E'S #2 is released today.

You get to see a soft side, a strong side, and a girly (?) side of Kai.

Please read the Aspire with Ashurum, because it sounds serious but it's also supposed to be...something else.

I spent a loooooot of time on it.

Sakura-Con 2007 Day 4

Day 4.

I went to the Asian part of downtown Seattle.

Uwajimaya was like a combination of Mitsuwa market, 99 Ranch, and a Korean market.
(Speaking in Los Angeles terms here).

What a dream come true for me!

I actually do most of my asian shopping at Chinese and Korean stores (Japanese stores are expensive!), so if I lived in Seattle I would come here every week.

I had pho for lunch.

Then I went home.
I had a connecting flight in Boise, so now I can say I went to Idaho.


There are housing complexes on top.

A sign I saw outside of Uwajimaya.
I'd love to eat some roasted Hello Kitty!

Sakura-Con 2007 Day 3

Day 3.

I went to Company BV's panel.
They showed FREEDOM, but I know nothing about the show.
After watching the first episode, I still really don't know what it's about...

Then I spent some time in the karaoke room.
It's really amazing that people who are not Japanese can learn & sing songs in Japanese.

I bumped into my friend S from Company GE, so we talked and walked around for a bit.
About the industry and stuff in general.

Later that night I had dinner with the Company B staff and Company BV.
It was sooooo delicious.

Seattle seafood!
Deadliest catch! (King Crab)
And our waiter was cute!

I took some pictures.

HUGE King Crab legs.
It was sooooooooooooo good.

The restaurant was known for their variety of oysters.
More than 12 types were available.

This is what I got and the mountain of fries was big.
The fries were good, but I think I only ate 1/4 of it.

For dessert I had Cappucino Creme Brulee.

Thank you Company BV for the great dinner!

Sakura-Con 2007 Day 2

Day 2.

I spent the morning in the dealer's room.
Then I went to the Hellsing Panel.
It was packed!

I'm glad I got to get in as industry.
There were people standing, people sitting on floors, etc.

Then I went to go see Company B's panel, and then Company GE's panel at night.
They showed a clip of Higurashi, but I turned away because there was a knife involved.
I don't think I'll watch it...I like the storyline, but too much gore.
Like Battle Royale.

There was a Cutie Honey live action premiere, but I couldn't go to it.

I was so tired I didn't get to work.

Oh, here are some pictures I took.

I found him so this time I took the opportunity.
He looked really like Naruhodo-kun, it was uncanny.
I liked how his girlfriend (?) would hold the sign up for him.

They were soooooo cute!!
I liked how Mario held a Wario plushie.
Their mother (?) was dressed as Peach.

New Projects Coming Up

I got an email from my editor at Company DR.
SHUGO CHARA! #3 will be coming in the mail soon, so I'll be working on that in May.

She also gave me a new project!!
It is actually a series I was interested in reading, so please watch out for the announcement.

Also, when I met N-san from Company DQ, she gave me a new project to work on too.
It's still a secret but I'm sure the fans of this genre will be thrilled.

Oh, and...
I forgot to write this on Monday but I went to Company T to see my two editors.

My manga side editor said that once I'm done with the novel she'll have more projects for me.

It looks like my May schedule is filling up fast!
Arigataya, arigataya...

Sakura-Con 2007 Day 1

Day 1.

I went a little bit before 12 noon to make it in time for the opening ceremonies.

I worked and watched tennis on ESPN2 in the morning.

The opening ceremonies had a shinto ritual at the very beginning.
The shinto priest was a caucasian man, which I think is good because he explains everything.
I wish I could've contacted him when I was doing the Ghost Hunt #9 translation notes!

I had to leave before the ceremonies ended because K-san from Company BV arrived, and I had his badge.
We met up at Company B's booth.

Since I had nothing to do until 4:30pm, I helped Company B at the booth.
I was trying to get people to sign up for the mailing lists.

A nice man also bought Murder Princess #1 after I told him I translated it.
Now I feel pressure, but I hope he likes it.

I saw a guy cosplaying as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!!
I should've taken a picture.
He looked soooooo much like Phoenix. (Japanese name: Naruhodo-kun).

N-san from Company DQ came by to say hi.

At 4:30 I went to the Yutaka Minowa Q & A.
He is the character designer for Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll, etc.

He is from Niigata, where I was born.
(I was in Kobe for 1.5 years before I came to the US).
I think Niigata has many talents (hee hee).
Nobuhiro Watsuki of Rurouni Kenshin is from Niigata.
Many Company G people, including Yamaga-san, is from Niigata.
And my favorite scriptwriter Shinji Nojima is from Niigata too.

Then the panel continued to the Akitaroh Daichi Q & A.
He is so cheerful and out-going.
He's a great convention guest!

The best thing about him is that he pauses between his answers to let the interpreter translate.
What an interpreter's dream guest.

Some interesting things he mentioned:

1) For the poor animation in "Sugoiyo! Masaru-san" he made his staff who can't draw do the art.
2) Originally "Jubei-chan" was supposed to be a serious story.
3) He would like to stop global warming because he hates the heat, and can't work when it's hot.
So he would like everyone to use "eco-bags" when they go shopping.
"Eco-bags" is I think a Japanese English term?
He just wants you to take your own tote bags instead of using the disposable plastic bags.
I recommend the Trader Joe's one, because it fits a LOT.
And each time you use it at Trader Joe's, you enter a raffle for a gift certificate or something.
(At least the Trader Joe's near my house they do this).

Then I helped K-san out with testing the equipment for the Gunbuster 2 premiere.
It was my first time seeing it, and I recommend it to those who liked FLCL.
We saw the first two episodes of Gunbuster 2 and the first episode of Wings of Rean.

Then K-san took me and Y-san from Company B to dinner.
It was a nice Italian place but I couldn't take pictures.

Sakura-Con 2007 Day 0

I had a 7:45am flight to Seattle, connecting in Salt Lake City.
Going out of the way?
I know.
But it was okay.
My ride from the airport had a similar schedule anyway.

This was my second time in Salt Lake City airport.
The last time was during elementary school.
This airport has a nice view.

I slept most of the way because I pulled an all-nighter trying to finish With the Light.

I arrived in Seattle around noon.
My ride took me straight to the convention center, where I worked on the floor while the staff were setting up around me.
I tried to stay out of the way.

At night I went to the Industry Reception dinner, where I talked to Daichi-san.
I met him briefly a few years back when I was translating for Company G.
We had a good talk.

The food was great.
Many thanks to K-san for inviting me.

Leaving for Sakura-Con

I'm leaving for Sakura-Con early tomorrow morning.
It's 8pm and I haven't packed yet.

Hopefully I can finish a few video game files and Princess Resurrection #3 while I'm there.

Wishful thinking!

I'll be back Monday to choose the winner of the One Potato Two 1st Anniversary random packet.
So please enter by Monday 11:59pm (PST) using the email form to the right.

Raffle or no raffle, I'd still love to hear from you too.

3 This Week

I had one project due today.

It was a film industry project, and super rush.
The movie is going to be released this August, but the interview I worked on is going to be in the DVD.

I have some files due tomorrow.
This is for the video game.

The first volume of With the Light is due Thursday.

So currently I'm juggling the manga and the video game.

I'm leaving for Seattle Thursday morning to go to Sakura Con.
Of course, I'll be taking work.
Probably the video game and Princess Resurrection #3.

I found out on my trip to Japan that doing manga on the plane is a bit hard.
So I was only able to do about 40 pages of P. Resurrection.


While I was away in Japan, Company A announced the video game I worked on for them:

For Nintendo DS
June 2007
MSRP $29.99

HOSHIGAMI is a game that was previously released for the PlayStation.

The DS version has new localization, new characters, new missions, new music, and new character art.
There are three difficulty levels you can choose from, so those who thought the original game was too hard, the DS version is for you!

My client said that my name is in the credit roll, so please look for it. ^_^