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All That Racquet

I finished Delivery Cupid, but I have no time to rest.

I just received the materials for the video game, so I have to start on that immediately.
It's a lot of text...and it's a very popular title, so there's pressure!!

So...I went to go play tennis.

It was freezing.
Freezing, in terms of Southern California.

My hands were cold and I couldn't grip the racquet well.
My tennis friend got several demo racquets, so we were trying those.

He got two Yonex and two Prince.

I currently use a Prince, but I grew up with Yonex.
Japanese family...go figure.

Why don't Prince of Tennis guys use more Yonex?
All the Japanese players in my league use Yonex.

Anyway, after the demo I realized that Yonex is the best.

Yonex is distinct because of its oval-shaped head.
People who are not used to is ask if it's harder to hit the ball with the smaller head.
But actually, you get more control.
Since I usually play against guys, control is important to me.

Going back to the Prince of Tennis.
I'm glad that because of the manga (and the anime and musicals) that tennis is getting recognition.
But it also means there are more beginners going to public courts to hit.

Beginners are okay, and I'd love to help if they want to learn, but I wish they would learn the etiquette (tenniquette) first.
Like, you're not supposed to walk inside the court when someone is playing a point.
You can't wear dark-soled shoes.
You're not supposed to jump over the net.
There are many more things you need to learn!

I wish they teach that in Prince of Tennis.

After that, you can teach about eastern grips and whatnot.

Anyway, I have to pack because I have jury duty tomorrow.
I'm sleeping over my mom's house tonight in downtown LA.